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  1. Airbrushing. Using it everywhere these days.
  2. Rowley and Toronto

    Read what was written - ‘London are 38 years old and their side is M62 and Aussie lads.’ This is the reason posters block you or won’t engage. Continual falsehoods, claiming insults, deliberately misquoting Posters and attempts to derail threads.
  3. Gossip going round that Terry Devonshire is on the bench too.
  4. Rowley and Toronto

    Broncos squad of 27 shows at least 11 players are from London. Bit disingenuous to state their all m62 and Australian to say the least.
  5. Ricky Leutele signs for Wolfpack

    Not everyone will climb on the bandwagon of bitterness towards Toronto or Rowley. They will sink or swim by their efforts, nothing more or less.
  6. Ricky Leutele signs for Wolfpack

    If we look at the top SL sides, they all have strength in depth and they are all working on improving that depth in quality. Cats, Giants, Salford all shallow squads. TWP have some who will cut it in SL, some borderline, some won’t. Brierley, for instance, imo is not SL standard, neither is Dixon, but some will hang on in there. It won’t be the end of the line for a good percentage.
  7. Rowley and Toronto

    Are people forgetting that, historically, clubs started RL as full, open age teams. Not U6,9 or U11’s. So to say ‘top down’ will never work is incorrect. In the scale of things, youth (and under) amateur set ups are relatively new.
  8. Rowley and Toronto

    Saints fans see some of their players rubbing their neck a bit, but they don't complain
  9. With a 'Charnley' outside him, would be good to see.
  10. I think Hull will still put a decent, but young, side out. Sometimes these types of challenges are the making of them. Lane could be very good and I have high hopes.
  11. I was just about to reply with the news on Harris! There was gossip from the HDM on Yeaman playing......and maybe Russ Walker. Dire straits in the injury department and most are 5/6 weeks away - I think Carlos is 10.
  12. What could have been a great spectacle, in the Wire v TWP game, was destroyed by some Toronto players attitudes. Its a shame we cant punish them for that alone. Maybe a couple of weeks DRing playing for Fryston. opposition.
  13. Hudgells influence should make it a better process, given his profession. However, nothings perfect.
  14. Tomkins off

    His salary will certainly will not go down well with the French players.