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  1. Onto Fev

    Not providing the money balls and money plays certainly is not the same as not earning their money. I think our half backs have been OK this season in the matches l have seen - only OK with some improvement to go yet mind.
  2. Onto Fev

    I think the point about Leak is probably correct. I like him and Davey swapping as they both offer different things to us.
  3. Onto Fev

    When did Diskin say they weren't earning their money?
  4. Batley v Leigh Cup Match

    A great effort. Both teams deserve medals for playing in those conditions. Leigh seemed to have a bit extra at the end but fantastic defensive effort from us.
  5. Do we know...

  6. Toronto

    Where is it? Will you be hip enough for a Toronto backpacking establishment?
  7. Toronto

    Are you flying from Manchester?
  8. Larndan Broncos V Batley Bulldogs MOM

    Yup. I accept that totally. And they have stuffed some decent teams this season, especially at home. And even in our Super 8 season we got a beating there. However, if we expect to be up there this season, just feel we need to be more competitive against the top teams away. But as l said before, l didn't go today so accept l might be wrong with my comments.
  9. Larndan Broncos V Batley Bulldogs MOM

    Sort of but it is predictable isn't it? We always seem to capitulate down there. Is losing by 50+ points acceptable? I didn't go this time so obviously can't comment on today's performance, but how come this usually happens against them? If we think, as a team, that we should be competing for that top six place, we surely need to be more competitive against the top sides.
  10. batley v london broncos - match offer

  11. Scotty

    Agreed. Decent enough re-signing.
  12. batley v london broncos - match offer

    I saw it on facebook! Both farrells in the squad, no Gledhill, Ward, Leak or Manning!
  13. Try of month

    My two favourite tries weren't even included. They were almost identical and both scored by Scott. They involved the delayed passes, one by Walker and one by Brown, with the passes so effective that Scott literally had walk-ins both times. Mind the one above was a great team try and a worthy winner.
  14. Fax

    I agree. While a win would be great, l would just be happy with a competitive performance. I think showing a bit of fight against the top four these last couple of seasons has been sadly lacking. Drubbings have become a little predictable.
  15. Disgusting

    Quite! Never leave home without one!