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  1. Shirt Sponsorship

    Hi all! Just an update on the shirt sponsorship! Sorry I have not updated more often but have been otherwise indisposed due to a few hospital visits over the last three weeks or so! First of all, thank you to those who have sent payment so far! I will confirm via PM on here next week all payments received! For anyone who has not paid, don't worry! I will accept payment at anytime, and will pass on the money to Paul Harrison later in the month or even into the new year! I have in the past, taken payment at the friendly matches so no probs on that score! Last season's shirt was raffled at the shirt presentation evening! All contributor's from last season were entered in a draw witnessed by two forum members (and contributors) and drawn by James Harrison himself. The winner was Thomas, my son, and for the second season in a row! Apologies for that, I am rather embarrassed by that, however it was fair and he has contributed from the start so I have to be fair to him! Thanks anyway, and hopefully catch up with some of you soon!
  2. Utterly fantastic game! Nothing beats the intensity of International RL. Nothing in it, genuinely, but as said after the last number of competitions, how do we build on this?
  3. Why did we spend £10k......

    It would do if you in anyway resembled a human being!!
  4. Thank you, and yes! I have just left hospital after a 4 day stay, where I was treated and looked after by a wonderful team of professionals. Miracles every day!!
  5. Currently, XX&*%ng kidney stones!
  6. Why did we spend £10k......

    I think that the electronic scoreboard should be far more than a scoreboard, and should be used as a source of sponsorship, advertising etc. If the above enables the electronic one to be used more creatively, I have no problem with it!
  7. 2018 Squad.

    Good lad. Let's hope he can stay injury free!
  8. Shirt Sponsorship

    Hello all, a change of plans. Cannot make it tomorrow so if you were going to pass on your contribution l can't get it. I will however definitely be there for the shirt launch so can collect cash then or at anytime up to the new year and beyond so no rush. Colin, l will hand over my £5 contribution to you next Friday if that is ok- that's a promise!
  9. New Website

    Actually Roger, ours is looking none too shabby at the moment, which makes the faact that it was abandoned and derelict during the season even more annoying!
  10. Shirt Sponsorship

    Sorry, unavoidably busy! Messages on the way! If anyone wants to pay cash, I will be at the BISSA function on Thursday, and will also be in attendance at any other functions before now and Boxing Day!
  11. Shirt Sponsorship

    OK, I am now using today as the deadline day! We have 17 sponsors who will be contributing £14.70 each. I will be contacting each member individually through the private message system on here to confirm the amount and discuss payment options. Thank you once again for all those who volunteered! As suggested, for those who contributed last season, I will conduct the draw for James' shirt at the BISSA function on thursday! Thanks DD
  12. Will Maher

    I think this is fair! He is a young man playing in a tough position in a tough division. We got him at the very beginning of his professional career, and l am sure he will improve! If a coach as good as Powell rates him, then l think he is doing ok.
  13. Shirt Sponsorship

    That's brilliant thanks.
  14. Shirt Sponsorship

    We are currently at £15.62. This weekend l will be contacting people with details for payment. I also intend to be at the BISSA evening on the 16th to collect contributions if necessary.
  15. Kev nic and winner

    Yes, l should have said the same about Andy Winner and his family. Both his dad and Grandad worked with my dad for the supporters club. They have all played a huge part in our club's past and present.