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    Not really shocking. See the circa 11,874 posts on this subject by The Parksider
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    Thank you Les for having the pleasure of watching you at Naughton Park and of course Wembley. I know I speak for all Widnes and RL fans far and wide RIP fella
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    If they’re not allowed in it would be disgusting behaviour given how much time and money they’ve invested into the game so far. In fact I’d probably stop watching SL.
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    You only have to read one,the other 11,873 are the same post.
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    If they have survived for 3 years in League 1 and the Championship with the income generated there then I'm sure they can survive in Super League.
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    Fantastic season: https://rugbyl.blogspot.com/2019/04/uk-championship-attendances-2019.html Attendances through the roof.
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    Nothing to do with that, just think York Widnes bulls all visited in numbers fev and fax came in the warmer months
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    To be fair he's won a lot more games than he's lost for us and I don't think anyone was under any illusion about what we were getting. He's not really a Cooper Cronk style half is he and if you're going to have him in the team you need to accept the brain farts!
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    If Toronto are indeed not going to get their share of central funding then surely the 'problem' solves itself Simply put their £1.85 aside, use it to fund the travel to and from Toronto and any other necessary expenses. Job done. Or do the SL clubs fancy divvying up that 1/12th amongst themselves for which they do have previous form (see Bradford 2013)
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    There may be no hard evidence but RL has a track record of moving the goal posts at a late stage of the season. Keighley were denied entry to the top flight and the club has never recovered from that set back. I wouldn't put it past them to block TWP on logistical grounds, despite letting them compete in the lower divisions without issue. The outrage and discussion is precisely because it wouldn't surprise many of us on this forum if SL pulled such a stunt.
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    Quite. This is a huge moment for Toronto, but a hige moment for SL too. If it blows up in year 1 it would be a disaster. I don't blame Elstone for seeking reasonable assurances. No idea what DD they've asked for but a viable business plan with committed funding is the least a competent governing body would be asking for given the greater than usual risk of this venture.
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    I've thought that for a while. I like Sezer and Hull certainly do need a general.
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    Are Toronto getting a share of the Sky money or operating without any central funding like they have in the championship and league 1? I'm sure Elstone and the rest of the SL chairmen would rather the sky money be split 11 ways instead of 12?
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    They did it, AT LAST. After 882 days, and 74 games Fort William finally won a League game 1-0 at home to Clachnacuddin. In August they won a North of Scotland Cup game 5-2 v Nairn after 840 days without any kind of win. They are on a roll now. OK, admittedly the FWFC team that won had 9 players on loan from Inverness Caledonian Thistle, but a win is a win, 12th April 2017 was their last League win
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    Got a Job Interview next Wednesday with AXA/PPP as a Customer service representative in Tunbridge Wells. I REALLY want this job, it sounds great. Blue chip company, good package. Plus I can walk to Warrior Square Station, 45 mins later I am in TW, and 5 mins walk to work.
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    Assume they’d have to pay a £500k bond next year to enter SL as a result of not taking enough fans to OT!! On a serious note, it would be great!
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    I always ask the receptionist what they thought and use their answers in my assessment. And because I know that happens, I am always very nice to the receptionists whenever I'm about to be interviewed.
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    This season, I thought LG invested what little money there was in quantity rather than quality (some of the signings disappearing on the strength of one friendly), as indeed did some of his predecessors. I hope that our limited resources this year are invested in quality, particularly if we intend to continue relying on loans/DR to pad the squad out.
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    Disgusting if it was to happen. Funnily enough I was reading animal farm earlier. You know, "all animals are equal but some more equal than others". "all rugby league teams have equal chance of being promoted but some more chance than others". What's the point of bringing back P&R if the team to go up is just gonna be handpicked anyway? Let's wait and see.
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    Well put post - I feared some Salford bashing when I saw the thread title but you've put your point forward well. Nothing wrong with dreaming big - that's what it is all about as the supporter of one of the 'smaller' clubs. If it happened I'd think this would be the best chance we'd ever have to attract investment. We'd also be likely to pull in some stay away fans and some fresh faces on an earlier timeline than we would without a decent run in the playoffs. It would also give us some funds to help us add one or two to the squad for next season - we could still do with a little creativity/flair to balance the loss of JH. On a personal note, it would finally eclipse the 1996 Wigan Challenge Cup win as my greatest moment as a Salford fan.
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    So much for the "expansion of the game" then ? There's hope yet for Oldham, Rochdale and Swin..oops, Manchester !
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    Any excuse for Elstone and his gang of three to deny TWP they will use. Appalling if it happens.
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    Elstone is trying to juice the Wolfpack for money...its an outright fraud attempt...is the same reason with Rimmer and the Ottawa delay...so blatant and obvious...then they try to cover it up with some pasty story...pathetic. Okay Super League, now put the round in the chamber...thats right now cock the trigger...you are doing so well... now put the end of the barrel of the revolver to your temple and make sure the chambered round is the next one up.....now disengage the safety....Ohhh!!!!.. they are indeed a bright pair this Rimmer/Elstone tandem.
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    Daydreaming is a pleasurable way to kill an hour or so, but daydreams very rarely come true. If Salford do make it to OT (not win the final, just get to OT!), then I will have a panic-filled 48 hours. I will have to organise return flights, a hotel room and a ticket to the game, which might prove harder than the other two. Still, I'm not panicking yet as it's only a daydream. Pleasant, though. Edit: I will also have to rearrange my Friday evening classes.
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    As a fan of the underdog I would love Salford to win it if Saints don’t, especially if it would have a knock on effect on attendances and participation in the area. Do you think it would Keev?
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    Even now I probably wouldn't back Salford at 100/1. Salford are not certainties tomorrow night never mind in a play off game. However if they did do it would rank alongside Leicester City without doubt. In any event Salford and Ian Watson deserve a great deal of credit and some plaudits for the last few seasons. They were within 30 seconds of relegation in 2016 and they have just gone on-wards ever since.
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    https://wiganwarriors.com/news/2019-09-11-warriors-agree-partnership-with-kingfisher Big brand. Great work. Doesn't mention a presence on playing strip, but nonetheless, still a great pick up by Wigan.
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    Really enjoyed both series of "Mortimer and Whitehouse Gone Fishing". Enjoyable watch on so many levels.
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    Yeah, I think we need to be careful here as if Salford overtake us and knock us into 4th, we are straight into knockout with no 2nd chances. This isn't about home advantage, as 4th actually gives us a home game, this is about 2nd chances now. There are real benefits to finishing higher under this system.
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    Wont have bigger crowds either
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    All news presenters these days seem to be @zoles. Give me the facts and f-off.
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    I think that "make or break" is very harsh. I know that survival isn't exactly aspirational or exciting but, in reality, it had to be our basic onjective in 2019 and in that he succeeded. He has said himself that just coaching for survival wouldn't satisfy his ambitions so expect him to be his own fiercest critic. The secret is in building a team, not recruiting stars, and getting that team to play as a unit with communal belief and determination, coupled with whatever skills they might have. This is LG's opportunity to do that without any fans finger-wagging before the season has even got close.
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    Maybe the Broncos could target a couple of event games at somewhere bigger? Ealing makes more sense than the remote oddity that is Dulwich. I think Ealing makes a lot of sense, the Broncos just need to persevere and put down roots.
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    Just seen on facebook that Belushis London Bridge is showing it and a few London fans will be there.
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    London to win for me. They've been a breath of fresh air this year and I've really enjoyed watching them. Good luck to them!
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    How can it not be unfair. Take this year. If HKR played at Salford and lost before London played at Wakefield then Wakey would know they were safe on points difference and that would provide an unfair advantage to London playing against a team knowing they were safe to get the win and send HKR down.
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    Saints to win by miles with Sneyd picking up his 3rd Lance Todd
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    Hoping for a London win. Looking forward to the drive up on Friday afternoon! The first away game i've travelled to in quite a few years! Come on London, looking for Butler to lead our pack around the field. Does anyone know what injuries Wakefield have? I read a report that mentioned Kirmond had to go off injured mid-way through the first half last week, is he likely to be playing?
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    Catalans have been dreadful for weeks; so I have them down as surprising us all and winning...
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    Bit of s myth this Haven all local thing, they have 6 non that I can see , both clubs have always had travellers and always will , the secret is getting the right ones and the right balance.
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    Correct. It’s not an either or scenario.
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    A brain dead comment if ever there was one
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    Hull will finish 2nd, special mention to the travelling fans there was amazing. Best in the league by none
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    I was just thinking the same myself. I've been a critic of Radford myself and had gotten to the point where I just wanted rid of him. Playing well now doesn't excuse some of the pathetic performances that we put in at times, or the losing streak or the record defeats. But you have to give credit where it's due. We look like we have put all that behind us and properly switched on now. We are playing with confidence and we look dangerous right across the field. Whatever you think of him and his methods (and there are things to criticise) he deserves alot of credit for turning a team that had lost 13 in a row into what we are seeing now. I think we can win something again this year, I really do. Hopefully it's the big one.
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    Hull will win it this season, if everyone stays fit.

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