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  1. Thats exactly how I remember lynden. When we were walking in the town it felt like we were agents Ward and Anderson from mississippi burning..... "never never never I say"....... the memsahib assertively instructed that I stfu immediately. Beautiful well manicured town it was, I couldn't wait to get the hell out of there and down to the experience museum in seattle. We had coffee and left. A place i found unnerving.
  2. To be honest wath tesco is 5 mins away.... but you do make a good point. Morros online may be an option
  3. Pretty much same gazza. On Friday I go to donny market for my big shop. Fruit veg meat fish butter eggs cheese bread... jams and confectionery treats for the memsahib.... oils spices herbs and charcuterie treats for me and a Wilkinson's pie .. the fish market is sublime. Tescos is laundry, cleaning stuff, household sheeite, newspapers milk, whisky..... food items are restricted to tinned stuff, cooking oils milk flour and stuff not necessarily available at the market .... oh aye... and doggy stuff. One of the things that hacked me off with tescos was how it appears to have run down a bit over the last year. There just isn't the depth of lines it used to have anymore. My supermarket shop is about 70-80/week. I'll double that at donny market.
  4. I was deliberately ignoring the lockdown period. My angst with tesco started before lockdown and is no sign of improvement. Tesco has definitely dropped down the league for me. Before Christmas they closed their fish stall, butcher stall and reduced fresh food options.
  5. Its looking like Morros is the reasonable alternative..... I was fishing for responses on whether sainsburys 7.5m 23mins or waitrose 8.9m 32mins was worth fannying about for the more poncier option.... is poncier a word.... or is it more poncey??
  6. The carbuncle of the North..... Rotherham...
  7. I've used tescos for years and hillards before them. They've always been OK. Middle of the road.... but these last few months they've gone down the pan. I don't know if its due to restructuring, reduced staffing, less frequent deliveries etc, but there are more and more occasions that usual items of stock are not on the shelves if its not fri or sat. Fruit n veg are noticeable in their depleted stocking levels not that i buy fruit or veg from tesco..... its same with laundry/cleaning items, some soft drinks/whisky etc I've had enough and so I'm looking to another supermarket. Which is the best and why?
  8. Pretty much same as tesco in wath.... no semblance of order.... no arrows.... no nowt..... mayhem
  9. I could have slapped hancock purple this morning..... british people are soooooo compliant ffs
  10. Abbotsford is where the border crossing is isn't it? It didn't seem that bad...... Linden just over the border is a pretty town.... a bit white picket fenced stars n stripes ban abortion support our boys in Iraq last time i went.....
  11. I don't wear a poppy though I don't make a big thing of it. I always chuck into the collection. I've never had a comment yet.... but I suppose I haven't got the media whipping up a frenzy of opinion against me.....
  12. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/earth/wildlife/11357498/Mysterious-penguins-spotted-of-Yorkshire-coast.html
  13. On a lighter note a mate of mine was on the east coast at hornsea last Thursday. He was going nuts convinced he'd seen a penguin.. Now, knowing my mate and acknowledging his propensity for taking the pizz, I did a bit of research and its an oft sighted phenomenon. Most likely being the sight of a razorbill. Naturally, the pizz take is now all mine!!
  14. Benjamin Keogh.... Elvis' grandson https://news.sky.com/story/elvis-presleys-grandson-found-dead-at-27-12027388
  15. Kelly Preston https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-53387236
  16. I believe they are still to be seen around Broomhill and the old Moor nature reserve near wath on dearne..... one of my fav spots. If you enjoy flora fauna and all feathered things, its a must visit. Run by the RSPB now. Great visitors centre too. There's wild flowers there again ive not seen since I was a kid. A cracking place
  17. https://www.bto.org/understanding-birds/species-focus/bullfinch interesting. The decline in numbers of bullies equates to.my age. I was 7 in 1967.... growing up I remember seeing lots in the local parks, copses and scrubs. It must be a decade since I saw my last one
  18. I love all the finches and are amongst my fav British birds. Goldies and bullfinches are beautiful. We have goldies in the garden with a busy nest last month. Bullies are much the rarer species here in rawmarsh. Not seen one locally in years. Like Linnets, they were plentiful when I was a kid.
  19. https://the-yorkshireman.com/2019/12/30/the-top-10-worst-places-to-live-in-the-uk-have-been-revealed/ Rotherham only 6th.... I'm not having that...
  20. £40 quid back from a £5ew bet. Happy enough
  21. Like the pil lock that I am..... i back fev rover in the 14.25 @ Newmarket today. I'm not sure its got a leg on each corner!!
  22. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/whats-on/food-drink-news/new-neverspoon-app-discourages-people-18561672
  23. Is the fighting cock still going and is it still as good? It was one of my fav uk pubs that at one time. I just don't get over there nowadays
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