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  1. Looking at the Hull FC website, very few seats left available. I’m on adsl here so can’t scroll through quickly but it’s looking fantastic. Would be even better for both the good Friday games to hit 25k.
  2. Better people on here to comment regarding RL history in these places, but as far as I know, only Bordeaux. Marseille used to be 3hr 20mins from just near Perpignan and Nice even longer. Bordeaux was around 4 hours. Seems a bit daft to go too far away from, what is now, the heartlands triangle of the south. But, the thread is all about the RFLs shortfalls!! I just can understand how there solely responsible.
  3. It did last time and a lot of non RL species too. 15k ish iirc.
  4. A lot from Bilton going. I’ve heard some bad things about those folk.
  5. How are the RFL responsible? Isn’t this really to do with collective long term planning and transparency across all nations playing RL? Palanques is Vice President of the RLEF and also one of 5 members of a commission arranged by the RLIF. Aren’t France, therefore, better placed to create their own International calendar? Palanques said that now France are ‘credible’ and being alongside the other 4 nations (England, NZ, Aus, and PNG) gives better opportunity, especially with communications between other nations, Palanques can identify opportunity for France. None of this accounts for any Nation doing as they please though as, imo, the RLIF have no real clout. France seem to be happy being France, improving their own structures, planning and players.
  6. Yes, and also consistency across the board with that. But, we can’t whollely blame Officials for all this, as Fevnut suggests. Ultimately The long term answer is to prevent the root cause at source. Certainly a threat could be issued by Ganson, but ultimately it is the coaches and players who can stop it - and realistically, we will never stop it all. That approach can work though, last year, we saw 1 team claiming neck injuries for fun, this year they have cut it out.
  7. The Hull squad will be confident. A bit more grunt up front back, Taylor, Paiea, Matongo, Welham. Got to get forward and create that platform. Will it be Albert on the bench again? Record crowd forecast.
  8. Don’t Agee with the OP mate. It’s the players who are doing the cheating and the coaches who’re encouraging/not discouraging it. To suggest it’s the officials are behind it, really is nuts.
  9. They can turn on a sixpence though. Disappointing too see Wood had no comments. Surely, as someone who’s interest is within the international game, he should have.
  10. You will get more joy trying French than expecting them to speak English. Some deplore it. Did you walk directly through the Castillet? If so, about 75 m further you can do a left and then a right and enter Place de la Republique. About 6 restaurants there (in fact, probably another 8 in the direct vicinity) and if you venture down to the right hand corner and follow that for about 50m, turn left you have a couple of little impromptu eating places. Not many seats, but great to drink, eat and watch the world go by among the locals. I didn’t go to P d Catalonia as they’re a bit too touristy but there is a cracking pub, la Sous-Prefete with great food not far from it. We used the Galinette in Perpignan, but during the day only. Quality food. Normally, we went into several places in the mountains for ‘plancha’. Only locals, no English (who’d never find them anyway) and food to die for. The meal and drinks usually took around 3-4 hours.
  11. It would take me a while to explain that, but there lots of decent places if you are familiar with the area. Sunday night is quiet on the whole though. You aren’t, so you end up wandering around like a lost soul.
  12. Quiet, even at Easter. June onwards is busier, peak holidays is manic in Canet. You will find a few bars open but mostly the French go out to eat on Sunday’s and like the rest of France, very little opens. Thinking about it, you would have a longer journey into Perpignan, but I would choose Angeles. Walk along the cliffs to Collioure or go up to Valmy on the Sunday.
  13. Isn’t it about this time of year we see the Saints squad singing and cheering they’ve got an easy round?
  14. Sure I’ve just seen a quote somewhere that both Wakey half backs are out for 6 weeks.
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