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    It doesn’t matter at all, I try to use the best written English that I can, even in text messages I’m afraid, but that’s just me. I don’t particularly like it when people make fun of other people’s spelling or grammar which is why I find it very ironic when some people do and get it wrong themselves. I’d rather have a poorly written piece in praise of Town than a troll with perfect English.
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    It is a cold December morning at Castleford Tigers, with preparations well underway for the new season. The players are out training, the coaching staff... View the full article
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    Good thing for him and for RL french team... far better than going to Runion
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    I’ll be honest, I don’t really care. I don’t go to games to be judged by others and I don’t support the club I do based upon what the overall support is like. However, anyone who attends live sport in this day and age where sport is so much more accessible via TV deserves some credit.
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    Like when RBS went twits up and was bailed out by the taxpayer yet continued to sponsor the 6 Nations, to say my hackles were raised would be a understatement, I think I've just about stopped foaming at the mouth about that one
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    That's not correct, they only have hit a 5K average (or greater), 3x times in the past 40 years, and only 2x of those times were at the Willows. In the years 1980 - 2011 when they were at the Willows and in the 'top tier', they averaged closer to 4K. Avg. crowds below:
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    Sorry Deano. Thought forums were for discussion. We'll just go back to DR and stadium bashing then.
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    Indeed. I haven't seen a player banned for head butting since...erm...well, yesterday actually.
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    The main reason Toronto get fans is marketing and game day experience Toronto sounds like it has loads of different sports teams But they sold fans on the club and the game day experience not just the sport In sure any club could copy this and be successful
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    Us , Haven and Barrow have a big problem attracting travellers (unless we pay over the odds ) , therefore we have to run with small squads . Barrow last year had a bad time of it with injuries , as we did , and came down . Haven didn`t do too badly on that front and got promoted .A few seasons ago Town looked down and out until we signed Jarrod Sammut and he almost single handidly kept us up . The following season Jarrod missed more than half the season and we went down .Luck with injuries will more than decide what happens to our Clubs this season .
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    What a waste of tax payers money, governments should not give subsidies to private companies.
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    Gigot could give the Wolfpack a leg up.
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    Maybe they’ve given up the Chase to get Stanley a new passport
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    This is where the Brit Awards need Ray French; "That was young, errr, Mabel, I remember her mam playin' for Rip, Rig & Panic".
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    Quite willing to admit it’s me at fault and old but The Brits? Absolutely no idea who these people are. Modern popular music is utter crud.
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    I believe the Roosters are holding an open training session at Saints. Robinson certainly shows the way in selling the game and good will.
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    Have you ever been back to Perpignan railway station since your unlucky encounter with that very boring man?
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    he wouldn't play at all if I was saints coach, will make as much impact against the roosters as throwing a wet flannel at a wheelie bin , total chump
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    Have you ever met anyone as boring as that bloke on Perpignan railway station? If Hull FC start winning things again (which they haven't since you left by the way!), could you see yourself at this club for the next few years or will there always be a desire to play more footy in the NRL?
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    Sometimes there just isn't a facepalm big enough to suit the situation:
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    Yep. Agree with that. Kear doing a good job with a very young side, and a particularly young pack. No doubt, the usual suspects will come in for the latest crop of kids as the season progresses.
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    Stats- Abram-7 tackles. one offload. 9 tackle busts. one clean break. 20 carries=152m Kay-2 tackles. one tackle bust. 10 carries=70m Croft-11 tackles. 2 tackle busts. one clean break. 10 carries=93m Leeming-21 tackles. one miss. 4 carries=21m Johnson-3 tackles. one miss. 2 tackle busts. 9 carries=43m Charnock-9 tackles. 2 misses. one offload. 4 tackle busts. one clean break. 8 carries=54m Hewitt-10 tackles. one miss. one clean break. one try assist. 2 carries=13m Joy-28 tackles. one miss. 3 tackle busts. 16 carries=96m Owen-23 tackles. 2 misses. 6 carries=33m Spencer-25 tackles. 2 offloads. 2 tackle busts. 11 carries=90m Langtree-29 tackles. one miss. 2 offloads. 3 tackle busts. one try assist. 14 carries=107m Bridge-40 tackles. 3 misses. 5 tackle busts. one clean break. 11 carries=102m Bent-47 tackles. 12 carries=81m subs Wilkinson-24 tackles. 2 misses. 5 tackle busts. 2 clean breaks. 5 carries=85m Beckett-21 tackles. one tackle bust. 7 carries=71m Fletcher-24 tackles. 5 misses. one offload. one tackle bust. 7 carries=43m Gwaze-26 tackles. one miss. one offload. 4 tackle busts. 9 carries=57m
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    Walne, Jowitt, Hock, Smith, Dallimore, Aspinwall, Charnock, Johnson, Hulme, Forster, Cross, Spedding plus three PNG lads, Susino and Perata have all played at Barrow last couple of seasons they seem to do far better at attracting travellers and over seas players but like you say they had no luck with injuries. Our season will require likes of Caine Barnes and Ell Miller to stay fit or we wont have the strike in attack we need
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    Even the soccer club Salford City struggle to get crowds and this club is backed by 6 millionaires and a billionaire and they only charge £10 admission. The main issue apart from parking and transport is that the are has two of the biggest football teams in the world. Any RL side would struggle with this challenge. They took 30,000 to OT and if they can maintain that level of success crowds would grow.
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    Lucky me - the wife's taking me hospitality to the Warrington game this week. Super excited! Although the squads looking thin I'm hoping for an upset
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    Surely it is up to clubs to work out for themselves if they have the team ,structure and finances to be able to compete at a level that does not compromise the credibility of the tournament . Someone's already mentioned I do believe it was Skolars having a large number of players working in education where it is nigh on impossible to be granted leave during term time , the Bears have a significant number of Students in their ranks who's first call will be with the Uni BUCAS League during the week .Not just players but quite a few of the smaller L1 teams , thinking especially of the Cru have a Home Matchday off field team that is built around a strong supporter volunteer base .All different situations that could affect a clubs ability to compete midweek None of the current Clubs joined the League Structure after the introduction of the 1895 Cup , don't see what the argument is on clubs choosing not to take part ...
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    SO just have a little look through the super league and have look at players who have come through the ranks at Salford. So to say they certainly don't bring through players is a little harsh. heres a very quick list: Niall Evalds, Stefan Ratchford, Jordan Turner, Mark Sneyd, Theo Fages, Josh Wood, Jake Bibby. plus many more currently plying their trade in the championship. Also lets not forget that the former owner abolished the Academy from the club when it was just starting to bear fruit, this is now coming back through the development Academy and already a portion of those players have been promoted to the reserves squad this season. Also probably created one of the biggest upsets in getting to the Grand Final last year!
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    Age of consent is a legal issue more than a moral one. I'm in my mid 30s and if one of my mates went out looking for 16 year olds then I'd be well and truly distancing myself.
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    There are no real projects in France other than smoke screens, the federation does nothing.
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    I once sat next to Justin Murphy at the Grand Final. It was the 2006 Grand Final and I was 15. He’d just had that belter of a season, scoring a load of tries and getting in the Super League Dream Team and my Dad asked why he was amongst the normal fans and that he would have thought he’d have been treated to corporate seats. Murphy said he wanted to be amongst the proper fans and sample the atmosphere. He was a nice bloke and was really chatty.
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    Apples and pears. Toronto is a completely different beast to Salford.
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    Couldn't agree more about the loss of Benny! I've just come home from having a chat with a pal of mine and I told him I could put my finger on the precise moment the Knights lost their potency in attack in my opinion. He said straight away what I was going to say. " When we lost Ben Cockayne". I've come home, put the forum on and there's Jon T., [coincidently my namesake by the way!], saying exactly the same thing. Incredible! I also agree it was a sad loss which was not and hasn't been and unfortunately won't be, easily rectified. As has been said in another post, it's early days yet and we've had two of our hardest looking tasks of the season already so I'm certainly not too worried yet. I've every faith in Fordy and Jon F. to get us there eventually.
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    I think the point of reserve grade gets lost at times. Its a totally different competition if you can even call it that, one where results and league tables are fairly meaningless. It's good to watch and it does it's job but every game is effectivly a one off. First team, U19's etc are team games, with a dedicated squad. Every reserve team game is totally dependant on what players are available. So if your avereage SL club has 30 full time players, then if they have a good season with very few injuries the reserves will always have at least ten first teamers to pick from. If they have a lot of injuries and poor form there may well be no first teamers available for the reserves. You could easily end up with a Saint's team who despite there relative strength in depth not having any first teamers available due to injury, whilst say a fortunate Hudds may have no injuries and have loads of experienced players to throw at the reserves but we still know who is the better team over all. Long winded I know but basically the reserves are rarely if ever an indication of a clubs real strength, in a way that perhaps the U19's are. I think reserve football is vital, but it's main benefit is too the individual player and not the reserve team such as it is. Hope that makes sense.
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    https://hecanplayfor.weebly.com/ The first list for 2020 is up and it’s Jamaica. - 39 pro or semi-pro players eligible - First Australian born Jamaican included - 10 Super League or NRL players listed
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    I don’t get where this thread has come from, if I’m honest. Salford played Huddersfield on Friday night. It happened to be Valentines Day, the game was televised for Sky Sports and Storm Dennis was starting to take full swing. The crowd was 3,350. Rewind six months ago, almost to the day and Salford hosted Huddersfield at the AJ Bell. It was a 3pm kick-off on a Sunday, the weather was good and Salford were on a good run. They attendance was 2,750. Salford have shown a 22% increase on last year’s game against the same opposition. Rather than slag them off because they might not have a five figure crowd, let’s congratulate them as a club for such an increase in such a short time and long may it continue for them.
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    Didn't know it was compulsory to praise Leigh.
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    Australian taxpayers have been giving Holden money, directly or indirectly, since 1948. Recently it was cash for job guarantees but for decades it was tariffs and import quotas.
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    Foff then my beauty
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    I think the RFL need to get into the schools/local authorities and promote touch, wheel chair, women’s etc make them Rugby League games. With the 2021 WC we have a big chance to influence the general public. I was pleased to see young lads on the tram from Timperley/alty with Salford shirts the other day talking about the match. I’ve converted the mrs away from union as well
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    Sad news. Remember Didier playing alongside the likes of Entat, Chamorin, Divet in the French team of the 90's. A hard working back row if memory serves me correct.
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    Match day awareness is sadly missing from many Rugby League clubs efforts to attract bigger match day crowds.
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    I recall that mostly we were in different leagues after '74, so fewer local Derbies. Batley were everyone's easy beats then.
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    The 2012 result v cas stands..... i don't want them sifting for another excuse 8 years on. That would be way too much to take!! #23-16
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    No programme is just an excuse, typical of the "can't be arsed" attitude of many clubs. If you don't sell many , just print a small amount. Surely programme ads over a season cover the cost ? It's a service to supporters. I like to know who's playing for both teams. Turned up at Workington Town today - nothing, not even a team sheet. All those West Bowling fans I am sure would have liked a memento of their day out.

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