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  1. He also said Richard West and his team who run the club's lottery. It is unbelievable what they do for Workington Town week in and week out to keep funding coming into the club anyone know what is going on with the lottery play it week in week out even though not seen a result from it on the site since 29th July!
  2. cant fault the effort of the players yesterday, but not sure we would have scored if we played all night
  3. Best wishes Keith, always enjoy our chats on the town, thanks for the update Mark
  4. how bad has our pitch become everytime it rains on matchday could be off?
  5. Sounds like we could have another one! Could all supporters please be advised there will be a pitch inspection at 1pm. The pitch was fine at 11am but there is currently standing water in some areas. An update will be issued once the inspection has taken place.
  6. So how many teams will be relegated from the Championship this season? 4? 5? 6?
  7. Game now Sunday 30th June 3pm
  8. When you go onto the World Cup website and click Workington under venues it has a picture of that effort of a stand at Borough Park lol Good old rugby league for ya
  9. Think Lupton will play 13 nxt season