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  1. 56,869, lowest since Murrayfield 2010
  2. If cities are bidding to host MW then maybe they could subside any losses clubs make from giving up a home game. I think doing a deal for season ticket holders of the club giving up their home game is a good idea
  3. 30k is respectful but a bit disappointing. Maybe more people would go if we only played 22 games including Magic as one, I’m bored of Wigan v Warrington
  4. I don’t get the obsession with away fans. Leeds have averaged 15K at home for the past few years which contributes to the overall SL average attendances. I agree if they did go down it would be great for the championship, Leeds v Bradford could beat the Championship attendance record. With the new TV deal coming up I think it would be beneficial for Leeds to be in SL, look at the teams you could have; Leeds, Wigan, St Helens, London, Toronto, Catalans, Toulouse, Hull
  5. Well I suppose he is a professional athlete, you’ve more a chance of recovery if your strong, fit and healthy
  6. At the end of the day Super League isn’t football and can’t afford its big clubs to be relegated. As for London, they open the sport up to new markets and give the sport more media coverage. It’s good to have an English team that’s outside the heartlands in SL
  7. Post Office Road is probably my favrioute ground outside of SL. In fact it’s better than some SL grounds
  8. He would have been way down the pecking order at Leeds. Learnt his trade at Donny and London and has proved himself at Cas. Some players develop later then others, Gale has been in his prime in his late 20s
  9. Playing at Belle Vue, bet he’ll regret never coming to SL now
  10. A proven actual halfback, not a centre or fullback with 6 on his back. Only worry would be he’s had a couple of bad injuries
  11. Sunday should be interesting, Hull KR play Salford in the game before the Leeds v London game.
  12. The football league use these two patches, I think SL should follow suit
  13. And to think in 2012 they thought it was a good idea to let Stobart sponsor Super League for nothing
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