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  1. GB Lions Squad

    To be fair the RU lions coach is the Wales coach too.
  2. Headingley redevelopment

    Joking aside thats what Eden park has on one side because it backs onto a residential area and I'd imagine Leeds' plans for the Western Terrace were less grand than the main stand at EP. Its a possibility.
  3. Lets not get too far ahead of ourselves here, the PL have kept 2 packages which will either be floated to FTA broadcasters or more likely to the Netflix/Amazons of the world. This is also still more than double what they got pre 2013 for more games. There's also the argument that 2015s £5.1 billion deal was inflated by the new competition of BT ironically at a time the PL was falling behind the top end of other European leagues. Market forces plain and simple. Will this affect RL? Probably not. Its peanuts by comparison. What i can say though is that I don't think this diversification of channels into individual sports has worked in the way Sky hoped it would. More and more people I speak to are getting deals like I've done where Sky give you all the sports channels regardless. Sky Sports PL is essentially pointless as all the games are on main event and the rest is reruns and features (again with stuff like "The Debate" often finding itself onto Main event anyway). As an aside, with the NRL, SL, Championship, Super Rugby, Pro14, Top14, European RU, 7s and internationals, Sky must be considering a dedicated Rugby channel. The only hiccup I could see is clashes in which case the current two channels arena and action work better.
  4. I didn't think Elland Road was that bad tbh. Yes I prefer Headingley but there's far worse alternatives.
  5. Super League down under

    12,416 crowd acc. to sky sports
  6. Estimated fortune of up to 2 billion pounds
  7. New York, Boston and Hamilton in 2019

    I think having a unified NA club game is probably the best way forward. Having a Canadian presence too could help the US game spread from the Eastern Seaboard.
  8. Rugby league gave me brain damage

    I always think of this as being a balance. Yes physical contact sports carry a risk, but do the benefits outweigh that. For me, as a young man now, absolutely. Its been discussed a few times in various teams I've been a part of and generally the consensus has been "yeah there probably will be effects in later life, but I'll have enjoyed doing this now and won't regret it". Call it folly of youth if you will, but, to an extent, one has to think "YOLO".
  9. Points Structure Change?

    Welcome to RL!
  10. Will Leeds break SL attendance record?

    I'd say thats a sad indictment of society if thats the case. Its not the same unless you're at the game after all. Furthermore, Leeds vs Bradford games or Wigan vs Saints didn't need fans from other clubs to bump up their attendances. Thats a total misnomer. Wakefield could play Cas and i couldn't give a flying fart about going even though I could walk to the game. As a neutral I'll probably watch on TV. In fact the last game between the two sides I watched in the pub. Leeds won't dramatically increase attendances just because the vast number of W. Yorks clubs aren't playing that day will they? Fans at the game are the responsibility of the two playing teams, primarily the home team. Fans on TV are likely to be away fans, armchair home fans and neutrals. I also wouldn't use this forum as a barometer for interest in games. 30+ pages can be 15 pages of 2 posters. However, the point being made about the televising of games was actually that it was more important in Canada than over here.
  11. Schools and Rugby League

    Whilst I think the situation could be better I think the problem is not solely down to the RFL. I went to a school that played RU and had A and B team fixtures for every school year on almost every weekend from September to March. It was institutional in that respect. We played almost exclusively against other schools that did the same and in the weeks between March and the summer term we often played in regional or national invitational 7s and 10s tournemants. None of this was organised by the RFU. In my whole 7 years at high school there were only 2 national cup comps administered by the RFU at u15s and 1st XV level. All the rest was left up to the schools to sort. Here we see why schools RL just isn't cutting it atm I guess. Its no surprise to anyone (especially given a recent thread in the CCF) that the RFU can fall upon the private schools to undertake much of the leg work of school sports. State school sports just don't seem to have the level of organisation which disproportionately affects RL as a school game. There are obviously various reasons posited for this but to avoid the political discussion the fact is it is by and large not happening - even for football. Should the RFL be blamed for this? No. Could they do more? Maybe. Whilst a lot of the work of the RFS(chools)U has been subsumed into the RFU, an initial forming of a similar body for RL could be a step forward. Even if it only put into contact schools that played RL in a certain area it would be an improvement. Heck who knows perhaps trying to persuade some of the private schools over during the summer (there are plenty of rugby players who abhor summer school sports like cricket and athletics) could be another way. I cannot emphasise enough how organisationally the schools must be the lead and the RFL the enabler. I would however like the RFL to improve on this from their perspective and drive forward where headway has been made.
  12. I think he said afterwards that probably wasn't a good idea to say that lol.
  13. It is against re-nationalising them though and is committed to neo-liberal economics.
  14. Those nice tories

    To be fair in light of Jo Cox, and the profile of Rees-Mogg (now same odds to be PM as Corbyn) any scenario involving violence at an MPs appearance is going to be quite big news.
  15. Whilst I don't agree with your last bit necessarily I'm glad people are waking up to the fact that Corbyn has been anti-EU all his life. One of my tutors at uni who was an "expert on the green party" vehemently protested that JC had attended "over 100 remain events during the campaign" and was simply burying their head in the sand about it. I completely agree that May is more pro EU than Corbyn. Personally I'm proud of the Labour party's anti-EU history and frankly think if they started talking about the issue in anything more than hushed tones and funny looks then the debate wouldn't be quite so easily handed to the Farage's and Mogg's on a plate. Equally, explaining how much of the policies JC would want to enact (particularly nationalisation) are in direct contradiction to EU directives and policies would perhaps get people to question the blind faith placed in him and his version of left wing politics and the EU too. Actually the more I think about it, not winning the election was perfect for Jez purely for the reason he doesn't have to carry out brexit.