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  1. distantdog

    Try of the Season

    You assume they no longer want to play for us. They may have been told they were no longer required. Even if you assume correctly, l never noticed any lack of effort while they wore a Batley shirt.
  2. distantdog

    Toronto 2019

    Maybe. Just the short break this time.
  3. distantdog

    London yes

    Ithink that whichever team won, it would have been ok for RL. Despite what many think, I believe it is important that we have a successful presence in the capital, though they will have to sort out their ground. I would have been ok with Toronto going up, as they have started from the bottom and funded it themselves. They do need to get a new coach though! Like Roger,I will start saving up now!
  4. Great effort from London. What defence! I think whoever won tonight it was going to be good for RL. At last, the game has that all important RL presence in the top division. Am not sure how it can work, but the game has to ensure that London somehow stay there. As for Toronto, a new coach needed, but I am ok with it as I will be there next year again to watch my team, but will be rooting for them to go up next season!
  5. distantdog

    September Try of the month

    I think the departing players did it for charity, and have a feeling that Danny Sowerby was successful.
  6. distantdog

    Batley Bulldogs

    Phil, l think there are some of your names are on the list at the beginning of the thread, including Cowling. I would like to see him given a run out as a wide running second rower.
  7. Exactly. What if Leigh turn up with a team full of ringers and turn you over? The whole thing is a quagmire! What might concern your club even more are the issues of preparation and how much this has affected Featherstone's ability to prepare for a decent potential trophy winning day. How many supporters will have been put off attending now? How much have Featherstone spent on resources based on a potential final attendance? I really think that Leigh need to face some kind of sanction after this debacle!
  8. distantdog

    Batley Bulldogs

    Me too! Hope the dentures were ok Rog!
  9. distantdog

    WOW, try of the season

    Just finishing ROGER! Colin, couldn't agree more. Same thing for Galbraith, having a bit of pace on his outside seems to have transformed him.
  10. distantdog

    Batley Bulldogs

    So who are the unknowns now this season has finished? Chandler? Holland? Bravo? Hemingway? Cowling?
  11. distantdog

    WOW, try of the season

    Agree Roger. We have seen some decent tries these past few matches. Just shows what a bit of craft and pace can do.
  12. distantdog


    The actual quote was 'At the moment it is proposed our money from the TV deal will be reduced by almost £17000 which is not what we were expecting even last week.' Your questions (and assumed answers) about the benefits are irrelevant to this. The 'our' clearly refers to the share allotted to Batley and all other clubs from the agreement previously discussed ad nauseum on this forum, so again is irrelevant and simply seems to be a well trodden path of trying to justify an already agreed arrangement. My reading of the notes in the programme were that they were aimed at the supporters and other stakeholders who contribute to the financial well being of the club - a rallying call if you will, in order to maximise incomes for next season in order to ensure the continued financial well being of the club. I agree with you that it will be interesting to see how the Championship clubs approach their corporate exposure post 2021.
  13. distantdog

    Bulldogs V Lions shield game MOM thread

    Brambani Scott Jouffret
  14. distantdog

    Batley v Swinton

    Agree Swinton were poor. They never seemed to really go for it despite what was at stake. Defence was outstanding today. They had a lot of sets on our line but other than the one try, didn't look like breaking us down. We looked really dangerous in attack, with Jouffret's presence seeming to release the creativity in Brambani, and when he plays well, the whole team responds. Galbraith seems like a new player with Campbell next to him, and I think Smeaton looks the part at last!
  15. distantdog

    Leigh home

    Undoubtedly true, as underlined by KN's jokey (but serious) comments pre-match today. However, it is all relative! I suspect we have several small but important income streams that would be the envy of several teams in our division, as well as decent sponsorship and hospitality contributions. Also ominous were KN's programme notes stating a significant reduction in funding for next season already! The start of a slippery slope I fear.