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  1. As a complete outsider and not knowing the history of the team the name sounds like it's a team full of w##k##s. It's a terrible brand and name. For other terrible brands/names see the Brisbane Bombers (NRL expansion hopefuls) USA Hawks and Toronto Arrows (Major League Rugby).
  2. PNG is resource rich and rugby league is a religion to them. Connect the dots...
  3. The guy behind it, Andy, has huge plans.
  4. No, the whole country wouldn't have to come out of poverty but I'm thinking of more than just a strong national team. The PNG Hunters are already professional and look what it's done for their game. PNG players are being signed to more and more NRL and SL clubs and the national team is starting to become really good. But imagine if the whole country, like China, had their standard of living rise. Imagine a country with passion on par with Brazil's passion for soccer. It would be phenomenal.
  5. Pulga

    Active Podcasts?

    Chasing Kangaroos is a newish one about the international game.
  6. Pulga


    "On this season of Park Tank"....
  7. State of Origin is being moved around more and more. Sells out 99% of the time. Suncorp is only 55,500 seats. But it doesn't matter as long as the atmosphere is electric.
  8. Pulga


    They might buy some actual marquee players instead of NRL has-beens. Nice goal and all but SL clubs are so far behind NRL clubs it's not funny. They've got decades until they could catch up.
  9. Pulga

    2019 predictions

    I think we're going to see an influx of new nations being recognised by the RLIF. I think in the last year there's been 8 or so. I think there'll be 10+ in 2019.
  10. What is your predictions for rugby league at any level in 2019?
  11. Also, PNG is way, way off. Some estimate that ⅓ of the population play rugby league regularly. That's 2.75m people. Even if that number is off by 5x it's still more than any other nation by a long way. I've thought for a while that one of the biggest things to help rugby league out worldwide would be to bring PNG as a country out of poverty, increase education and nutrition. Size would come with better nutrition and you would see them rival the top 4 nations within a generation or two.
  12. I guess there's no convincing you. The swapping is easily the best thing to happen to the game in 20 years. Like I said, without it there is just talent sitting on the sidelines. If you didn't enjoy the Tonga v England, Tonga v NZ and Fiji v NZ games at the last WC then there's never going to be a way to convince you otherwise. "You can't reason someone out of a position they didn't reason themselves into". Going on to say that France is basically the Messiah of international rugby league is a joke. This "either/or" mentality is also incorrect. It seems nobody outside yourself cares about it so I'm not too worried.
  13. You're twisting my words. Who is saying potential revenue wouldn't be bigger in France? Tonga has a population of 100,000. With another 80 or so thousand in Australia and New Zealand. Interestingly there are 110k people of French ancestry in Australia. 25k of which were born there. Maybe the Tongans work harder to get where they are? You also keep bringing up that bodies are "helping" Tonga over France. Prove it. I can guarantee you the RLIF isn't any part of it. The NRL has a Pacific scheme where they help their direct neighbours. It's simple geography though. The NRL also has an Asian branch. Again, their neighbours. It seems the RFL aren't doing enough to help France. Union's eligibility criteria are identical to league except they can't swap between two tiers that they qualify for like league. Instead they have talent sitting at home watching the All Blacks when they could be playing for a Pacific nation. Union does have a loophole to do with the Olympic Sevens. Somehow you can change nationality there. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=undefined&cd=&ved=0ahUKEwjeqdja0Y7fAhUGcCsKHfPOAqAQzPwBCAM&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.independent.ie%2Fsport%2Fsoccer%2Ffifas-eligibility-rules-explained-29647415.html&psig=AOvVaw2-2KyX-laXCWqOZDYBAtmB&ust=1544303695304055 Soccer's rules are a mess but have the grandparent rule plus a bunch of loopholes. FIFA can even make exceptions for certain players. Obviously nobody cares though and it doesn't somehow make a farce of the sport. Funny that. https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/lawreport/migrants-exemptions-expulsions-fifas-eligibility-laws/7247422
  14. You're not destroying anyone's world. That was sarcasm. The world is shrinking. Growing amounts of people feel attached to places they don't live in. The heritage rules are very similar to many major sports. Olympic athletes change "nationality" all the time. And another point: if you feel you are losing out to miniscule nations like Tonga and Lebanon then maybe that says more about your weak league programs more than anything.
  15. Imagine growing up in a Tongan household, Tongan mum and Dad. Your uncle's and aunties are Tongan, some still in Tonga. You visit them every few years and have great memories from hanging out with all your extended family there. You learn the Sipi Tau at a young age with your brothers who you thought were also Tongan. One day you stumble across a rugby league forum where a user destroys your world because he makes you realise you aren't actually Tongan. As far back as you can trace your ancestors is apparently a lie because your parents decided to give you a better life in a new country. There seems to be a fair few people in here not involved in the international game at all telling people what their heritage should mean to them.