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  1. I’ve nothing against Toronto ( or any other North American/ expansion team) but why put a full time pro team in a semi pro league? How do you sell L1 knowing one that there will effectively be 1 promotion spot because the full time team will run away with the league. And are big score lines good for the game? Is it any good teams getting beaten by 60, 70, 80 points every week?
  2. Mr Plow

    Leeds New Signing

    Didn’t Garbutt leaving free up a quota spot? Or was that taken by Merrin? I’d assume Briscoe will be the #5 though seeing as he’s signed a 3 year deal. No point Fev letting him go and then coming back on loan or dual reg all year
  3. Mr Plow

    2019 kits

    Great marketing that, fold your arms so no one can see the new shirt.
  4. I recall London Skolars having a lot of injuries after playing Toronto plus there’s players getting time off work to travel to Canada. Attendances for most clubs seemed to increase when they played Toronto but I’d guess attendances were back to normal the following home game
  5. Should they be starting in League 1? Wouldn’t it be better off teams like NYC and Toronto start in the championship and teams like Manchester Rangers and Hemel ect start in League 1?
  6. Where did it all go wrong
  7. Got a shiny new logo though. Falls in line with the rest of the RFL and SL branding
  8. Mr Plow

    Leeds New Signing

    Would he have signed a 4 year contract if he didn’t want to come?
  9. Mr Plow


    Yeah, if Keighley go under they’ll be gone forever or set up as a amateur community club like Bramley Buffaloes
  10. Mr Plow

    2019 kits

    I don’t mind random away kits but not every year. Maybe 1 in 5 years they should pick a random one
  11. I’d rather it be at a neutral venue but seeing as theMPG and League 1 playoff finals have been hosted by the highest placed team I’d suspect the Championship final will be as well
  12. Leeds underperformed because of recruitment. No one can polish a ###### I suppose😂. One of McDermotts weakness’s are he has his favourites. Keinhorst, McShane and Lilley rarely got a shout when they were playing well. I don’t think anyone in 2011 when McDermott was appointed would have expected him to win what he did. I think fans started warming to him towards the end of his tenure but he will go down as the clubs greatest ever coach
  13. The Grand Final previously hosted at a neutral venue. I believe this time around it will be the highest placed team will host it. Can’t see Toronto v Toulouse being played at Headingley
  14. The 2019 1895 Cup? Sounds daft just call it the Championship Cup