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  1. distantdog

    Reiss butterworth and BISSA

    I don't understand your last sentence. Do you think you are not allowed an opinion? You could be right about our new loan player, but at least the club acted quickly to sign someone. By the way, he is being kept out of the Bradford team by a half back who would be selected in most of the teams in our division, so what division he is in may not be too important or significant.
  2. distantdog

    Love Rugby League site

    The flask is excellent, would recommend them to all supporters. The mug is on show!
  3. distantdog

    Love Rugby League site

    I have no idea - tell me!
  4. distantdog

    Love Rugby League site

    I read it as they were capable of SL, not that they are heading that way! I do not see Scott there as he simply lacks the size to play that type of rugby!
  5. distantdog

    Players Stats 2018

    I know, and so does he, he posted as such in the post before yours where you copied the stats!
  6. distantdog

    Batley Try by the Bulldogs Forum

    He's our man!!!
  7. distantdog

    Players Stats 2018

    So does Roy! Just scroll up two posts!
  8. distantdog

    Batley v Dewsbury

    Agree. He looked fresher than l have seen him for years.
  9. This! A godsend when mealtimes become like a restaurant. Or... Stir fry (anything!) 5 minutes tops but be careful you cook each serving separately!
  10. distantdog

    Film 2018

    Oh dear. That was to be our MEERKAT movie this week, probably still will be. It seems to have been on the trailer list for ever! Best of the most recent for me was Lean on Pete! A challenging watch but an outstanding performance from the young lad who plays the lead. Saw Redoubtable last week - still unsure what to think.
  11. distantdog

    Batley Bulldogs V Rochdale Hornets MOM

    1. Brambani 2. Davey 3. Rowe
  12. distantdog

    Summer Bash

    Was it ever!
  13. distantdog

    Summer Bash

    I think the Batley - Dewsbury match there last season came close to the dictionary definition of dross!
  14. There were people watching the game. I know many people on here struggle with this idea - but some people enjoy watching rugby despite it not being played by Super League sides.
  15. distantdog


    Halifax fans post on RLFans, as do other supporters of other clubs!