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  1. We’ve all flicked through the inflated bosom channels on our way to tuning into Radio 3.
  2. I guess Elstone would point to larger crowds & TV ratings (assuming they are up, of course, SL seems to think they are), the increased Betfred deal and the positive effects of the rule changes (ie faster games, more drama with GP, less milking at the ruck). If the metrics for success are increased revenue, attendances and ratings, it’s not a bad start (or so it seems)
  3. I believe it is a TV channel whereby women with (usually) inflated bosoms entice members of the opposite sex to indulge in a posh w@nk
  4. Salford to go down for mine. And, frankly, who would miss them?
  5. Competitive tension is good. Leeds seem run well enough to cut their cloth accordingly if they went down and not go pop like Bradford. If not, tough titties.
  6. Didn’t Sky strap a camera in Kurt Gidley’s chest? A glorious success that lasted one game as I recall.
  7. Page 3 modelling and a stint on Babestation? Far too early to judge Elstone but the early signs are promising IMHO.
  8. In baseball terms, Dewsbury players will be barely making A-team money, let alone AA or AAA. They are part-time guys with normal jobs. The current Wolfpack roster is pretty average if I’m honest. If that team was playing in Super League now it would likely be slugging it with London, Hull KR and Leeds out to avoid relegation. But we’re all looking forward to seeing who Toronto sign if/when you make the big league...
  9. Rugby league is a cheap sport to attain success from nothing. £2m a year virtually guarantees Super League
  10. Well, that’s the thing. I don’t see many more home fans there than in the Championship. You’d have thought there would be fairweather fans!
  11. How many players did Dewsbury sign from the NRL and Super League, though? Nobody is impressed, really.
  12. I said very few care. If you strip out the away fans at Ealing, very few home fans
  13. I’ve a season ticket but can’t make Thursday nights due to work and then daughter duties.
  14. It’ll be c.800 announced as c.1,800. That’s the tragedy of London. They’ve finally got it right on and off the field but very few care.
  15. Not really, fella. Nine games left and no one really knows who will be in the top 5 or who will go down. You could moan about the quality of Super League but it sure isn’t predictable this season.
  16. Doesn’t the Cricket World Cup consist of only 10 countries? They have nothing to teach us
  17. Exactly. It’s precisely the threat of relegation that makes it such an exciting season
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