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  1. no prob. If l don't l will put in the extra anyway, then just deposit it when l get it.
  2. Just to say I will be handing the money over this Sunday! I have asked for James Harrison, but personally I do not mind. I quite like our short tradition of sponsoring those players who may be new to the club and might not be everyone's first choice to sponsor. When decided, I will inform everyone via here! If you have not paid your contribution, I will be in the lounge before the match!
  3. Agree! Bringing in Todd Carney too! Sounded a bit of a boom or bust approach, spend a fortune on so called top - class players, no doubt on decent salaries, to turn things around.What could go wrong? Sounds like just the approach Bradford need.
  4. Thanks, will be in touch when it arrives!
  5. I agree. The past was The Gallant Youths, and we should be proud of that. However, the future is the Bulldogs. I have seen how children respond to Battler and the Bulldog name - I think, rightly, it is here to stay!
  6. And the same to you Roger. Hope to catch up with you soon into the new year!
  7. Phildog, no message in my inbox. I replied to you immediately. Can you reply again? Edit: have sent you a new message
  8. I would agree with this total. It reminded me of the attendance we had against Leigh for the first match of last season.
  9. I went through a gate, paid my money and it clicked! I still have no idea whether half my money went to Batley, Dewsbury or elsewhere!
  10. I am not so sure. What he showed was that if needed he will be a decent replacement for Scott, but l don't think he is ready to displace him at this stage.
  11. Minikin was never a 'former Batley back.' He was at Batley on DR. He actually went to Castleford from York! Simple research!
  12. This is, i am sure,true. But is there a legal requirement to publish those attendance figures, or just to record them? I am sure that you have noted the trend of late for clubs to fail to publicly declare attendance figures. This seemed to become prevalent last season. Oh and l am not defending this practise, as l personally like to see them published, including from my own club! I also think that despite protestations, there are many assumptions being made on here, one of which is that the spectators were not counted systematically at the match!
  13. Your bi-annual 'Batley are fiddling the gate' posts are a sure sign of the coming new year and most welcome.
  14. Sent you a private message. Would rather you didn't send it via club, explained why in the PM. Thanks
  15. They don't match my eyes!