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  1. The antidepressants don't work.... so.....
  2. We went to the Baie de Somme in June using the tunnel. It perhaps took two minutes longer plus the time to upload my covid screening details.
  3. I can about accept the bash as a concept. I've got mates at other clubs. It's nice having a weekend where we all have a common interest. I hate Blackpool. When I go, I visit my sister, then I come back home!!
  4. We've discussed this before H. If the proposals are adopted as stated and there is no yearly exchange between the leagues, I'm done. This afternoon I've almost resigned myself to it. I was a very angry disenfranchised fella last time. This time I'm a bit more pragmatic. If it happens I can't stop it. But it's not for me and not what I want from our game. C'est la vie as they say in rawmarsh....
  5. Bug ger that for a lark. I hate the place!
  6. And this is a positive??? I can't bloody wait
  7. I had several after watching a RL at tge stadium!!!!
  8. Got white rat on at our young uns
  9. Best team won. Out fought. Out competed. Out coached. No complaints. If we have to lose .... I guess I'd sooner it be v batley.... again! Enjoy your day out.
  10. If they can't live wi that "pressure" then they've no business being in the play offs. Of course they can handle that, just the same as leigh will....
  11. "If you want something doing properly, ask someone who has no time to do it. The rest will tell you they have no time to do it"! Hilditch. H.G. (1979).
  12. On holiday in shropshire I bought the huddart by old pulteney. At 46% it's got that warmer edge to it and a well balanced whisky I've come to expect from op. I also bought an American oak 43% barrel reserve from Arran. This crew have made great strides recently. Both very nice indeed.
  13. Not in rawmarsh there isn't.... cant speak for West Yorkshire but my feelings suggest not there either.
  14. Bad day at the office but my championship team of the season. Doing great stuff up there are Barrow rlfc. Cracking season you lot. Be encouraged,+++.
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