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  1. What about the Broncos? If Skolars build a 10k stadium with a 3G pitch it’d make sense for broncos to move there rather than redevelop Ealing
  2. Mr Plow

    The NFL Route

    Wasn’t the original Super League idea to have SL Europe and SL Australia and have a playoff between Europe and Aus. I think the future is conferences, especially if we’re going to expand to North America we could end up with SL Europe and SL America’s
  3. I can only ever see 5 giants and 1 cowbell
  4. 2 top flight teams in Leeds can only be a good thing IMO plus you have Yorkshire cricket and international test matches, Boxing- josh Warrington is on fire, theses lots of successful sports teams and individuals in Leeds
  5. Do you think? Leeds Rhinos predominantly play on Friday night. LUFC play Saturday afternoon, if they get promoted will be games in Sunday and Monday night as well. LUFC have been getting capacity crowds even when they were in League One I can’t see them being in the PL having a bad impact on the rhinos if anything Leeds Rhinos should try and get on the back of LUFC success
  6. Ahead of your first season in SL, there is a maximum of 38 games you could potentially play in (29 SL, 4 playoff, 5 Challenge Cup) compared to 28 NRL games. Do you think that we play too many games in this country?
  7. Mr Plow

    Active Podcasts?

    I liked Whippets and Flatcaps, interesting to hear two current players talk RL and other sports but I agree with you can’t stand that will perry. By the balls is good as is white line fever
  8. Mr Plow

    RFL petition

    Yeah, Hemel Oxford and Gloucestershire all failed, they didn’t work, that was under Timmer as chief ioerafions officer and CEO. RU have lots of development officers going to clubs and into schools throughout the country to try and get more people playing the game. What is RL doing to get more people playing it? Nothing
  9. Mr Plow

    A year and a day

    Nigel Wood leaving was good but instead of getting someone competent in to replace him they went with Rimmer who was at Sheffield during financial difficulties, oversaw the Shuddersfield merger and let’s not forget what happened to Northampton, Oxford, Hemel and Gloucestershire
  10. Mr Plow

    RFL petition

    I’d say Catalans have been a success. Coventry and Newcastle are looking promising as are Toronto. Is York on the M62 corridor? London may not have had much success on the pitch but they’ve produced lots of players
  11. Mr Plow

    RFL petition

    Why not talk about the petition in your paper? You did a survey recently about player dissatisfaction with the RFL talk about what the fans think. Attedances throughout the game are falling because the RFL is failing to expand. Under Rimmer, Wood and Barwick we’ve lost Crusaders, Hemel, Oxford and Gloucester. At the end of the day the RFL have to take the blame, why are attedances poor, participation down and why do fans and players think the RFL is incapable of taking the game forward
  12. Mr Plow

    RFL petition

    Couldn’t put it better. The RFL preach to the converted. They try and sell the game to the same pool of people that gets smaller and smaller each year
  13. Mr Plow

    RFL petition

    It’s not just about the cup, this years Grand Final crowd was disappointing and it was between two well established local teams in Warrington and Wigan. But the bigger picture is attendances have fallen, participation has fallen, less media coverage and the poll in rugby league world says the majority of players asked don’t have faith in the RFL and neither do the fans. The whole game needs fresh leadership with fresh ideas not the same people from the previous failed regime
  14. Mr Plow

    RFL petition

    More and more every time I update it, I’d expect 500 by the end of the weekend
  15. Mr Plow

    RFL petition

    It seems the RFL are just happy coasting along. If it was a football or rugby club there’d be a clear out and a change of culture