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  1. Will the Greece game be a night match?
  2. Lowdesert

    Will Odsal ever get redeveloped?

    Me and Adie have sole rights for the landfill and we haven’t heard anything.
  3. Social Media clicks, likes etc also includes the OurLeague app. https://www.nwemail.co.uk/sport/17292831.steve-neale-column-rfls-new-way-to-measure-success/
  4. Holbrook - 'I don't think anybody enjoys seeing someone fall to the ground for no reason whatsoever whenever there is a scrum or a drop out. All the teams have been doing it and its horrible'. https://www.sthelensreporter.co.uk/sport/law-changes-will-make-super-league-even-more-exciting-says-st-helens-boss-1-9488700
  5. 1st time round it was one of the best weekends I've ever had. 2nd time, the prices had been ridiculously hiked and security was over the top. Only my observations.
  6. Most (probably all) of the decisions to bring imports in has been through French/Catalan decisions. They know what's best for their club and we should leave them to it.
  7. Lowdesert

    RL and power of free to air tv

    Some of the BBC comments in a recent thread allude to the RFL having work to do. It would have been nice to see their evidence/reasoning warts and all.
  8. Id go with any of those, bar Edinburgh, but that my personal preference based on my experience 2nd time around. We're confusing 2 matters in the thread though. Reported figures and filling the ground are 2 different issues. A full ground makes a better atmosphere, but as you say, being a greater distance away limits the appeal, especially if the seats are in the gods. Been mentioned more times than enough but the focus on filling these events appears to start way too late. If anyone can prove otherwise Id be amazed.
  9. Lowdesert

    Heading the ball!

    Not so much neck strength at Saints these days.
  10. Lowdesert

    Australian schoolboys UK tour

    The east lancs and 62 didn’t disappoint on the way back to Yorkshire either!
  11. Seems the games been around for a little longer. Not sure who the 1st team were, maybe Padge will confirm. “1865 – Hull Rugby League Football Club were founded by a group of schoolboys from York, including Anthony Bradley who was a former pupil of Rugby School whilst Reverend Scott and his sons made up the nucleus of the team.”
  12. Lowdesert

    Hull KR launch club beer

    I think they stopped brewing it as it gave people neck ache. Think another version has come to the pumps now though.
  13. On the other hand, quite possibly they could. Seems such a simple option. i seem to remember a figure of £300 and the car was £15k. I know it wouldnt work like this but that makes it circa £12k to insure for £600k (20000 fans at £30).
  14. Other than those you’ve mentioned for 4N, did Full80 produce hard facts and quote figures for the BBC?