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  1. Tommygilf

    Magic Venue Poll

    Not to mention Anfield is unbearably cramped for anyone over 5ft4. Ideal scenario would have been the new Everton stadium proposed for the docks.
  2. Tommygilf

    On the Road fixtures and the Hearns

    I've thought for quite some time that Catalans home games were ideal opportunities for this type of thing. With Toronto and Toulouse closing in perhaps now is the time to do it. Would require long term commitment though and realistically would probably only be 6 clubs doing this?
  3. Tommygilf

    Magic Venue Poll

    One thing I hadn't considered up to now is that if SL does not expand to 14 teams to include Toronto and Toulouse, then potentially we would have a magic weekend with a third of the league being non-english very soon. In such a scenario, would the South of France become an option? Or Barcelona?
  4. Tommygilf

    Magic Weekend Crowd

    Thats a fair point, I guess for the schools cup game it would make more sense.
  5. Tommygilf

    Magic Venue Poll

    Totally agree.
  6. Tommygilf

    Magic Weekend Crowd

    I think that's missing the point though. Magic is largely a good jolly for northern SL fans(and friends) and aside from the ticket should be as inexpensive as possible to accomodate as many as possible. 2 events in London on Bank Holidays is not that imo.
  7. Tommygilf

    Magic Weekend Crowd

    I have to agree, personally i see no clear advantages to a May Final other than "it were better in my day". If anything, relegating it to a pre-season/finishing mid season comp would damage its authority more. I tend to say "if you want the cup in its "traditional timeslot" then surely you mean after the Grand Final?". Having grown up largely with August Finals I don't see the problem at all to be honest. Problems with the CC are far wider than having it in May instead.
  8. Tommygilf

    Kallum Watkins out for rest of season.

    Might have done I haven't checked. Seems he's far from certain to be a Leeds player next year though.
  9. Tommygilf

    Rugby League Back Chat on TotalRL

    Agree on the talking across eachother point. I think for me Hudgell epitomised a lot of the contradictory myopia of the top of SL at the moment. On the one hand wants to see the game grow, on the other can barely see past their own clubs nose. He came close a couple of times to basically saying he disagreed with jeopardy and relegation - which is frustrating. Yet on the other hand recognised the need to allow other clubs to sign marquee players if they can afford it - an attitude which i support. He had a lot of non-answers which I found iritating. Campbell, for all his flaws in how he came across at times, did at least seem realistic in aspirations. There are a lot of frustrations to being perrenial championship clubs, but what must be most frustrating is if clubs like Widnes, Wakey, Cas and Salford would support pulling up the drawbridge when all that really separates them is the sky money. It was an interesting show, seen better seen worse.
  10. Tommygilf

    Kallum Watkins out for rest of season.

    This is dreadful news for us Rhinos. Best player across the entire season for us so far, massively increased involvement as captain. If we haven't resigned Keinhorst as is believed we're going to look like plonkers.
  11. Tommygilf

    Magic Weekend Crowd

    True, but as solely a stadium I think its better than St James'. Plus with the whole campus there is a lot of scope for a major fan park. Good link into town with the tram too. In an ideal world I'd have the Etihad stadium in the location of St James'
  12. Tommygilf

    Shaun Wane Leaving Wigan

    Its an interesting one. Can see Catalans being instilled with a better, no nonsense culture they've been sorely lacking in recent years under Wane.
  13. Tommygilf

    Shaun Wane Leaving Wigan

    ‘’Shaun Wane will leave Wigan Rugby League Club in the knowledge that his place in Wigan’s history is guaranteed. I feel certain that his decision to leave will have been a difficult one but he is a winner who wants to advance his career and challenge himself further on a different stage, having won everything with Wigan." Quote from Lenegan suggesting NRL for me. Unless its non-English NH so Catalans, Toulouse even New York???
  14. Wow. Did not see this coming. Got to be honest never a biggest fan of his team/style of play, but his passion for Wigan is undeniable. Massive news. Is he going down under? Does this add fuel to Shaun Edwards returning to League rumours then?
  15. Tommygilf

    Magic Weekend Crowd

    Totally agreed, but alas it was only a suggestion. Between Aer Lingus, Ryan Air, BA and others there are a lot of options and with a bit of co-ordination with operators from SL/RFL major sponsors could be garnered from this. Equally, Dublin as a destination would be aimed at making a holiday out of it. Great place to visit as is the rest of the emerald isle. In many ways Dublin is between New York and Newcastle as suggestions. If getting there is an issue for Dublin then it sure will be for New York! As I said its only a suggestion, Newcastle, the Etihad and Cardiff are all above it in my mind. As would a new dockside Everton stadium be (if it exiisted).