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  1. New signings

    J b f or k b would make a very merry Xmas.
  2. Promotion in 2018

    Good luck in the championship this coming season you're building a squad that should take you straight back to superleague, good solid club with great support. I am hoping we both can climb a league next year, that would save us a pasting the following year,nevertheless we may catch you one day.
  3. Moran

    Good luck to the lad solid pro, did us proud last year.
  4. J.B.F.

    They still have 2 quota places available now z d c has gone
  5. J.B.F.

    Have 1 season with us then get promoted, then he will be top end championship, Simple. Up the kneets.
  6. New kit

    If they are I hope a bit more amber and less orange, although the shirt design was great.
  7. My starting 17

    Other options can be useful.
  8. My starting 17

    What about Joe porter on the wing , plenty of pace and his aggressive running style would be great to achieve those all important metres out from our line.
  9. My starting 17

    The choice was made in conjunction with Liam's agent.
  10. Squadbuilder help Knights get Horne-y!

    That's right I can see him fitting in well at standoff, his vision and class will show.
  11. My starting 17

    Time is on our side. Fordy will have it all worked out.
  12. Squadbuilder help Knights get Horne-y!

    Fantastic addition to our squad, experience will be crucial next season. Welcome on board
  13. 2018 signings

    Cracking squad you've got there shows the intensity in league 1 next year. Good luck and looking forward to 2 tough battles. Up the kneets.
  14. Time for less waffle, just get the thing constructed. Oh and by the way finish ahead of schedule.