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  1. Andrew Vause


    I can't get my breath mate. Happy New Year Rob.
  2. Andrew Vause


    Words fail me mate. It used to be so funny on here.
  3. Andrew Vause


    I've heard he's signing for Daryl, he's been spotted at the jungle. There's a headline in the P&C ' Minga seen in Castleford'
  4. Andrew Vause

    Darrell Griffin

    You'd have thought he'd have paid cash anyway for the fish rather than use visa.
  5. Andrew Vause

    Darrell Griffin

    Does anyone know what species of Fish were in that order?
  6. Andrew Vause


    When Dave Hartley scored that try he created history as the first sub to score in a Wembley Cup final. In 1974 Dave Hartley started at left centre and John Newlove played stand off after Peter Fox had fallen out with Mel Mason on the eve of the Warrington game. Anyway enough from me for another year, byes y bye.
  7. Andrew Vause

    R.I.P Steve Evans

    I was going to comment on this. It was the 1980/81 boxing day 5-2 win at Leeds. He beat Neil Hague easily in a length of the field chase, and immediately spewed up at the side of the posts.
  8. Andrew Vause

    R.I.P Steve Evans

    The first of the new generation of great players after the mid 70s side. A product of Normanton school. I believe he was Gary Siddall's brother- in- law at one stage. Several things stick out in my memory of Steve Evans. 1) Shaun Edwards phaaa. This man was a magician as a teenager. 2) Play anywhere in the back line. Illustrated in Nov 82 when Steve scored the only Great Britain try v the Aussie invincibles at Headingley, on the left wing. 3) The first player to win the Challenge Cup after being knocked out of it. 1982 He played for Featherstone in the preliminary round defeat at Hull KR, only to win the Cup with Hull 3 months later at Elland Rd. A natural athlete who was a most gifted Rugby player. He was Featherstone's record breaking sale before Paul Newlove. I spoke to Steve on several occasions and found him quite a guarded person, however he let his performance on the field do the talking. Sad to see any decent person pass away at an old age but the sadness is compounded when such an athlete is taken at such a relatively young age.
  9. Just read this. That game you refer to was October 1993. Fev won a scrum against the head in the last minute and Neil, as you said scored to win the game. However, that wasn't the last time Featherstone defeated Leeds. In March 94 Rovers won comfortably at Headingley ca. 35-10. They played in Orange the highlights were on Sky that night. It was one of Iva Ropati's first games of his 2nd spell, he was contracted to replace the injured Currier.
  10. Andrew Vause


    2 Aussie coaches to my knowledge Steve's Martin and Simms. Ian Fairhurst was from the other side of the pennines.
  11. Andrew Vause

    Andy Kain

    Thank You Robin.
  12. Andrew Vause

    Andy Kain

    If I may say a few words about Andy Kain. As a kid he was exceptional at RU RL and soccer. He played I believe for the Leeds Rhinos academy as a kid but things didn't workout Andy more than anybody knows why that was. As a Featherstone Rovers player he was exceptional, signed on loan from Widnes half way through 2007 he was the impetus that was needed to help Featherstone gain promotion that season. Andy's form took a dip in 2008 so much so that on a warm Sunday afternoon Andy, was walking with then wife and baby outside Halton Stadium when PJT and myself caught up with him. He told us that he'd played his last game for Rovers (The then Rovers coach Jon Sharp had been trying Thackeray in Andy's position, talk about life coming full circle) and would be leaving. I and I'm sure many others are so glad that this didn't happen and Andy gave some of the finest service of anyone who has worn those famous colours for the following 6 years. I have seen most of the Featherstone players since 1974 and though it wasn't in the top division Andy Kain is for me one of the best players of the championship in the summer era. An absolute nutter of a bloke off the field often in a nice way, sometimes he'd maybe let himself down. He always had time to speak though and he was great with the kids that came to the game and moreover he gave his best every time he stepped onto that field. Highlights for me were Andy's break down the right flank to set Tim Spears up for the opening try in the grand final. A fabulous 50 yard try v champions elect Salford in 2008 at POR. Going around his cousin Stuart at Full back and waving to him as he did this. Maybe not a highlight to be proud of but he once laid Stuart Donlan out, I have never seen someone throw 5 punches in such rapid succession. Lastly his tackling. His tackling was classic around the leg tackling, he brought many a full flowing forward down with his perfect technique. There was occasions when he was off colour like every player and he'd throw the odd pass that was intercepted, but for me he gave fantastic service and entertainment over the years I would like to thank him for that. All the best Kainy, keep out of trouble mate.
  13. Andrew Vause

    Quarter final draw

    In recent years the cup is different. Rovers did phenomenally well to beat a poor poor Cas side in 12. Rovers were outstanding that day 17 heroes. They kept with Wigan for 60 minutes a few weeks later but it was a bridge too far. I remember the most impressive Rovers Challenge cup game for many years was the class of 2010 team taking eventual winners Warrington so close at Halliwell Jones. After an hour Rovers had them on the rack but full time fitness told in the end. That is the difference now and that's why the gulf was seen in middle 8s.
  14. Andrew Vause

    Best game

    Best game in terms of beating a fancied opposition with sheer brilliance was Leeds in 1976 CC 3rd round. Something like 33-7 v Leeds at PR. Fev had already beaten a fancied Wakey and HKR at PR in the run. Fev were irresistible that day, the crowd chanting 'easy' to the Leeds following after 20 mins that day.
  15. Andrew Vause

    Farewell to Stevo

    Tis I