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  1. distantdog

    Dual reg

  2. distantdog

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    He didn't claim that! He was talking about belief in a country that allows such things under their watch!
  3. distantdog

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    No, he was claiming that these things were already happening. Aren't they?
  4. distantdog

    Featherstone v Batley match thread

    Walters is a Featherstone player Phil, signed on this week. Which further highlights the difference between the two teams.
  5. distantdog

    Featherstone v Batley match thread

    They just have too much quality across the park with the make-up of that squad. We need to drastically improve our level of performance from last Sunday to stop it being a thumping.
  6. distantdog

    Featherstone v Batley match thread

    The question related to council funding. To my knowledge, the local council have not been forthcoming lately with offers of funding. You Dewsbury speccies really do seem to have some kind of fixation with our turnstiles. I know life is dull over on the dark side, but you need to move on.
  7. distantdog

    Featherstone v Batley match thread

    Not Council funded. All owned, developed and improved by the club and supporters.
  8. distantdog

    Batley v Barrow MOM thread

    Manning Ward Brambani
  9. distantdog

    Game day?

    Very disappointed yesterday. Thing is, Diskin was right what he said on Radio Leeds and was right to be angry. So many individual errors. Three of their four tries were preventable just by cutting errors out! Another interception, a slip by the only man within ten metres of the ball and a horrendous missed one on one tackle! We seem to want to score on every tackle. What happened to playing a sensible set immediately after scoring a try? We don't seem to want to build pressure, especially playing downhill. Barrow had a decent game plan and stuck to it, a superior kicking game and plenty of enthusiasm. Well done to them. But we should be capable of more. Thought the forwards were ok, especially Manning and Ward. Leak needs more respite in the next game, and Wood was completely wasted by our tactics, especially in the second half. Talk of dropping Brambani and pairing Yates with Jouffret is nonsense. Jouffret was really poor, even ignoring the interception pass. At least Brambani showed some desire to break the line, and ran at the defence. I suppose one plus is I might save on the War Chest this season! Oooh feel better now that I got that off of my chest!
  10. distantdog

    Lewis bienek

    If it doesn't work we could be in a bit of a vole as far as recruitment is concerned!
  11. distantdog

    Rochdale away

    I refer to your spiritual leader's comments - two bald men fighting over acomb!
  12. distantdog

    BISSA needs YOU !

    Same for me. Booked a Superbreak holiday for my son through easyfundraising. £15+. Easy! So many more options than just Amazon!
  13. Sorry DD paying towards Greg's kitchen completely out of my mind. PM me quick and,I'll write the cheque NOW!

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    2. distantdog



      Whatever suits you really.I am down on Sunday, and will be in the lounge before the match as usual.



    3. phildog


      I'm working but son in law might be there, if he's going I'll give him it and get him to find you. If he isn't then I'll post it.

    4. distantdog


      No problem. If you give it to your son in law, I believe I sat next to him at the sponsors evening. Tell him that was me!

      Take care


  14. distantdog

    Batley v barrow predictions

    Like Roger, l would be happy with a win. A one point margin would be enough for me. Many pundits have suggested that they will finish higher than us, and they have spent on some overseas talent so l assume will be no pushovers.
  15. distantdog

    The Youth of Today

    Taught to a year 5 class just before Christmas. May not be taught in Canada but certainly is here.