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  1. Shocking and sad news. My condolences to his family.
  2. I don't want to be a smart ass, but I believe that they are the same. Not to be confused with a mule.
  3. Matt Diskin has also said that some players are carrying knocks as well as the unavailability mentioned above. It probably makes sense to send a scratch side to France given the current circumstances. All this information was available to the general public but I agree with the view that such information should be on the official website. It should be the first port of call for information. However, it's easy for me to say this sat on my ass at home ( and before BSJ responds, no I don't have a donkey!).
  4. Reittie Smeaton and a vote for one of the grafters Gledhill
  5. I know what you mean BSJ; but I have this contraption on the bathroom wall that throws water at me like indoor rain!. No doubt it will be commonplace in Dewsbury sometime in the not too distant future.
  6. Given the temperature outside just now, standing out in the rain without a brolly sounds like the height of luxury
  7. Looking at the team sheet that looks like the youngest back three that we have fielded in the pack for many a year.
  8. To some extent we see what we want to see. I remember a key try being disallowed at Leigh and calling the ref all the names under the sun. The video later showed that the winger was well over the line. I suspect that Butterworth's kick hit the line and skidded out, hence out on the full. Most of my fellow Batley fans no doubt "saw" it clearly bounce a foot inside the line whilst some of the nearby York fans probably clearly "saw" it bounce outside the line. If anyone has seen the full video then perhaps they would like to tell us whether the touchjudge or ref should have gone to Specsavers or whether the excitement of the moment clouded our judgement.
  9. I wasn't there Graham, but it seems to me that in the match situation described then it makes great sense to take the two. And with the advantage of hindsight, a drop goal to follow would have meant Swinton having to score three times to win.
  10. When you look at the squad and take into account that injuries haven't taken that heavy a toll this year then we have underachieved. Should we scrape through the problem is that our budget will be smaller relative to those teams above us and it may be difficult to put together as good a squad for next season, never mind improving it. I'm not sure what the answer is for what's left of the season but I don't think that the fault lies in the quality of the players, albeit that some of the young lads do need guidance to get the best out of them.
  11. You must stop singing then!
  12. Bi11

    Diskin out!

    You clearly talk from experience DF whereas I don't, but I do get your point. Davey was certainly good at getting us onto the front foot.
  13. Bi11

    Diskin out!

    I think that Davey plays a simple style but with great skill. The way that he can shoot off at speed and still throw an accurate pass is exceptional. I wouldn't knock Leak though. I thought that we were lucky to have two good hookers with different styles of play. Sometimes Leak was more effective, sometimes Davey.
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