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  1. Thanks for info Simon. Up the kneets☺☺☺.
  2. Thanks for the info ,thought it was 3 o'clock . Will update ,let's hope they push advertising on this new time.
  3. As stated an average attendances 1000+ ,surely 1400 should be achieved for our home match against Donny a week on Sunday. Victory would virtually guarantee 4th place, get there and roar on the boys. Up the kneets.☺☺☺.
  4. Spot on Donald tough as teak you lot , but not much between the ears. Up the kneets☺☺☺.
  5. Well done raiders best team on the day won , look forward to a rematch in the playoff final.
  6. Watching on tv last night I have to agree there was nowt between the two sides in the first half hour,you've certainly got the making of a Good side their for Next season.
  7. Not all saying he's innocent, but has not been proved guilty,anyway he has taken a 6 match ban so that should close this matter.
  8. Even though we've a depleted team this weekend the boys will do their very best,it doesn't matter which17 James Ford puts out they always give 100%. Good luck to you guys ,fingers crossed we still may meet in the league next year.
  9. Yes haynesey,Harris,ed Smith,h.t.w all out,but we still look a Decent outfit interesting to see how we go against a Good barrow side. Up the kneets. Make the playoffs and we could well be the dark horses.
  10. Well let's hope he does a job for you against Donny , the guy has got great potential,but I would prefer ash Robson at fullback .
  11. Looking forward to this one against our supposed Bogey team. , hopefully we will despatch of that myth this weekend or more importantly in the playoffs if our paths cross again . Up the kneets.☺☺☺.
  12. Next week will be a Decent curtain raiser,but as we both know its the2 playoff games that matter.
  13. Don't be so silly.
  14. It's not us you need to worry about Keighley are now favourites to overtake you looking at the remaining fixtures.
  15. Decent performance today, 2 points today was important,towns and thunders season now effectively over. Good result 4 Keighley .(not as good as ours though) well done ,Donny beware. Up the kneets.☺☺☺