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  1. Glad someone highlighted this! We don't run the RFL for nowt you know!
  2. Just need to check has everyone got a permit for uploading these kits??? CAN'T UPLOAD KIT PHOTO WITHOUT A PERMIT!
  3. Leeds have to win this, I don't care how just come away with points. PSA too Leeds united are at home to Wigan for a 3pm kick off same day too, so be prepared for the M62/M621 to be horrendous.
  4. Great signing for Trin. As for the title, I know for a fact him and a fair few of the other wakey players go for pasta regularly in the Italian I work in... LOTS of pasta.
  5. To be fair I think they have markedly improved this year, as do most kit manufacturers efforts after a certain time. Perhaps that's the 'Catalans' effect, everything the do seems to look good!
  6. Whilst I agree playing in Jamaica should be an objective, I believe Jamaica are wanting to use this as prep for 2021 in England.
  7. They're some proper grounds there mate. Cas should be bouncing so as long as you don't mind the state of the place and go to the loo in a pub somewhere beforehand happy days. Dewsbury v Toulouse will be interesting from the neutral perspective I guess - they'll probably have Toronto vs Bradford on in the pubs afterwards too. HKR Saints depends entirely on whether KR turn up or not. You've probably got the pick of the fixtures that weekend, such a shame all of SL seems to be playing that Friday
  8. To be honest I don't think double headers are necessary unless its to save money. England vs Jamaica in either a smaller London Stadium or Headingley could near enough sell out. England vs Wales in either Cardiff (Arms Park) or even a Bristol or Gloucester would go down well imo. England vs France in France always seems to attract good crowds. Last thing we would want from these sort of games is for them to end up being played at belle vue on a Thursday night like the last time wales played Jamaica. For the games not involving England I'd ideally want Wales and France to be playing at home. And I definitely agree DO NOT CALL IT THE KNIGHTS!
  9. Seems logical scheduling? Also according to the Rhinos press release Wigan V Wire is on BBC1?
  10. YouGov have Brexit Party 27% Labour 22% Tories 15% Lib Dems above Change UK on 9 and 6 percent respectively although both are below the greens on 10%. My views on this: TIGgers seem to just not be able to connect with public beyond a committed few. Its easier for the brexit party, their message has already got people to deviate from their party's line before; they've made the crucial first hurdle. Change UK need a stormer tbh otherwise they will be a centrist flash in the pan. They're main opposition and competition aren't the Brexit party, its Labour and the Tories. Getting the people who voted for Blair and Cameron to their side will be key if they're ever to be a force. Brexit party needs to rally up as many voters as possible. Clearly they represent a large if not the largest minority in the country. What that translates to GE time however who knows. They'll benefit massively from protest votes. Greens doing better than CHUK and the Lib Dems (admittedly only in this poll) is interesting. They've not deviated from their message and aren't tainted like the other parties are by association with the Tories and Labour.
  11. It seems the RFL want to kick things off here and oddly have been slowed down by others. Realistically we could have England and Wales (minus any GB players), France and Jamaica all playing tests this autumn. I don't see why with a bit of planning this couldn't be a rather successful mix. Doesn't have to he huge in scale: grounds like Brutus, Headingley, St Helens and Cardiff Arms Park size wise. Perhaps a game in London maybe or even a Bristol? Throw in that Scotland and Ireland will have fallow weeks in their qualification campaigns and there's the basis of a good few test matches. In the mid term I would like to see the option of tours to Jamaica and North America being explored more.
  12. Imo Brexit party and Change UK will come top 2. Followed by Labour then Tory diehards. I see the regions pretty much breaking down the same way they did for Brexit itself. Everywhere in England except London going brexit. There's no point voting for Tory or Labour in Euro elections, if anything it should give them a rocket up the backside about their popularity. For me personally I'll be voting for the Brexit party. Simple message with a simple purpose. Equally understand those who would vote for Change UK for the same reasons.
  13. The Championship is the home of the real RL fan everyone knows it!
  14. A few things to clarify here. We may have had 14 teams, but barely 10 of them were spending to cap at that point, not because of availability of players, but because those teams simply couldn't afford to compete. Its not 'going pro' like Sheffield Eagles did a few seasons ago on a shoestring that made them have to let go most of their best players. The NRL cap may have been lower than now but undoubtedly the SL cap has been very low for years (even over a decade?). So on both accounts its not a fair comparison. Moreover, players progress at different rates, you need lower league clubs to be able to offer full time contracts for those who aren't at the top of the youth tree at the 19 cut off point. Troy Deeney just scored to take his team to the FA cup final after playing non-league a few years ago, Kemar Roofe at Leeds united could be playing Premier League next season after playing for Oxford in League 2 4 years ago, in RL an example would be Alex Walmsley, the ultimate in this era has to be Jamie Vardy. The point being that professionalising the game throughout (ie not just SL) increases the competition and opportunities. On sponsorship, in the UK all clubs at the moment suffer from the games low profile. Realistically why on earth should a team in Canada be getting nearly 4x the attendances of a club in the capital of England? Toronto already have a higher profile in their city after 2 years than London do after 30 - as for the 90s, the whole sport had a higher profile. Therefore, none of the above facets of expansion are the only solution by themselves clearly, they need to be combined and harnessed. I'm amazed at what Toronto are achieving. I don't agree that I'm ignorant at all. I've grown up supporting Leeds yet lived and played rugby in Wakefield and Castleford for a decent chunk of my life. I'm well aware of the concerns and fears of whether clubs will be worried about being hung out to dry. Yet I still think this is the best way forward. Continuing with the same old isn't working, impetus has to be given to the game. Due to our own mismanagement of our national profile the chances of this coming from the UK are slim - our game isn't sexy right now, and perhaps the TWP and NYCs of this world are what will change that. Finally, NYC and Ottawa have both specifically stated they want to do development differently to Toronto. Ottawa have said they're prepared to stay in the lower divisions longer than Toronto if necessary. NYC have suggested trials down the east coast and a reserve grade side too.
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