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  1. Lowdesert

    Jamie to London?

  2. I’ll stand corrected mate but imo every England game should be on live tv and a weekend. We should try and make every game a big occasion, no matter what opposition.
  3. Gentleman and Legend, bordering on God, in Hull. 419 games. Jeez. http://www.hullfc.com/news/2018-10-18-rugby-league-hall-of-fame-the-pinnacle-for-whiteley
  4. Lowdesert

    Jamie to London?

    Sorry, forgot I’d put that.
  5. Can’t be bothered to read the other 23 pages but I thought we were going to get a really good production but I experienced glitches. Just stopped prior to kick off and kept doing it, maybe 5 or 6 times. Thought there’d be some kind of apology/reason given on Our League, but nowt. No way I’d consider any kind of subscription if that was the offering in future. Video aside, I hope Elston saw the game and vows to make sure every England game in the future is played on a weekend and on live TV.
  6. Jamie Acton apparently from London and rumoured to be in their sights. If someone picks him up and gives him a shake he could elbow his way in. Maybe Wardy can get him to knuckle down.
  7. Lowdesert

    England v France

    If you can’t, you could try a cable?
  8. Lowdesert

    Sean O’Loughlin to Leeds

    What’s a threshing machine Jim?
  9. Lowdesert

    Hull FC announce the signing of....

    Yep and he’s contracted until 2021.
  10. Terrible news. Was it a years downfall in a couple of hours?
  11. Lowdesert

    Sean O’Loughlin to Leeds

    Definately agree. Been a great player but not many paydays left. Get what you can.
  12. 😂. True. Bet ST was bricking it as he walked away though. That was a nailed on yellow for me, but they rarely give trips now - even those where they fly in with the feet to prevent a try.
  13. Lowdesert

    Hull FC announce the signing of....

    I quite liked Thompson. Dropped off the season before he left, but hopefully realises this is his last shot and gives it rice.
  14. That was the weakest Cumberland throw I’ve ever seen then. Usually, you got thrown over the hip. Maybe a Chickenley hike.