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  1. Tommygilf


    Well of course in the middle of a city they're unlikely to be farmers, but out on the A roads and in the countryside (where the movement has been very prominent) there will be plenty of them involved. These aren't isolated incidents and they certainly have widespread majority support. Macron has united the nation... firmly against him.
  2. Tommygilf


    I was in Lyon on Saturday when the Gilets Jaunes were in Bellecour square. We went there in the evening to just see what was happening frankly. It was Fete des lumieres in Lyon which is a massive event and as such the mixture of people was quite extraordinary - tourists, activists, tree huggers, right wingers, young and old people as well as some drunken louts all were there. The atmosphere in the city itself was fine, probably helped by the masses of tourists. In that square however it was tense. Riot police and even the army were all present and aggressive. Tear gas canisters were thrown. All I learned about the protesters and the movement more widely is that they are really only united by the general discontent more than anything. The French have a remarkable ability to organise themselves, but unless they can remove Macron (or force him to remove himself) I don't see it translating to any electoral changes except "en marche" losing. More widely, it made it clear to me that it wouldn't take much, if anything, to cause mass panic in such a tense situation like that.
  3. Whilst it seems over simplistic and perhaps even "wrong" to put money on the line for this, I don't think its bad thing overall that clubs (and indeed the whole game) is being dragged into the 21st century.
  4. Tommygilf

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    Even as a Leeds fan I have to say that Bulls shirt is pretty fantastic. I assume it'll have black/white shorts with white socks too so as a kit will be great. Just hope they have a shocker away shirt now so I'm not too envious!
  5. Tommygilf


    I'm going over to Lyon this weekend with some friends to see a mate who's on a year abroad from Uni haha! Je predicte une riot!
  6. Tommygilf

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    Whilst I can see you're premise I think a second referendum would be easier for Leave to win. It writes its own narrative.
  7. Tommygilf

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    Whilst my comment was a little tongue in cheek I get what you're saying. Unfortunately I'm struggling to have faith in Parliament to carry out brexit anymore. There are too many vested interests against it and fundamentally a huge majority of Remain supporting MPs seem to still not be able to comprehend how the country voted leave in 2016. Without a majority of at least "Brexit sympathizing" MPs, its never going to happen. It would be like asking one of the 1920s Tory govts to implement the NHS. I think we'll see one of 3 results. 1. the Brexiteers hold their nerve and bring down this deal going for either WTO no deal or renegotiation. 2. The remainers across the house see this as an opportunity for no deal and "back door remain". 3. One of the above capitulates in fear of the other happening.
  8. Tommygilf

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    I think if we haven't got a deal by March 19th we should unilaterally withdraw article 50. Then on the 30th unilaterally declare it again!
  9. Tommygilf

    Toulouse Stadium

    Don't get this board started on whether a decision was advisory, binding or neither haha. Can of worms!!!
  10. Tommygilf

    Petition to Wind up for Toronto

    Toronto should've hired you!
  11. Tommygilf

    Manchester bouncers investigated over assault

    Being around the same age as the lads involved and going out to night clubs regularly I'm sorry to say this is not too uncommon. I'm the first to defend bouncers' rights to deal with some of the drunk t*ssers they have to, but as others have said this is savage. Sadly some of the people (and by no means all, I have a couple of mates who work the doors that are great) get into bouncing for a power trip. On top of this, being rugby players on a night out can also bring its own risks. Plenty of "men" try think they're hard.
  12. Tommygilf


    It just seems too WWE for me.
  13. Tommygilf


    Wilder just isn't a very good boxer is he.
  14. Tommygilf


    Wilder literally just said "I'll fight wherever makes more money". Doesn't that just say it all?
  15. Tommygilf

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    It does look better in person. My main issue is that it almost looks like a training shirt rather than a proper kit. I can 100%see leeds bringing out a 3rd shirt this year.