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  1. Never been. See loads of pics of it. Read loads about it. Daughter been. It's the kind of place that I would avoid at all cost. I genuinely would decline an all paid for first class trip if someone offered that to me. Daughter absolutely adored her time there. She describes it as a fabulous place that she would return to. Would I go? Emphatically no. Should you go? Go and try it. You may just have a blast.
  2. That's how rugby union operated until the very end of last century.....
  3. Be reight Monday Colin. Relax....it'll be confirmed.
  4. As you say Mark.... these are undisputable facts. You may interpret this data how you wish. There are many different influences on this data, all of which is left open to interpretation. But the raw data is fact. I was there in 77
  5. We've at least trained together then. I played all my rugby at wath rufc. I'm too much of a soft for league
  6. Was Bill Branfoot coaching?
  7. Telling ya.... I'm a big soft sheeite.... but first one that calls me a glory hunter and I'm swinging one over!!
  8. I coached youth 1989-94. I trained with the open age team when they first set up with Dobbo et al
  9. My old club Crigg. I'm on the wall somewhere up there. It was a cracking club.
  10. It's mcdermott Paul.... it'll be confirmed soon enough. I'd have Ryan Carr back tomorrow..... however hes sorted back in oz and if he does come back to the UK it'll be to Leeds perhaps. There aren't that many good coaches about. McD has proven form at the top and more importantly getting teams at this level over the line. I aren't that fussed about post match drivel from two years ago. Happy to apply some utility here.
  11. Agreed entirely. Wouldn't be my choice. As I've said earlier today, there is a risk of him being 'yesterday's man'. He's got good contacts in the game but after two years out, those contacts are also other people's contacts now. That said, good coaches are hard to come by. We got very lucky with the very professional Ryan Carr. McDermott has a pedigree at this level and in SL. I'm happy to see how it develops with McDermott.
  12. I genuinely thing he's a strong bloke and won't give any explanation whatsoever..... He'll be engaged to do a job and on that will offer himself to be judged; not his post match comments two years ago. We'll see. Shaw reporting it will be confirmed next week
  13. Closed season dramas eh? I love em. Nowt like a feeding frenzy to maintain the interest and keep us all involved. The best marketing going. Love it!
  14. It's meant I haven't had to endured tge sheeite on telly the memsahib wanted to watch.... Facebook has been so much more entertaining!
  15. Anyway.... coach rumours..... Tonight has been most enthralling
  16. He's a proven coach at the highest level and at championship level. He knows what it takes to get a club promoted. He made some reprehensible comments as far as I'm concerned and I'm not sure those comments will endear him to the faithful. But, I'm a utilitarian. I don't have to like him. If he gets us promoted I won't give a fk about his previous comments. That said.... this is just utter cobblers. Drivel based on nothing but rumour. I just love closed season for this sh it. Really makes me chuckle
  17. Stop messing abart now Chris.... tell us what you think!
  18. Good lad is Jake. Get him up to speed for us please.... then we'll have him back.
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