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  1. Liam and Connor were great today albeit playing behind a very strong pack , long may this continue as the knights rollercoaster keeps marching on .
  2. A mediocre team has just finished any slim chance they had of making the playoffs , looking forward to offering them a warm welcome at the new stadium next season . Up the kneets
  3. Batch not in either saints or Leigh's squad this weekend , hopefully He's not injured and be given a chance to play some rugby back at York . Up the kneets
  4. Will be there , looking forward to a contest , see you sun
  5. Think you guy's are being a bit harsh on hock , experience and proven quality are difficult to ignore .
  6. Will oakes and junior vaivai in from k . r this w/e . Things just got a lot brighter
  7. Never happy when we get beat , York to shock this w/e and win by 4 . Up the resilient kneets
  8. Looking forward to another massive Battle in this great league , hopefully the knights will slay the Vikings , let's get there in numbers and enjoy . Up the battling kneets
  9. Great day out enjoyed it , result was irelevent. Going back for more today. York and proud.
  10. Just setting off , long exciting day ahead . Up the summer bash kneets
  11. Very true , the one's He's referring to can't read .
  12. Fordy seems to get more out of liam Harris than anyone else , let's hope they gel for the benefit of club and player. Dupree and Aldous also sound promising . Up the resourceful kneets
  13. To be quite honest second half you looked a well drilled side who tried to play attractive rugby , keep that up you should beat swinton at the bash .
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