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  1. He 'was' as daft as a brush. One hopes he's moved on from basic idiocy over the last few years. Never the most endearing of players and should have played at a much higher level for much longer..... There have been many wasted talents in our game. He's on of them....... and I remember Ian Bell fhs
  2. Threads.... i still have nightmares about the attack sequence....
  3. Is your trust the same as ours Gaz? Ours is a three line whip to get your jab! I oft think its counter productive.... if there's owt going to put some folk off doing something its telling them they have to do it!! Get jabbed..... its just sensible.
  4. Obviously dint fancy Ingy enough.....signs for northern. Im ambivalent.
  5. Ive had flu. I genuinely felt my life was coming to an end. Always get vacc'd.....
  6. The level of my pissedoffness at the date for this fixture has gone all the way to 11!!!
  7. I'm not aware of anyone who actually thought he was good enough Chris. When you compared him to his predecessor or McClelland, he's nowhere near either. He didn't even command a start in L1.
  8. Another pivot and t'job's sorted.
  9. Bill.... you are in such good humour today me owd cocker!
  10. On their own park too!!!!
  11. And got to the final.... just to complete the picture....
  12. Frankie was a bit disappointing for me. I always thought he should have had a much greater impact than hevactually did. I'd have had a punt on Robbie Ward like....
  13. Match only terms won't do any harm
  14. Anyone know when they are released?
  15. Others have mentioned this. Has Jouffret got the attributes for a big defensive stint at 9? I'm not sure.... McClelland on DR/Loan would be great
  16. Well we'll see..... If he's part of a team that finishes down the league fair dos. If he's part of a team that gets to another final your jibe will be seen to be sheeite.
  17. I've argued this very point for the last 5 decades!!
  18. One of our own.... hopefully
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