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  1. Correct. But not all first choices. Hope your luck continues
  2. You probably did deserve to win today But we will look forward to meeting you again in the playoffs when we have a full strength side and a real ref Good luck for the season .
  3. Good effort today ,yes barrow are big and powerfull but we're not far off the mark York had 6 first choice players missing today while the visitors only had dallimore missing ,so perhaps this tells a story Good luck to the raiders in the next round.
  4. Thought this was supposed to be about rugby
  5. Get well soon all at York wishing you well
  6. That's more like it we looked hungry today Credit to all involved and a good attendance to boot More please
  7. Yes I agree ,but stick with the youngsters they will mature ,our future will look after itself
  8. Yes we are unpredictable So you will never know which York team will turn up in the challenge cup
  9. Quite agree. Yes we are a young team and I think we are learning the hard way but the amount of basic errors is alarming Elvis and Tommy are good to play now and again but let's build for the future and stick with our promising youngsters We are rebuilding after all
  10. No complaints from us at York in our recent match Rugby league is a tough contact sport after all
  11. Deter species from attending ,why don't you?
  12. Hope you've improved since last game because we certainly have , Roll on round 6
  13. Should be able to handle them on a decent surface and finally put this hoodoo to bed 2 points this Sunday is vital though
  14. Quite agree lads did us proud One for you moorside roughyed. Cheers