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  1. distantdog

    Dewsbury sunday

    On a vaguely related point, great to see the hospitality offer sold out for this match. Hopefully it might encourage more people to take it up.
  2. distantdog

    Dewsbury sunday

    Yup! A really important game this as the teams behind us are within ne or two points. Every place important for funding for next season.
  3. distantdog

    Championship 8s deal

    Thanks. Will try to get down as early as l can.
  4. distantdog

    Championship 8s deal

    Does anyone know who l can get in touch with to get one. I can't pay for it or collect it until Sunday though.
  5. distantdog

    Attendances over the last three seasons.

    I assume this means me! Explain why l am seen as deluded.
  6. distantdog

    Attendances over the last three seasons.

    What's the derr for? It is a table of attendances. Where did l state it was about how much people paid to get in? There were that many through the gate. Why pretend there wasn't? Should we ignore the London attendance because it was discounted too?
  7. distantdog

    Attendances over the last three seasons.

    Why not? The attendance was the number of people there. Would you rather we just counted the 500 who might have turned up for a normal fixture against them?
  8. distantdog

    Attendances over the last three seasons.

    Well of course. However l applaud the Sheffield and London initiatives as both brought decent gates that brought people to our ground.
  9. distantdog

    Content to be also rans

    Not hung up but clearly it is desirable to have a full stadium rather than an empty one for so many reasons. At a club like ours, the supporter base is a source of a great deal of revenue, from the war chest, Bissa and the half time draw. Equally, having a decent atmosphere adds to the match experience.
  10. Thought I would do a litle research on attendances as I think the general perception on here from many (including myself) is that attendances are dwindling. https://rugbyl.blogspot.com/ Considering that Hull KR and Bradford left our division to be replaced by Toronto and Barrow, one could argue that attendances have stayed relatively stable since 2016!
  11. distantdog

    Content to be also rans

    I think it will probably be harder as the two clubs who appear to be coming up seem to be stronger than those who appear to be going down. As for players leaving, of the four mentioned in another thread, I would be sad to see Davey and Rowe go. I would prefer Davey to Leak, and think Rowe has been our best prop this year. My point is that everyone has a different opinion of different players, who we should retain or release. This would include the coach. So bound to be annoyance at rumours like this. However player turnover is a natural part of any club's development - let's see who comes into the club for next season. I do agree with one of Phildog'S points, in that l would hope some of the players mentioned do not move sideways as some of them have potential to go further in the game particularly within a full-time environment.
  12. distantdog

    Film 2018

    Went to see 'Leave no trace' last week. Utterly outstanding and l bawled. As good as 'Three billboards.' So as a light hearted response to this my good lady and I went to watch MI:Fallout. Really enjoyed it for all the reasons stated above. Cannot wait for Meg! Making the most of our MEERKAT movies and now delighted to have meerkat meals!
  13. distantdog

    Batley v Swinton

    I thought it was Bracek claimed he was bitten but he was maybe doing it on behalf of Hansen. I think they claimed Brambani was the biter but could not be sure.
  14. distantdog

    Bissa signing

    You tease Colin!
  15. distantdog

    Batley V Swinton MOM thread

    Day - such a powerful runner Harrison - see above, plus his try at the start of the second half was an outstanding individual effort. Brown - Should always play LF