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  1. Some of the scariest peopleI know worked in Primary Schools! I don't think that your masculinity is linked to the phase of education you work in. I think I am just a normal bloke, worked 30 years in education, despise aggression and conflict in any form, but find as I get older I stand up to it more. I occasionally find myself intimidated by those I consider intellectually powerful, regardless of gender or size. I am not sure what an overly manly man is!
  2. I was impressed by Swinton in our recent game. They are a small side, so play a fast mobile game. It will be an interesting match up of contrasts between your forwards and their backs.
  3. Blimey. There must be something more to this than just team performance. He has stuck with them, and despite everything, they have only lost twice this season in the league!
  4. I watched the whole of Seinfeld and can't remember that scene!!
  5. Smeaton, lots of good things besides the tackle Campbell, a really good first half Butterworth, didn't lose anything when he came on to replace Leak, added a kicking dimension to our game. Also thought all the props had strong games.
  6. I thought Dewsbury were solid in defence for a good hour, but woefully lacking in attacking ideas. How many of your team are academy players at other clubs or indeed young lads signed on for you? They just needed leading, and Finn wasn't that man today. I think you are desperately missing Sykes to lead and provide that attacking spark. It could be a two way fight now with Barrow for that other relegation spot, but I sincerely hope you turn it around.
  7. It did, but other than that thought he had an excellent game. He did lots of hard work in defence, including runs out of defence. Scott seemed to let lots of balls bounce this week, unusually. Ainscough was a good club man, did lots of hard work, good positioning and always tried his hardest, but was well past his best when he joined us.
  8. Pathetic and childish. Before we chose to leave them, they were our neighbours and co-workers. When we chose to leave them, we made them competitors. From memory, I do believe they were even referred to as enemies. Leavers set the tone of the discussion and any future relationship.
  9. No! BB is one of the good ones.
  10. Apologies to everyone (especially KN)for being a miserable #### yesterday. I was in the middle of a perfect storm of Leeds Utd losing, the ticketing system being annoying, and trying to sort out a troublesome builder!! As ever, people from our great club have gone that extra mile to help me and others who can't get tickets. However, I am now only calm until the next time I try to use the system to get a ticket. I will ensure I try to talk to someone at the club before I try to get a ticket rather than after!
  11. I don't want you to have to deal with this, nor should you whether on hols or not. By paying on the gate, do l get the season ticket discount? If not, why would l pay on the gate? How does that help my club? The technology should make things easier. It doesn't for me so it is pointless as far as l am concerned and self defeating. Hope you are enjoying your hols.
  12. Unfortunately l won't be going! After spending a number of hours wrestling with the website to get tickets, and failing, l have given up. I am sick to death of the system having to constantly re register, despite being a season ticket holder, l have had enough.
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