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  1. Correct, although we have a pre-season program against three fellow Yorkshire clubs. More information coming early in the week!
  2. Unless the other three stands are completely sold out, your point is incorrect.
  3. Watch this space. News coming VERY soon!
  4. Well I'd be well up for watching a Super League game in our new gaff!
  5. Why are you getting so touchy about people expressing understandable cynicism over the fifth (?) change of ownership at Bradford Bulls this decade?
  6. They can't play in Toronto until April due to the climate. The season starts in February. They're going to play their three home 'loop fixtures' somewhere in Europe, so each SL team only has to go to Canada once. I don't have a problem with it. In fact if they play one in Rotterdam or Amsterdam I'll seriously consider going!
  7. Three of the 15 players signed on so far have been helped by Squadbuilder, which is very much appreciated by the club! Salter hasn't been announced, yet...
  8. Thats my bad... I totally forgot Sam Scott signed a 2 year deal last year! List duly updated to 15...
  9. Salford's breaches were intentional. Wigan's and Leeds' were genuine administrative errors. Leeds' punishment was what was agreed and voted upon by the Super League clubs *themselves*. This has been explained to you at least three times.
  10. Blimey, you're really struggling with this one aren't you John...
  11. Nope. The Gala dinner is about celebrating the 2019 squads (mens and ladies) and their achievements. Having said that there will be another 2020 player announcement in the paper in Saturday! (And maybe one more before then...)
  12. Tawera Nikau. Business at the font, party at the back. Iconic.
  13. Last time we linked up with Cas like this we had Ben Reynolds for the year and he went on to win the Young Player of the Year award for the division. If we find another young gun like that I'll be happy!
  14. York City Knights team up with Cas Tigers.
  15. Stadium finished by December. Three test events in January. Open by February (I hope!)
  16. Well I thought Shed Seven were great. Going for Gold and Chasing Rainbows just before the team came out was ace. Room in my House and Disco Down at half time was good too. I agree about the stage being tucked in the corner out of the way, but I suppose that cancels the risk of the October Manchester climate ruining the gig...
  17. Half price 2019 York City Knights kit here... www.vx-3.com/shop/Club/York-City-Knights
  18. I'd be sceptical about that 2025 twitter account. It's linked to that Moore Sports Group which went up the wall did it not?
  19. *NEW SIGNING KLAXON* We have another addition to our 2020 squad for you at 6pm...
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