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  1. Tommygilf

    Lions tour 2019

    They played the kiwis away didn't they (and lost). They're playing Tonga in Auckland. They didn't agree to a world cup for 5 years after they lost at home. Successful teams are notorious for wanting to avoid tarnishing their reputation by losing at a big home venue and will take risky fixtures to alternative venues - see Spain and Italy football teams. I don't think they're confident that they would beat a touring GB side with this new team they have, at least not for another couple of years.
  2. Tommygilf

    Lions tour 2019

    They don't want a tour for two reasons. 1. they don't think they'll sell enough tickets. 2. they don't think they'll win
  3. Tommygilf

    England v France
  4. Tommygilf

    Grand Final Crowd

    I must admit the only times I've ever seen trouble (and lets be real I've been to several Leeds United away games, when I say trouble here I mean at an RL relative level), its been sorted more often than not by other fans, often of the same club, telling the divs where to stuff it. Stewards are often rubbish. They are for a lot of events I've been to tbh. Indeed you only got to have 1 tool of a steward to turn a crowd into a mob; which evidently doesn't help. I think the solution of having family blocks/alcohol free zones should definitely be explored for our big events; actually come to think of it channeling fans into special areas for people wanting different experiences full stop should be explored. I also think you've got to be more selective about where you buy tickets then if that comes in. If I was taking a group of lad mates, I wouldn't necessarily go in the same part of the stadium as to where I'd take a Girlfriend. Hopefully more diversity comes.
  5. Tommygilf

    London in Superleague

    I'd see a game at Griffin Park or Loftus Road as an ideal testing ground for the Hearn's to get involved in.
  6. I read all that and just ended up feeling "its such a shame they're at Wigan!"
  7. My ingrained "anyone but the pies" instincts are telling me to support Wire in this. But as I said on a thread about who you'd want to face in the Semi Finals, Wigan have a sense of real desire behind them this year. It feels a hell of a lot like Leeds' past 2 wins where, when the chips are down or the game is looking a bit shakey, Wigan will have the emotional reason to do that extra 10% to make the tackle or get over the line. Or Wire could do what they did in the cup and blow them away. Love the Grand Final!
  8. Tommygilf

    What now for Toronto?

    You could have Blenheim Palace with fireworks, free beer for guests, Brandies from the Napoleonic era, the cirque du soleil performing in the garden whilst the Royal Philharmonic orchestra played Beethoven in the main hall to the tune of a light show and i have a feeling "some people" would say you'd done nothing!!!
  9. Tommygilf

    Rugby League's Black Players

    You're probably right. Between Clive Sullivan and Roy Francis there's the first Black British Captain and head coach in any sport iirc. A Pretty big deal imo!
  10. Tommygilf

    Rugby League's Black Players

    I'd definitely think that its something they would be interested in, perhaps even send them the Rugby Codebreakers part where they delve into the history of Welsh Black men coming north.
  11. Tommygilf

    New Grounds.

    Haha, they've already started taking down the temporary north stand I guess.
  12. Tommygilf

    Are We Really

    I should hope the championship playoff matches are televised at least next year!
  13. What changes will we see in the off season? In my opinion certain things have to change but somethings must remain. McCrone has to go. Not good enough and costs more in how refs view the team than he brings to the team. He'd argue that the Pope wasn't a catholic. Rowley out. That team looked like a Rowley team - dull and uninspiring in attack, dirty and grubby in defence. As Leigh posters on here have said in the past, Rowley can get you to this point, but is unlikely to get you any further. A new coach Sims and O'Brien to stay. They have to hold onto them as they'll be crucial for a promotion push next year and are assets to the club of the field too. They're the standouts but there's a good core of a squad there especially with the new recruits coming too. Most importantly... keep going! TWP have been doing a hell of a lot right for 2 and a bit years now, keep on the horse and push for SL next year.
  14. 100%. Anyone got Brian Mac's number...?
  15. I most annoyed by the fact I won't be able to get a Toronto away day for at least another Season.