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  1. 1. Brambani 2. Walker 3. Manning
  2. Was there last week, and took in the falls. They were awesome but the town itself resembles Blackpool!!
  3. Problems?
  4. 5 club representatives of the club. Check twitter for details.
  5. don't think these charged are from our game. The James Brown one is from our Swinton game the week before!
  6. It is an amazing response. The reason I ask is that one of the strengths of the fund raising efforts at Batley is that there are a range of different options which allow supporters to contribute in different ways. Also, since becoming a shareholder, and attending shareholder meetings, it struck me how important each and every penny raised is important to a club, so was wondering if all of that £1000 goes towards player sponsorship, or maybe there are other needs within the club, and who decides?
  7. This is a fantastic effort and shows what can be done with a few determined people who are willing to spend time supporting their club. Just a genuine question though. £1000+ is a brilliant effort and a huge amount of money. What will you do with it as it will allow you to sponsor a number of players. Is that your intention?
  8. 34-14. 2 tries Each for Bretherton and Scott! Oneveach for Ainscough and Crookes, 5 conversions for Walker.
  9. I think Pm has been looking rather svelte of late!
  10. Could this post be moved to the other Rochdale thread please? It just fits in better there - sorry for being a bit anal bit if not this thread will develop into that one!
  11. plenty of scraps. Crookes just scored then massive fight! Not great to watch. Crookes and one of their players sent off.
  12. A close niggly match so far. Could go either way. Second half just about to get underway.
  13. why not get together as a forum group and sponsor a player? We do it and individually it keeps the cost down.
  14. Really good job Roger. It would make sense for you to somehow access the website to put it straight on there!
  15. l went to check out our potential new RL venue in Toronto, and spent some time with the Canadian branch of the family.