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  1. Tommygilf

    Independent Group

    The flip side of this is that if public and media pressure grows enough that these MPs are forced to hold a by election, the chances are the Tories will win a significant chunk of those.
  2. Too right. Many MPs reckon a failed Corbyn government would lead to the Labour party having to rebuild for 20 years afterwards.
  3. For what its worth, my views on the split, the splitters and the Labour party right now. There are currently 3 factions in the Labour party (as a whole). - The Corbyn Zealots - will support whatever Corbyn says even on Brexit and are a big chunk of the mass membership if not the parliamentary party. - The Blairite Remainers - those MPs epitomised by today's split who are opposed to Corbyn on Brexit, anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism, even domestic policy. Unfortunately a lot of these MPs are tarnished both by Blair's policies but also his style of being patronising. - The Rest - made up of either Brexiteers or remain voting MPs willing to support Corbyn on Brexit and his domestic policies, but still massively wary of a far left wing hijack of the labour party. The splitters should stand in a by election imo. Sadly I reckon a lot would lose that vote but that's representative politics is it not? I agree with most of their reasons for doing so except their vehemently anti-Brexit stance. I don't like the bottlejobs who are waiting in the Labour party to see if this group succeeds in anything only to go join once they can back a winning horse.
  4. Both games at kingston park have been great so far, but for different reasons!
  5. Tommygilf

    Season of the fake

    I don't know considering I watch him every week its not something I've noticed being highly prevalent. If the refs thought there was a specific problem with a specific player they'd bring it up. Briscoe has been in SL for years now and nothing specific has ever been targeted at him. Much more worrying for me is this trend of faking. Injuries that aren't injuries, the fake crusher tackle complaint, staying down in TV games to force the ref into consulting the video ref etc. As a fan on the terraces these irritate me more than anything else in the game.
  6. Tommygilf

    Season of the fake

    I don't think its a major issue so long as it doesn't make the defence have to go any further back. Shortening the 10m only benefits the defence. Wingers being used early in sets to kickstart the attack and gain quick ruck speed is the reason for this, its coached at every level.
  7. I assumed he meant 46k each? so whats that about 520k?
  8. Tommygilf


    Haha fair play mate, CCF takes a lot out of teams.
  9. Tommygilf


    2012 haha. Second year we went from 5th to win it. IIRC that included Wakey at home, Catalans Away, Wigan away (they chose us), then Wire in the final. Was extraordinary then and really changed that specific game, gave us the breathing space we needed.
  10. Tommygilf


    Great servant to the club, obviously prone to a few brain farts, but a great member of a legendary lineup. A key example to how sport can keep some people mostly on the straight and narrow. His barnstorming run against Catalans after a kick off away in a semi final to set up a try is by far my best memory of the bloke. Wish him well in retirement. 3.20 into this is absolute brilliance.
  11. Tommygilf

    R2 Attendances

    I'd agree with that, I would also think in conjuction with that that Leeds have a lot of casual support in general. From experience the crowds at Headingley are quite diverse, especially in the Carnegie Terrace end. Leeds capitalise on being a city much more than any other club does or is able to. These aren't the travelling types to start with, and a Friday night in Wigan, as good as that might sound from a sporting proposition, just isn't worth it when one can watch it in your favourite watering hole without the hassle of travelling. Leeds have a core that travel away everywhere, thats obvious from the Facebook groups etc.
  12. To be fair they've been fairly on the ball on Instagram and twitter, with extremely bitesize clips etc. But a relatively decent amount of content.
  13. This just epitomises the total lack of vision or belief in the game from the RFL (and we can be sure its them this time as its not a SL thing). The old boys club that is actually a pretty naff old boys club. At least those in the rest of society know where the finances are and use them. I really do hope the RL press run with this - there's a market for a journo to make a name for themselves here. Hell I'm in my last year at uni now I'm considering it! Manchester Rangers, what more do they have to do ffs! No vision for the international game, no vision for expanding the club game. Its infuriating in the extreme and indicative of the shambles at Red Hall for the past 5 years.
  14. Tommygilf

    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads)

    Normally I'd agree with you but for something that would be rushed and almost certainly have the LSV as a venue I don't think this tournament needs one.
  15. Tommygilf

    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads)

    Spooky indeed! I would think a 4 nations is possible, but wouldn't need a final, just a 3 match series for each team imo. If they'd have organised sooner I reckon you'd even get a good following from England to Jamaica!