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  1. Bradford to appoint new coach on Tues

    Agreed, but the point I’m trying to make is that the new management chose a wrong option in a coach who could have been part of Bulls resurgence. It seemed quite clear were going to be up against it plus the 12 point hit. Toovey came to provide a fire engine service and couldn’t do it. Now they’ll probably choose Kear with a young understudy. They had the same option with Smith!
  2. Bradford to appoint new coach on Tues

    I thought he did ok given the turmoil. Toovey was supposed to be better and wasn’t. I’d have gone for a coach that was going to grow with the club. If it’s Kear, what’s he going to do?
  3. Bradford to appoint new coach on Tues

    He seems to have been getting the headlines again. Seems strange, just 1 year at BV. Wonder why??? Bradford could have done a lot worse than just keeping Rohan Smith engaged.
  4. is this fair?

    As I remember, on the initial thread, they were called Mouth Breathers which was a new one on me!
  5. Link to old RL games. Follow the Link, just above the Manningham paragraph, click on the Free link and type in Rugby League. It says 29 of them, but prob about 16 or so. The oldest film, apparently, of RL from 1901. Ive watched several on iPad, no nasties. Merry Christmas! http://www.bfi.org.uk/news-opinion/news-bfi/features/torn-shirts-bruised-faces-see-oldest-film-rugby-match
  6. James Graham not sorry for cheating claim

    He has a book worth a read.
  7. is this fair?

    Fair enough Mark, but we’re commenting on Featherstones side of things, without the other two. NACTSO terrorism threat levels were mentioned in one Fev statement I read. I understand all that and can’t figure why it’s being quoted if these were just hooligans.
  8. I stayed with a team mate in West Gosford and had some great times. Sydney’s like most cities though, good and bad, busy. For a young player there are a damn site more plusses than minuses for the lifestyle there. Having said that, it’s indjvidyal preference. I think one of the Burgess twins has expressed that he would like to return home at some stage.
  9. is this fair?

    Have we had HKRs or Humberside Police side of this matter? Not sure.
  10. James Graham not sorry for cheating claim

    I’ve been on enough of those pitches too mate. Mal was action, rather than words. Rabbits couldn’t have chosen a worse example.
  11. Red Devils reject to sign for NRL club?

    Reading between the lines in the media, NRL are leaving it to clubs to put up evidence:- ‘Any club seeking to register a contract for Todd would need to demonstrate that he is fit and proper to be part of the NRL,” an NRL spokesman said.’ Onus is on Manly now.
  12. I spent some time at west gosford. Beautiful place and some good friends to this day.
  13. Tell you what, he’s in good nick. Think he’s at Ossett this Friday and a few others next week. Keighley is one. As soon as he told me that I started laughing. I said he should brace himself!
  14. I met one of your countrymen today Mr Allora. Stood taking pictures of York Minster, well rapped up with a woolly hat on, by himself. But, I recognised him, so walked over and shook his hand. We had quite a good chat for about 10 mins. The King!
  15. He played in a losing Wakey side in the centres but mostly as a forward, fair enough. But two completely different individuals and styles. I’m not doubting he will have the ability, just not now and not in the same fashion as Ellis either. The more I think of it, the more I think NRL teams will go for Fijians, Samoans and Tongans. Daft As it might appear to be, Canberra signing James Roby would have been interesting. (Not that was going to happen) IMO, he’d have lit the competition up. Looks like they’ve settled for another hooker now.