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  1. Good luck for tonight. I so hope York win.
  2. That was Simon's feelings way before he opened his boozer. The demands of preferential treatment because of a camera membership only served to fuel his distance with that organisation. I was once a member myself. It was a long time ago. I have little in common with how the local branch behave. I genuinely think it's an organisation well past its sell by date now. I'm still happy to pay for a decent pint.
  3. My young un owns his own micropub at Stag, Rovrum. Now, if there is a middle class enclave in Rovrum its the stag to Wickersley run. My young un refused to offer discount to Camera. He has 6 beers on almost all less than £4/pint and won't differentiate one customer from another regardless of what organisation they belong to. This meant he was "over looked" for the pub of the year four years on the trot. However, he sold £3.5k of tickers for the Camera beer fest so last year he told Camera to "shove it", he wasn't selling anymore tickets. Outcome:- Simon won pub of the year and is again selling tickets. Camera are a strange organisation locally. I'm limited also to what I can post on a public forum.
  4. I want to play a flying V like Andy Powell but life's a sh itter.
  5. Just watched the game through again. Fordy just kept it all calm, all cool. Organised everyone and totally controlled that second half. His pass for Hally's second was sublime.
  6. Cracking atmos in the clubhouse for this game. I dislike MOM nomination. We win or lose as a team. However.... Best performance in a fev shirt from lacans.... though I suspect playing along side fordy helped that along. Some sublime handling from Ford. Locky, Day, we're excellent and Smithy had his best spell yet in that second half. Hally had his best game this year imo. A great Effort from Hanks and though Gaz had a nightmare first half he regained his composure for the second half. I could work my way through every player. They did their jobs well. The first game this season I've been wholly happy with the performance. Cut out the first half mistakes and totally controlled that second half. Fordy now has some selection headaches
  7. Not dismissing any claims made by anyone else, but the credibility of that shi thouse is down the pan. He is to journalism what Athur Harris was to town planning A vile man. A crapola journo.
  8. I was stood with Glyn and Matt right behind the sticks in the second half. I heard Jessie getting plenty but I just didn't hear anything said to his kids. That's not saying it didn't happen. His and other kids were running about all over the place so they'd be out of earshot to most.
  9. Genuinely.... I think we'll win well. An unusual stance for me cos I'm normally a reight miserable bug ger.
  10. I got rid a bit back. £14/month for one game every other week? Nah, bug ger that.
  11. Bizarre how we all view things slightly differently. However, I absolutely agree, batley will and have been tough opposition in any play off. I would never ever write them off.
  12. That's a fair reflection. We weren't at our best....and in all honesty, we've rarely shown our best this season. An interesting season. I called "that" penalty before thaler blew... just poor discipline but the correct decision Incidentally, batley were awarded more penalties than fev which is a kind of rebuttal to the "thaler gave fev everything" from others. Always good to have Batley over to fev. Good luck next week.
  13. A game I'll abstain from, for my own petty reasons. I'll see if I can find a link
  14. Aye.... I asked Bez the same question. Very happy wi this signing
  15. That game was as predictable as you'll get. Just before ko we were all discussing swinton's tactics. Holding down, laying on, going down with "an injury" to slow the game, get a breather and take on water and that they would push the reg to the edge. 50-6 about right. Pity about the 6.
  16. A fixture I will give a swerve
  17. This. Though I'm not sure Chisholm is the answer to that either.
  18. Ben Heaton 7 years at fax.... also leaves us
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