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Batley Bob

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Well it grew by one yesterday

a guy from Sweden came up to BISSA stall , he was over from Sweden , on his own , to watch Leeds Utd , and whilst here decided to take in his first ever rl game and chose Batley , he stayed with me for rest of day , I think he liked Batley-as this is what he put on Fb 


Thank you Batley bulldogs!


This day will be something that I will remember for my whole life. 

The friendly atmosphere will be something that I never will forget.


You got a new life long supporter in Sweden!


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38 minutes ago, fredm said:

Did you give him a BISSA form Bob?

He bought a Keep the Faith t shirt though. He couldn't get over the atmosphere; opposition fans stood and drinking together.  I shook his hand at the end and he said " When I come again I will check LeedsUtd and Batley fixtures, and I will plan it to definitely cone back. It's been brilliant Thank you "


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he came and sat with us for a while in tommo stand, he were asking if you can tackle there nice  happy fella and nat filled him in with the rules a bit.

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Hahahaha, I never got this kind of welcome when I travelled from Hamburg to Toulouse last year. Although actually thats not completely true. I did get to meet some wonderful new folk that I had known previously only from the forum, and I also had a good chat with Kevin.

Being serious though now, these are great stories. The comments by the chap from Sweden are wonderful. And that really is what it's all about

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