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  1. 2018 Series v NZ

    My thoughts exactly, I'd swap hull for a London game personally but it could definitely be a lot worse.
  2. Six Nations Oct/Nov 2018

    In the LE article the Irish CEO (who is the one advocating the 6 nations) wants a full English team to play in Dublin. He even makes the point that 'SL clubs will not release players such as Amor to play against England B' and how a proper England team would be a the only one worth selling. This is all in the frame of the wider discussion about the credibility of the international calendar and how clubs often give England internationals more time off than those for other nations.
  3. Whilst I certainly think more can be done, they have clearly been going beyond the usual circles recently. At Coventry there were plenty of Midlanders generally there. We just need to expand that percentage in the overall crowd rather than relying on the same 25k people to bolster every event.
  4. Six Nations Oct/Nov 2018

    These are the sort of opposition the RFL should be aiming to have England play at packed out SL grounds. 24k at Huddersfield or 22 at New Headingley, Wigan, Warrington and Saints should all be looked at. Gives the heartlands England games with realistic ability to hit capacity, whilst also reserving games against Oz and NZ for the bigger venues. Divedends from TV revenues etc should be divided up with the aim of helping all competing nations grow.
  5. 2018 Series v NZ

    Well tbf Huddersfield does usually sell well and did sell out for Eng v NZ last year and Eng V Ireland in the WC, but i get what you mean.
  6. He's a key passer in the team and crucially is able to play well as a foil with Gale. I wouldn't have had him in the squad originally but he's taken the opportunity well imo. His game went downhill as a direct result of him getting a headknock. If anything he probably shouldn't have been on the pitch.
  7. Germany

    The casual observer (ie a non rugby fan) is hardly going to come across this pretty niche forum-thread specifically discussing the growth of German RL (in English). And then to miss the points raised by someone on the ground about the role of bad management and leadership to focus on the points critical of the role of RU (remember a sport they know and care little about) in all this and then take it to heart? I mean thats some pretty precise, emotive and uncasual looking for casual observer. In fact I'd say thats not casual at all. I consider myself a bit of a League nerd for being interested in it and as such its great to hear all the relevant points; one of which will inevitably be RU relationships. Actually I think what you will find described in this and many of these pages is the story of how RL throughout the world rarely can be antagonistic towards RU; indeed relying on the pre-existing RU player base as a starter in many occasions. You will also find how in places such as Canada and the USA where RU has less of a hold on an establishment that the two codes can get on relatively peacefully as equals (even if there's still some hints of snobbery). This is an incredibly civilised forum for the discussion of RL and everything relevant to it thanks to its mods and users. Have you ever been on Facebook? If you think what LRL put was "hatred" then I'd "hate" to think what you'd make of most of the comments on any topic ever.
  8. Okay so a few potential issues. If Brown cannot play do you bring in Williams or Lomax in the halves? Or do you move Widdop back to 6 and put Lomax or Ratchford at FB? Secondly, any players been unconvincing over the 4 games? Personally I'm not and have never been happy with Bateman as a centre; its noticeable how little we go down that right side for traditional set plays. Hill has been average really imo, little between him and Taylor really. Do you move SB to the front row? Finally, Roby or Hodgson? I think we look much better as a team with Roby on the pitch, Hodgson holds onto the ball a bit too much for me.
  9. The Ozzy media literally lives for pommie bashing; especially with the ashes coming up its practically in vogue. Brian Noble has said it was similarly negative and intense in 06 for example. I think their opinions can be discounted by circumstance; whilst they know about RL that is largely limited to NRL and its peripheries, ask them to pick an England team and I'd be surprised if Greenwood and Mcqueen weren't somewhere close. Thats fine but I wouldn't value that comment above and beyond what it is.
  10. Germany

    Its not every discussion. In many cases, such as this, its brought up and is relevant. To even say that LRL "perpetuates hatred" is laughable and he's arguably done more for the expansion of the game of RL than most in difficult circumstances. Indeed these difficult circumstances in most expansion areas almost always involve t'other code; to not discuss it as a factor is counter productive. It may not be the only factor, and other than the UAE, Morrocco and pretty much everywhere else up to 1995, there are usually bigger factors such as finance at play. What is also true is that when most "non-league" fans come to the sport its through contact with union, vary rarely does one have a union free initiation to rugby. So alas whilst I understand that comparisons etc can be seen as tiresome, constantly moaning about how you see them as tiresome and spouting baseless vitriol about another individual who's been asked about their personal experiences (which reflect wider prejudices experienced more globally) doesn't help engage in any further discussion. There's plenty to be learned from other sports, of which union is only 1, about how to expand the footprint of the game.
  11. They often know little about the NH game at all tbh. Ironically everyone on the Beeb panel wouldn't even start Hodgson, let alone play him at 7!
  12. I can't see why we're persisting with Bateman at centre, even in defence he's out of position.
  13. Germany

    What the hell are you even on?