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  1. Tommygilf

    The upgrade that is not an upgrade

    When they do upgrades (especially in a stadium like Wembley) they should be Vertical.
  2. Yeah he never accidentally finds himself at a UVF parade does he? The excuses are starting to sound silly too; nearly reaching the levels of the MP on Little Britain who has to keep apologising.
  3. But they won't for the next few decades while Labour dithers its way out of the control of this cult.
  4. I don't think its pointless as at least 2 of the above teams would be aiming to avoid the MPG. Both have had those plans scuppered significantly. For example Widnes have lost to a major rival who arguably won't be their biggest challenge in the following 2 months. Hull KR on the other hand were dead certs to finish in the top 3 even top 2 according to most. To say them losing to Salford has thrown this wide open would be a massive understatement. Perhaps KR were punished for underestimating Salford, and will now have to bounce back away in Toronto!
  5. Definitely. Two huge 4 point games on Saturday, either Salford and Toronto put some daylight between or they draw back right into the mix.
  6. I agree I put Halifax in there for balance but lets be real they aren't going for SL realistically.
  7. I'm intrigued as to the statement that the full parachute payment had to be spent of the playing roster. Beaumont doesn't make clear whether that is imposed by the RFL or by the clubs who actually gave him the money.
  8. Personally I'm torn between KR and Widnes. Both have lost a home game, both have lost to 'weaker' opposition, and both have to travel to Toulouse and Toronto. This adds massive pressure onto the KR v Toronto game next week for both sides. Toronto will be pushing hard for a home win and defeat could take Hull KR's attempts to avoid the million pound game out of their own hands. Although KR could recover and in terms of Toronto before the qualifiers they probably saw this as the home game they were most likely to lose.
  9. Tommygilf

    TWP lose first ever game at home .

    This is how a lot of British sports fans see a difference with North American Sports. American sports fans: De-fense! De-fense! British sports fans: All right lads, I’ve just worked up a song to the tune of Debussy’s Clair de Lune about an opposing player’s drink driving charge, ill count us off:
  10. And there's the Labour party not winning an election for the next 40 years.
  11. Tommygilf

    Barba going back to NRL

    Are we allowed to sing "He's going home" now with renewed confidence???
  12. Tommygilf

    McLelland to return from the other lot

    That wouldn't surprise me we haven't officially announced Moon leaving yet.
  13. He never did it don't you know? Its all a smear campaign against him saying he's a "racist".
  14. He went and laid a wreath in remembrance of the Munich Olympic ATTACKERS. Funny how he doesn't accidentally pop up in other controversial memorials. Not seen him knocking about any Oswald Moseley tributes lately. Perhaps he knows its wrong??? Anyway thank you for proving the point of that tweet better than any of the rest of us could possibly hope to!
  15. Tommygilf

    New Grounds.

    The problem with the western terrace, as has probably been said before, is what exactly do you want to do when you "sort it". The space to move around it is minimal. It thins out massively towards the southern end and has the public right of way behind it as well as the houses. Two options I could see in terms of increasing the space would have been to move the Carnegie (East) stand as far back as possible. Even to the point of having its structure built into the boundaries of the ground with an underpass where the carnegie cafe is now. Alternatively we could have done a Bournemouth and flipped the axis of the pitch. But obviously that would have cost a ridiculous amount. So what do we do now? Do we just add a roof? I'm not sure that would address the issues and would just paper over the cracks. Also a roof would run the risk of the planning being refused due to the houses and public right of way behind. Could we knock it down and build a new stand in its place. Yes but that would almost certainly be of a significantly reduced capacity, bringing the stadium overall down. Would look a bit like the tiny end at Landsdowne Road in Dublin. Whats the point of that. Whilst I agree the Western Terrace will look like the ugly sister to the rest of the ground, until I see an option to modernise it that genuinely would be an improvement, I'm inclined to not do anything just yet. Its still better than Wakey and Cas.