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  1. Mr Plow

    ‘League 1 South’

    I agree about Coventry and Skolars, I think they’ll be more competitive in a 12 team league next season. As for Hemel and WWR being at a regional would be best for them but who else is going to be in this league?
  2. Mr Plow

    ‘League 1 South’

    Would this be a fourth tier or would League 1 be split into 2 conferences?
  3. Mr Plow

    Grand Final Bus Ads

    Re marketing: I remember seeing loads of posters in 2015 for the start of SL but the last few years I’ve seen less and less
  4. I do like the concept of the Qualifiers but the games are poor. We need quality over quantity
  5. Mr Plow

    Haribo to invest in Super League?

    League Leaders Shield will be replaced by a giant fried egg
  6. Toughest Championship team Leeds will play. Leeds’ defence still isn’t very good I think it could be an interesting game
  7. Leeds v Toronto could be crucial on the last day
  8. Mr Plow

    Eric Perez

    Where is he now? Is he working on other expansion projects?
  9. May as well just put all the clubs in one division. How can you have SL clubs playing championship clubs for points in SL? The structure should be simple 12 teams 22 rounds (include Magic Weekend as a regular round) top 5 playoff 12th relegated 11th play 2nd in Championship in MPG (or some other relegation type playoff)
  10. I think the LLS will be awarded to Saints by HT
  11. If he wanted to do that wouldn’t he be better off buying the Broncos?
  12. That was very nervy few minutes there