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  1. Best game in terms of beating a fancied opposition with sheer brilliance was Leeds in 1976 CC 3rd round. Something like 33-7 v Leeds at PR. Fev had already beaten a fancied Wakey and HKR at PR in the run. Fev were irresistible that day, the crowd chanting 'easy' to the Leeds following after 20 mins that day.
  2. Happy New Year everyone. Why can't they just leave the game alone. 21 years of tinkering as brought us no further along with progress. Instead of fat Boy Wood worrying about the backs retiring 10 meters, why doesn't he do something that will staunch the flow of teams going to the wall. Merry Christmas for next year all.
  3. Tis I
  4. To get the RL action people back you'd have to thaw out Keith Macklin.
  5. Wayne McHugh and Bryn Powell did ok.
  6. If you mean his second try he was running wide in a left centre channel in the classic 2nd row position. He beat Keith Bridges a 5ft 9 bald headed hooker not Steve Evans a 6ft 2 with wavy brown haired centre with a moustache.Both tries were vital. The first being an outside burst from short range on a dummy scissors penalty move with the would be tackler being Paul Prendiville.
  7. No, but everyone on the forum knows who it is!
  8. So sad to hear of Steve's passing. Thank you Steve for giving me and many others our greatest sporting moment. Not only a reliable loyal clubman a thoroughly nice man. I remember we were beaten by a 2nd division Salford in the preliminary round of the challenge cup. It was an extremely bitterly cold midweek night at the Willows in early 85. Our coach was stranded in the mud we couldn't get home but the players allowed us to travel home on their coach. I sat next to Steve all way home he was a fantastic gent and made this then very awestruck 18 year old very happy. You will never be forgotten Steve RIP.
  9. Yeah, check the rubbish the gurnard wrote about Rovers' 86 Halifax game
  10. You're welcome mate.
  11. The blonde haired winger was Kevin Meadows who was also the winger marking John Marsden in the St.Helens quarter final in 83.
  12. Correct 18 all at Fev on Wednesday night. Won at Castle in replay on Sunday aft day before my 23rd birthday. 22/10/89. It looked like Steadman had won them the game at Cas. I've a feeling Fev also won the first game of the season narrowly at Cas with Derryck Fox kicking the winning goal that day.
  13. Hi mate, recent ones in our league were/are Craig Moss, Craig Fawcett and Jonny Woodcock. All PE teachers.
  14. My favourite annoyances now are; A lot of people saying ' These ones' These obviously suffices. ' At this moment in time' oh thanks for specifying time, rather than a turning moment for instance.