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  1. Lowdesert

    Ryan Hall - ACL

    Thinks that’s probably the trouble. No one reads them.
  2. Lowdesert

    Ryan Hall - ACL

    Isn’t there a butchers in Fryston?
  3. Lowdesert

    Feigning injuries

    I’m not arguing with you, but who would monitor it? Sky? It’s not really a stat that throws a positive on the game. IMO it has to come from coaches or even Club owners.
  4. Lowdesert

    Ryan Hall - ACL

    Poor comparison as they’re completely different body types. It’s going to be a heck of a challenge for him but let’s see. Some terrific joint specialists in the north of England so he’s every chance.
  5. Looks like that’s the end of Leeds and SL for Ryan. Hope he mends well enough to get a go early season in the NRL.
  6. Lowdesert

    Feigning injuries

    We are forgetting that coaches are concerned regarding future illness caused by injuries now. Concussion injuries are going through due process these days, like never before, and player welfare is very topical. Its all well and good for suggestions that the players must be taken from the field, but what if that player has a spine or head injury? JP's Twitter comment is right, but we need to start naming these cheats. Unfortunately, it is very difficult and players and coaches know it.
  7. If defence isn’t right you will never win, but nonetheless, Fax are an improving side.
  8. I fancied Fax to win. It sounds like they improved on the last home game v TWP, but not enough.
  9. Maybe that shoulder charge he received at Barrow?
  10. Lowdesert

    Barba going back to NRL

    It’s a good point and they, like the RFL should be impartial. Having said that, the RFL still engage Mascord to write stuff.
  11. Earlier in the season Fax really targeted their forwards and behind the ruck. They were patient and had success 1st half. 2nd half they dropped away, by giving penalties away being the main cause. Iirc lost by a couple of tries. Fax are good enough and I fancy a 6 point win over a TWP.
  12. Lowdesert

    West Wales Raiders

    Haven’t Manchester Rangers had attempts to join, knocked back before?
  13. It looks like the new Coach has pressed all the right buttons at Hudds. What a season ending this could be!
  14. No defence intended Browny. I didn’t go to last nights game or see it on TV. Without detracting from Wakeys win, Hull are making the metres but that’s all that’s cohesive. Confidence is king at this level and they’re not playing with it at the mo.
  15. It’s a posters view. I doubt there’s a player in Hulls squad that wants that. Once they get on the pitch they want to win. Secondly they want to find some form. Wakey are a very good side in anyone’s books. Hulls problems aside, if Wakey can get close to any other Teams line, they can score through size alone. That is a big asset to have coming to the end of the season together with Chesters skills as a coach.