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  1. Just pure coincidence he happened to make his quip to a black fella then, yeah? Knucklehead
  2. Sorry, you've lost me. Please explain? Swinton made a statement AFTER Argyle admitted it!
  3. Would love this dinosaur to call Kenga a snowflake to his face! Is it me or are users of that phrase normally from the b3llend Farage,Trump, Piers Morgan middle age mould? Get in the fncking bin
  4. Check him out now! https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/health/former-rugby-star-olympic-sprinter-11207498
  5. Here are the Ice hockey attendance figures for last season, if anyones bothered: Sheffield Steelers 183,832 30 6,127 Nottingham Panthers 172,920 30 5,764 Belfast Giants 129,968 30 4,332 Cardiff Devils 88,947 30 2,964 Glasgow Clan 81,847 30 2,728 Coventry Blaze 62,627 30 2,087 Guildford Flames 53,989 30 1,799 Fife Flyers 49,116 30 1,637 Milton Keynes Lightning 46,973 30 1,565 Manchester Storm 43,120 30 1,437 Dundee Stars 36,200 30 1,206 TOTALS: 949,539 330 2,877
  6. Swinton 1969 Lancashire cup winning commemorative shirt to be worn at the Summer Bash. Class! https://swintonlionsrlfc.co.uk/news/1969-lancashire-cup-lions-honoured-in-new-kit/
  7. Thanks John!!! Really appreciate you hard work and effort!
  8. Is there a website which has up to date stats? Top scorers for each club etc?
  9. Great post mate, I've always thought this but you articulated it much better than i would have! It's incredible how far behind Rugby League is with online content.
  10. The ground doesnt actually look that bad on the telly! Any new photos of the stand?
  11. Clubs usually tweet the official teamsheets... which have always been in position order rather than squad number.
  12. Barrow 24 Dewsbury 30 Batley 42 Rochdale 10 Bradford 16 York 17 Featherstone 10 Halifax 18 Leigh 14 Toronto 28 Swinton 4 Tolouse 48 Widnes 18 Sheffield 24
  13. 34 is Harry Smith on loan from Wigan for a month. His kicking was off today. Theres talk that he'll deffo get some Super League games this season so we'll enjoy him whilst hes here. 7 is Fairclough, young lad we signed from Saints acadamy. Really rate him and hes at the heart of everything we do. His discipline lets him and us down too often though. Sin Binned again yesterday. Them 2s ages put together is about the same age as Sykes! We'd love an old head like that to lead the lads round the park!
  14. Paul Sykes was the difference for me. 7/7 kicks, lead you round the park like the experienced pro he is. Lots of discontent about Littler among our fans. I personally can't see what he's done to warrant keeping his job. There wasn't a moment in the game where we(Swinton) looked in control. Congrats and good luck for the rest of the season!
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