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  1. He is back

    Well l hope he comes up to the Mount and sticks all of these comments down the throats of the posters. Welcome back and good luck.
  2. Shirt Sponsorship

    Shirt sponsorship still open for business.
  3. Tommy Holland

    Yes. It was his suggested move for Flanagan to drop the goal in the semi at Fev, as they would be expecting Black or Moore to take it. I remember the interview well.
  4. Tommy Holland

    Touchy Graham. I think the point was better to invest time and finance into a young lad rather than someone at the other end of their career. For what it is worth, l have long admired Tonks as an underrated prop at our level and would have enjoyed seeing him in our colours in the past.
  5. Shirt Sponsorship

    you're in. Hope you are ok!
  6. Shirt Sponsorship

    Great, you are again!
  7. Shirt Sponsorship

    So far ten contributors. £25 each. Hopefully more people coming forward will see this plummet or make sponsoring another shirt possible!
  8. Shirt Sponsorship

    Cheers Phil.
  9. Shirt Sponsorship

    You are! Cheers.
  10. Shirt Sponsorship

    Welcome back - you're in!
  11. 2018 Squad.

    Don't get too excited. Gale won't be turning out for you anytime soon! All DR arrangements always suit one of the teams - regardless of which teams are in 'partnership.'
  12. Shirt Sponsorship

    Thanks PM.
  13. Shirt Sponsorship

    Cheers BB. I make that £40 each now!
  14. Shirt Sponsorship

    Thanks Roger and Leedsdog. We are at £50 each currently.
  15. Shirt Sponsorship

    Cheers you two. You are in the little black book!