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  1. Mr Plow

    Where do Leeds go now?

    Yeah someone corrected me earlier about Wigan, relegated in 79 I think
  2. Mr Plow

    Where do Leeds go now?

    Leeds were only elected to Second Division because they chose to play in the Yorkshire League the season before. Still impressive from both clubs only other team I can think of that’s never been relegated until recently was Gainsborough Trinity
  3. Mr Plow

    Where do Leeds go now?

    Leeds and Warrington were never relegated from the old first division and obviously Catalans have never been relegated from SL
  4. Mr Plow

    Reserve teams in League 1?

    I wouldn’t add anymore teams to L1i think a small division benefits development teams such as Coventry, Skolars ect. The main issue is young players not getting competitive game time, reserve grade would fix that
  5. Comments made by Barriw Chairman about scrapping dual reg and SL clubs putting reserve teams in League 1 Could benefit development teams but I don’t think you want more than 12 teams in League 1 so would have to form a League 2
  6. Mr Plow

    Where do Leeds go now?

    That would be a very rugby league thing to do and look very amateurish, just making it up as they go along. All the clubs knew they could be relegated when they votes it in. I don’t think Leeds or Wigan will finish bottom, only 4 teams have never been relegated in the history of the sport (Leeds, Wigan, Warrington and Catalans)
  7. Mr Plow

    Where do Leeds go now?

    IMO halfbacks are the main issue, I think Myler would play better alongside McGuire or a proper stand off, not a Moon (centre) or Lolohea (centre). I think Leeds should have kept McGuire and gone all out to sign Widdop for next season. Briscoes has his moments at Leeds but I don’t think he’s ever reached his full potential The club hasn’t had a contingency plan for post golden generation and haven’t learnt lessons from 2016.
  8. 1 win in 8, can’t keep hold of a winning position Next 5 games: Cas (H) Hull KR (A) Huddersfield (H) Wakefield (A) Hull KR (H)
  9. Typical Leeds, good first 20 then just sit back and let Catalans get level
  10. But how will they be funded? There will be less money in Championship next year and I can’t see someone bankrolling them in lower leagues for long, it can’t be cheap running a transatlantic sports team.
  11. Maybe not, but how long can they afford to be outside of SL for?
  12. Mr Plow

    Shaun Edwards

    I think Wigan have been naive in thinking that Edwards’ head wouldn’t be turned after the 6 Nations. They should have made him sign a contract as soon as he agreed to become head coach then announce it. Looks very bad of both Wigan and Edwards now. This could be damaging for Wigan in the long run now, they have nothing in place for 2020, unless Lam turns Wigan’s fortunes around and signs a longer contract
  13. So will Ottawa be receiving central funding seeing as they’re taking the place of Hemel? I can’t see someone bankrolling a team of Canadians in League 1 for long
  14. Found another picture of the proposed redevelopment that shows buildings on what is now the car park. Interesting it doesn’t show the house next to the stadium, I can’t imagine that is part of the freehold
  15. Remember when Wimpy Burger and the bowling alley was there? I think original plans had apartments/ student accommodation next to the stadium. As for ground sharing, I can’t see another football team taking off in Wakefield. Osset Town and Osset Albion mergered due to money, resources and support.