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  1. With the exception of Walker, it seems to me to be the strongest squad we can put out if it is true that Reittie and Ainscough are injured. Not expecting too much from Hitchcox as it is early for his return but it is good to see him on the squad! Apologies to BB! Your post appeared as l was posting - didn't realise that Walker was injured!
  2. 1. Haven't they said how they expect us to get back into the top 4? I have heard the chairman state on more than one occasion what his expectations are! The issue might be PH making his statement about us not needing to get into the top 4! I think that he was talking about the financial situation rather than the playing situation! 2. Which players don't appear to be playing for the team? I see players working hard, but getting frustrated, presumably because they are struggling with the system they are struggling to get right coupled with the fact that they are professionals who like winning and aren't. 3. I think your final part is correct, we are up against it in terms of full-time against part time, but, l also think we have a right to have high expectations. Last season we certainly bucked the system, and are right to expect to carry on in that way! Personally l have no interest in MD being sacked! It won't happen, and l think he will be given time to get it right! Anyway, a win on Sunday will make us all feel better.
  3. Lillycrop Hallett Day
  4. Which matches have you based this analysis on Phil?
  5. Which one?
  6. Ooh and me!
  7. Are you speaking on behalf of yourself or the players there Phil? Actually, I think there have been some successes so far this season! Our centres have been great in my opinion of course. Our forwards have improved since the opening match of the season, with our second row playing well generally, Manning and Farrell have been standouts for me this season. I think Rowe has had a patchy start to the season and not the cornerstone of our pack at the moment! While I would play Reittie, he had an utter shocker in Toulouse and is defensively suspect! Lots of opinions about the team Phil and dogtor, not all agreeing with you!
  8. I disagree with this. I think the problem is we are trying to be too unpredictable. It feels at times that we are trying to score from every play the ball. We certainly weren't predictable against Rochdale. My issue is that we don't show enough patience, hold onto the ball long enough, not build pressure over a number of tackles, with any consistency!
  9. No lack of effort at Dewsbury. Too easy to say that when we lose! We lacked the guile to break down their defence! l think London will be a little too strong for us - despite seemingly having the same issues as us this season.
  10. Because right now it is a rumour as you stated! Should the website post rumours so we do not have to rely on other sources for them? l agree that the website is poor but replying to rumour from supporters of other clubs should not be a part of it.
  11. Kear didn't last year but he did when he first came. l remember losing at Swinton when half the first team were sat in the stand behind us. l agree, best team at all times!
  12. In that case, who does he pick for Monday? Brambani had a poor game against Rochdale - but people objected to him being rested! I think you pick what you think is the best team for the style of play you want, and then show some faith in them! If they get injured or are exhausted, then make changes! We are not in SL and do not have a big enough squad of equal quality, nor are familiar enough with what MD wants to be able to rest players and expect others to slot in with no drop in quality!
  13. Is it a necessity? Some support the club by paying into BISSA, some into the hugely successful war chest initiative. Many sponsor players! As is the same at your club l am sure, there are many ways to support our club which does not involve buying a season ticket.
  14. Diskin won't go, nor should he, far too early! However, as l said before the Dewsbury match, his policy of squad rotation only stands on results.It hasn't worked so he needs to reassess his approach. I don't mind a different approach to the type of rugby we are playing, if he has the players to play that way! If we have those players, stick with them. Yesterday, we looked lost, without a method of playing! Oh and l'll be there too!
  15. It is on the TotalRL website, alongside the try that Lillycrop scored. Just out of interest, would you pay for access to match videos through the website?