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  1. Not so sure Walsh has been dropped though. More like injured. Watching him walk, I wonder how he ever plays. Interesting game this.
  2. Ok. Not sure about championship disciplinary. They’ve both been charged so appeals must be next week.
  3. Or Bird could go to 6? Gigot is an out and out centre in my opinion and a good one at that.
  4. I think it was, but it passed me by. Misreading it for the commonwealth games didn’t help mind.
  5. Are McCrone and Whiting out for the London game? Crone Grade B 1 match and Whiting down as 3-5 matches for the tackle on Saltonstall, Fax.
  6. Apologies for that, but it seems to me you’re a bit naive thinking a player will just walk into a team, without training with a team for so long. Two days ago, McNamara said: “First and foremost, his health and well-being were very important for us as a club and hopefully he’s really learnt some life lessons from this experience. “I won’t put a time limit on that (his return). We got him back last week and had a look at him both mentally and physically, and he appears to be in reasonably good shape. But how he adapts to full-time training with the team remains to be seen. “I think he’ll fall back into it straightforward, but he’s not been allowed to train with the club. He has been doing things sent to him by the club but it’s nothing like replicating what it is like running around with the team. It’s more how he adapts to that than anything else. Hopefully he will be available shortly, but I won’t put the player at risk of injury.” Either they are stricken with injuries or his fitness, understanding of new players, game plan etc has miraculously improved in 2 days, which I doubt very much. Maybe something else has been happening?
  7. Oh won’t it? That’s where I’ve been wrong all these years. What are his methods?
  8. Maybe they should be allowed to work from home more?
  9. I thought his ban included training with the club?? Maybe that’s the secret, allowing more working from home. Maybe there is another reason for selection though. Ahem.
  10. Hardaker Sacked

    Holbrook and Luke Game struggle with it.
  11. Gigot in the squad. Strange how being banned from training can improve a player sufficiently enough to walk straight back into the team.
  12. If Newcastle fans went to Southampton, by way of the M62, they would have had to allocate a lot more time and money for the trip. What Harry hasn’t alluded to, but is only marginally less of a problem, is the train infrastructure. Cross Pennine links aren’t so good and a family, going to a game via train, might end up on a station, isolated, due to poor service.
  13. And here’s Liam Farrell, writing that he sympathises with him, thought he was a good pro who helped the young blokes at Wigan, ripped into training and appeared fitter than last year and that it was good to have around the team.