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mick wilson

Todays Championship playoffs

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:lol: That just suggests what a saddo you really are, anyone can copy n paste something said from another thread / board / whereever to try and fit it in with your ramblings :lol:

You seem to live & breath WRLFC which is fine, but unhealthy if you have nothing else in life :( , for your health, please try to let it go before it kills you, be happy, enjoy the SL RL 2012

99.9% of BRLFC followers understand only to well we dont fit the criterium of the franchise requirments, you repeatedly accuse me of not being one of them which amuses me no end, carry on & on & on if you so desire but your making yourself appear even more derainged & suffering a obsessive compulsive disorder as you convince yourself that everyone hates Widnes, everyone is jelous of Widnes, everyone wants to be Widnes etc

At the end of the day , Its just a RL message board where folk let off steam, swap stories, debate stats/results etc.

You take it wayyyyyyy to seriously.

I Will admit of being part of the problem for I enjoy baiting certain types, guess its a fault of my personallity.

Chill out as absofreakinloutly nothing on here has any relevence at Red Hall and will change nothing in the minds those in charge of our shared love BRITISH RUGBY LEAGUE.


I don't take this board seriously at all. It's easy to read something how you want to read it. Now going on prolonged rants and posting half in capitals and emoticons would give the impression that you do take the board seriously.

Olive branch taken.

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Now you're both out of the play-offs you can sepend your time arguing while the Eagles move on to Halifax :P

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