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    I've never heard of The Critic, but.... https://thecritic.co.uk/the-new-political-battleground/ Apologies if 1. It's already been posted 2. Folk think it's too "political" for this forum. I thought it was worth a read at least.
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    https://www.raidersrugbyleague.co.uk/post/raiders-show-support-to-community-clubs subject to application and certain conditions being met (I do wonder what those are as this quote intrigued me...) FWIW - it’s no secret that links aren’t great between WWR and the majority of the amateur clubs. As the only professional rugby league club in South Wales we have a duty to help where possible and we hope in return the clubs will help support us build for the future
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    Jarrod Croker 29 years old and already the 7th highest point scorer in top level Australian rugby league history. NRL’s leading point scorer in 2012, 2015 and 2016. 2016 Dally M captain of the year. He has never played for the kangaroos or in a SOO match.
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    Watch you go and win it now! ??
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    No Vic Yorke either. Disgraceful.
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    Hi, Thanks for sharing this article on this site. The Critic is a new political magazine and after I approached them with my idea for the piece they ran it straight away. I would be grateful if people could share it on social media pages and with fellow League/politically minded people. Hopefully it will gain some traction and encourage other magazines to run features on the sport. In the 1990s we used to feature in many of the Sunday mags and we could certainly do with broadening the debate about our identity. Also if any of you have any comments/criticism/ideas for future topics I'd be delighted to here from you. The identity crisis facing 'the people's game' and the 'people's party' is something I am eager to explore further My site is https://tidesofhistory.wordpress.com and can be contacted on anthonybroxton19@gmail.com Thanks for your support, Anthony (TOH)
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    I do YouGov surveys and sometimes they ask demographic and lifestyle questions at the end to make sure they can properly target their surveys, here was one of their questions on today's: I'm sure they're trolling me.
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    Just to clarify for the avoidance of doubt - all players are receiving all of their contract money. There isn’t an issue so please stop making one up that isn’t there.
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    Just bought three of them for me and my two great granddaughters who had started coming to the Mount with me.
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    The ignore option is the only sensible one - I'm at a loss as to why anyone (particularly regulars) continue to engage.
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    My common sense tells me I'd be absolutely fine to go to the Lakes - I've been many times before, never had an accident in the hills in over 40 years, so given there'll be less traffic and fewer folk about why should it be different? In fact it would probably be safer. However, I won't be going for some considerable time yet because I've done a Risk Assessment ?
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    What about your chauffeur , valet and cook??
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    I'm afraid so,until they are given a meaningful ultimatum to resolve their ground situation,they will continue to be an embarrassment to the sport. Ofcouse,if they are ever given an ultimatum,they will beg for extra time. Time for them to move to the Championship and then they will quickly solve the problem.
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    Alan McCurrie, ahead of his time.
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    Been a Parramatta fan for years since my dad used to get those open rugby videos with Australian RL highlights and games on. The first one I saw was a Parra game with the likes of Grothe, Brett Kenny, Peter Sterling, Mick Cronin etc....
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    1. Steve Prescott 2. Mike Riley 3. Leroy Cudjoe 4. Jimmy Keinhorst 5. Les Quirk 6. Tommy Martyn 7. Lee Briers 8. Ian Pickavance 9. Micky Higham 10. Andy Lynch 11. Sonny Nickle 12. Bernard Dwyer 13. Mike Forshaw
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    My, there's been some holier-than-thou views written on this thread.
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    Who the hell wants to go to France? Get Benidorm cleared first!,
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    It’s a private matter and not one for discussion on a public forum. Find someone else to wind up.
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    Personally, I think it would be bloody ridiculous to put yourself and every other soul at risk by driving to the lakes, peak district, the coast etc.... risk is way too high.... But.... you know full well we are not short of numpties in this country.... Locally, here in Rovrum, I think it would have more credence to you actually instructed people to go there. The default would be do the bloody opposite.
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    I got my April google maps update which didn't hesitate to point out my that my travel highlights was Tesco.
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    Yes, and why on earth would any player want to move from an empty new stadium to a full out-of-date ground?
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    You could have said exactly the same about Widnes 20 odd years ago, but Widnes were still relegated because of their ground (not their on field performance. So in your quote I don't see how the game would benefit in any way from breaking up one of the most sucessful and attractive teams in the league to enforce some sort of arbitrart stadium rule, which would likely seem them relegated and bankrupted. It should be for the individual clubs to decide where their funds are best spent. Well Widnes and Leigh haves seen their on field fortunes take a dive and bankrupted themselves (Salford probably not far behind). Saints, Widnes, Leigh, Salford, Warrington were all told that ground improvements were necessary in order to stay in (or be allowed into) Super League. These clubs abided by the rules at the time. Allowing their on field side to slip whilst they invested in the future. But then what? All the rules are thrown out because other clubs were just paying lip service to these requirements - it was akin to cheating the salary cap. These clubs worked to get modern facilities, at the expense of the on field side, with the understanding that this was essential for super league, but showhow Cas and Wakey are exempt. Remember Knowsley Road? how it was called an embarrassment to super league well Knowsely Road was akin to Wembley compared to Wheldon Road and Bell Vue
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    Agree for Championship and League 1, but not sure it makes the Superleague dilemma much easier. Any savings by gained by extended furlough would still be dwarfed by lost TV revenues if the season doesn't resume.
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    Over recent years, Cas have been one of the most exciting teams to watch in the league, a real attraction to TV viewers and they don't seem to be struggling to attract fans to their ground either, despite its condition. I don't see how the game would benefit in any way from breaking up one of the most sucessful and attractive teams in the league to enforce some sort of arbitrary stadium rule, which would likely see them relegated and bankrupted. It should be for the individual clubs to decide where their funds are best spent. I appreciate that in the past licensing rules weren't properly followed through on, and that was bad, but frankly that was years ago and we need to start from where we are now.
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    Yeah, i was just focusing on the younger players in there squad in my last post, but like you say, theyv got a few good older heads to lead the way aswel. Unbelievable that Millfords still so young, feels like he's been around forever, Corey Oates and Andrew McCullough are Queensland rep players, Matthew Lodge is a good prop and Alex Glenn and Darius Boyd, whilst well past there best, offer loads of club and rep experience for the young stars to call on. Liie i said earlier, iv been a Warriors man since i can remember, but the thing im excited about most for the NRL coming back and for the forseeable future, is watching this Broncos team.
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    Sam Panapa,cracking player,very versatile who scored plenty of tries throughout his career.
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    Phil McKenzie, absolute class, ridiculous that he never got an international cap
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    The great Ozzy speaks, slowly, true.
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    I’ve used Ryanair a couple of times. Even under normal circumstances getting a seat (with the people you’re travelling with) was like survival of the fittest. I dread to think what it’s gonna be like now.
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    That’s only 9 days ?
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    Probably the Broncos if your after a team of young potential, Haas and Fifita are genuine superstars in the making, Pangai Jr is a monster...Kerrigan, flegler and Ofahengaue are also part of a frightening young pack. Kotoni Staggs is one of the best young centers in the world, Jermaine Isaako is a young Kiwi international FB/Wing. Brodie Croft at half, Jake Turpin Hooker/Halfback.... Theyv had a youth movement there with youngsters playing plenty of NRL games. Theres a few below them aswel who are highly rated, Deardon, Coates and Farnworth(English lad) among a few others are all worth keeping an eye on
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    If the ashes isn't going ahead, which it's looking almost certain it isn't, then I'm not too bothered about who we play as long as we do play, 3 years without a game would just be ridiculous. I'm sure they could get a good crowd into somewhere like Warrington or saints, especially with them saying they would give free tickets to key workers. As long as we don't go Leigh on a Wednesday night then I'm up for it.
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    Tony Myler is one of the most respected and highly regarded players of the last 50 years, certainly doesn’t belong in this team. Probably the best Stand Off to come out of the U.K. ever, injuries possibly robbed us and him of his absolute best form but he showed enough to be up there with Lewis, Kenny etc
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    Ryan Girdler did ok. 10 NSW SOO games 14 Test Caps. There would be plenty of players that would like to be as underrated as he was.
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    A problem for us is that if the season can only be completed behind closed doors we would have to start paying the players in full again (No furlough) with no match day income. It’s not viable at all really.
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    I am a season ticket holder and am experiencing no urgent desire to recoup the cost of the two tickets I bought but not everyone will be the same. What if you have paid out for 4 or 5 season tickets you didn't get use of and have since lost your job as your employer/business ceased to exist? Everyone's situation will be different and we shouldn't make sweeping judgements on people. No doubt the clubs will make some measures to compensate season ticket holders from a goodwill point of view at least.
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    Good work! Week 5, Day 1 again: 36-40-30-24-40+(50) The last set was 42 last time, and my record at that point was 43. That said, I was not in the mood mentally or physically was just got it done.
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    John Cunningham , another expensive mistake for Town , Cost £20,000 to get from Hull K R played 27 games in 2 seasons then emigrated to Aus , played for a Country Team against the laws of the game at the time as we didn`t receive a transfer fee.....works out about £750 quid a game plus wages .
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    This was due to a test case regarding the incorrect implementation of the Minimum Wage. Hundreds of companies across the country were used. I think, but may be wrong, that Leeds Rhinos were done too. As a result, businesses across the UK changed the way wages were calculated (most usually the calculation of holiday pay). It wasn't a case of financial mis-management, or not paying bills/wages - it was a case of an incorrect wage calculation practice. However, your original link cited St Helens - any comment on them?
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    I had a *week* of similar in *half hour* increments because via a well-known market research company I agreed, in exchange for some Amazon vouchers, to keep a record of where I was, who I was talking to and how, and what I was interacting with. They told you when to download the app and which week to do it. Mine was in the second week after the lockdown. So every half hour: "Where are you?" Ten lovely options to scroll through before, "In my own home."
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    Its alreight folks.... just fly ryanair and tell the govt to go balls with their quarantine..... you'll be reight....
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    Looks like pretty much all the footage there is, but compiled into a convenient single clip.
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    Cowboys, God knows why. Same reason I support Trin - just picked one at random a few years ago and will probably be stuck with both of them forever!
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    Another Raiders fan here (for this season). I base my loyalties on which team has the most English players.
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    Players and referees can't social distance. Imposing social distancing in crowds would be nigh on impossible especially if alcohol is added to the equation. Much as I'd like to see a return, think 2020 is pretty much a write-off. The virus isn't becoming less lethal, deaths and infections are falling because people are mostly staying at home. And if we did go ahead and a number of players in a team got infected can they postpone? What about the risk to the players families?
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    Super League chairmen will never make a decision that impacts their finances negatively. They will not go for a 14 team SL. Every decision they make it based solely on their own financial interests (see Toronto's SL acceptance conditions). They will not split the pie into more slices unless a broadcaster insists upon it. Maybe I'm jaded.

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