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  1. Lowdesert

    Luther Burrell

    If true he has guts for giving it a go. Centre is a difficult position to play in if your defence and ability to read the game isn’t sound. He’ll get knocked about a bit too!
  2. Hope your settling down now Harry. Whats your feelings on the 5 Saints DRs?
  3. Lowdesert

    SBW to Toronto??

    Going by Twitter, Argyle said it. One of the top 5 rugby players in the world, apparently - and thinking about it, isn’t there some form of salary cap dispensation for RU players? Media can write anything. Yorkshire Post quoted Fifita to Leeds a few days ago, then wrote another story today saying it was all untrue. That said, just talk of that kind of money being available will generate Agent interest.
  4. I have no fear Trueman will do this business in time. Very committed player and on a different level, imo, to Richardson.
  5. That and the space they create, support around the ball. Morris’s tries aside, I thought Friend was in control of that 1st half. Probably in control of the Ref too.
  6. I honestly think Widnes will improve on that. TWPs defence has improved and so has their patience, so a new look Widnes were always going to struggle.
  7. I think those are in the minority Jim. Dont be running onto the pitch either.
  8. Expect instant impact from someone in a strategic role and on the whole you’ll be disappointed. Elstone, (and anyone else who could’ve taken the role), will be finding issues under every stone he turns over together with the complications of dealing with the SL CEOs. SL CEOs who BTW, we’re supposed to be fully reviewing all the business disciplines (of which, you would think marketing/sponsorship would’ve been included) after Woods departure. Unless I’ve missed it, that info has still to be released.
  9. Lowdesert

    WCC v All Stars Game

    Which department? If it’s the catering department then I can understand that.
  10. Lowdesert


    I think the closest teams to Bordeaux are VSL, Pujols, Tonneins and La Reole. Might be more but I didn’t know they existed (apart from VSL). We sometimes go through La Reole to Bordeaux - about 35 mins drive. A team in Bordeaux would be fantastic. Absolutely marvellous place. Just straight down the peage from Toulouse, Aggy. 2hrs drive at a guess.
  11. Lowdesert


    I think they are already. Still prejudices to overcome which doesn’t help. I’m not sure Willancy’s recent claims of participation are accurate either. RL has been stimulated in the south after the CC success but growth, realistically, will be slow. Avignon was chosen for the International with England a couple of years ago iirc so that should be tried again before Montpelier imo. Avignon have RL interest with teams competing up to Elite 1 standard and it appears there are good relationships between RL and RU there.
  12. Lowdesert


    That puts the kibosh on this thread then!😀
  13. Lowdesert


    Altrad already have sponsorship links with Catalans and Guasch was motivated to increase participation within the Regions (obviously to benefit available choice to Catalans) in meetings with relevant influencers. Seems that the South, with all the history, remaining prejudices etc are motivated to make things work by collaboration yet English clubs continue to work as individuals and are, on the whole, standing still.
  14. Lowdesert


    Very vibrant city that is well worth a visit for those going to Catalans games. University town and seems (to me, every time I’ve been, which is many!) to have a really low population age. They are a just over an hour from the clubs in the west and less to Avignon. Facilities, in schools, colleges, municipals, will be 1st class compared to England. Great place.