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  1. If it was Tim Wilby I could understand it.
  2. Villeneuve aims for League 1 2020

    The obvious 1st stage of any cross Country acceptance would be to be at the top of Elite 1, with the relevant youth set up and any other prerequisites. Otherwise, how do we know such a team wouldn't dilute League 1?. Imo the French need to strengthen they're own leagues.
  3. Villeneuve aims for League 1 2020

    Barnyia might add to this as well. There were only half a dozen teams about 5 years ago. Not sure about Marmande but La Reole had a side. Each town or village normally has excellent facilities. Many of them have lights and covered stands! VSL has good facilities too. All far, far better than the UK.
  4. The other side of Wayne Bennett

    His video interview on the RFL streaming website is interesting.
  5. Villeneuve aims for League 1 2020

    It's about half the size, or it seems it. Still a reasonably big place. I spoke to a bloke about whether there are many RL sides in the Lot or Dordogne. He said there used to be a few but about 25 years ago! VSL still have to show their potential to win Elite 1 first. 3 or 4 sides will beat them easily right now, so imo they are a probably at least 5 years away unless they import boatloads of players. Lezignan, St.Esteve, St.Esteve Catalans and Carcassonne aren't just going to fall asleep over that time.
  6. The other side of Wayne Bennett

    Obviously doesn't worry McGilvaray or Bennett. It's what happened, we saw it, we know it too.
  7. Villeneuve aims for League 1 2020

    Wasn't this all raised on here a few months ago? Dave Ellis was quoted as being coach? Nearest place for me now and about 40 mins drive.
  8. You need to get out more mate. Flats have been dropped on o.p.e., Scamps burnt down. Great Thornton St apartments are doing very well, as are the ladies who look after them.
  9. I think that's the right thing to do. Play it by ear and if he starts messing about he'll go. Just don't get him an apartment within shouting distance of Princes Quay.
  10. The RFL will be doing due diligence on this application, so anything which does not fit their bill, won't be accepted. This still doesn't take away the risk of someone getting involved who doesn't have the right principles for the game or the fans. It can happen and has.
  11. That's just it. Let's see. I welcome all the negativity. It's certainly not done TWP any harm, in fact they've thrived on it with success. We can still have our local team, or even our chosen team, if this comes off. IMO the more big cities get involved the better. They'll bring more clout to the international game and TV coverage, not overnight, but in the long term. Meanwhile I'll still get pleasure watching Skirlaugh, Hull or Jamaica.
  12. No need to worry, Dexy will get the decking contract. Also the platform for the hot dog cannon.
  13. Of the current SL teams, which clubs model should they follow and which should be avoided?