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  1. Yes it is. Type in the Players name and the case comes up with the details. Couldve been a case of the Cas video being smeared with Ryan Sheridan’s mascara.
  2. I don't think it would be a good choice at all. I don't think I would be on my own in that respect either.
  3. The scrum could be changing in plain view. Many teams now hold the ball in the back row to catch the opposition offside. There's nothing to stop the attacking scrum changing tack in a similar position and committing to a full push. If that then started to develop, you would see both scrums pushing for the ball. About perception. I have taken several people to games who are football supporters. All loved the game. TV companies have massive influence - look at how Channel 4 turned NFL into a great viewing spectacle. I went to two NFL games and was disappointed in the game but loved the build up. The people I went with were bored to death and stopped watching Channel 4.
  4. It’ll be sold by now if it was. I know that photo of Chris Hills bite marks went extremely fast.
  5. York, 5th in the table. Impressive. Bradford slugged and Mick Gledhill being asked to pass on game plan tips to John Kear through Twitter posters as - ‘.he might listen to the media’!’. Swinton. All happening in the Champs!
  6. Travelling across London ain’t easy at the best of times but people do. Every fan the LBs have in London should make the trip in what will be a 4 pointer.
  7. I remember seeing footage, some years ago, of a French player chasing the referee over the perimeter fence. Despite losing in a tight game, Albi seem to have come on. Should be a good E1 final.
  8. The bottom 3 are in a dogfight and it’s fascinating to watch. If London can’t get a decent crowd in next Thursday, with the importance of the game, they never will.
  9. Gotta take your hat off to this London side. Really work for and with each other. Credit to Wardy there.
  10. Looked promising for Leeds in the first 15 mins, but struggled after that. Still in it at only 3 points down. Barring Dwyer, they don’t seem to have much urgency though.
  11. Seems Will Dagger is living up to his name. Criticising Sheens heavily in the press, because he didn’t give him enough game time and wasn’t strict enough. Amazing criticism of a man of integrity. Maybe Dagger would have done better with Tony Fisher as coach and his big stick.
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