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  1. I am sure that the DR system causes conflicting emotions in a lot of us. It is good to see talented players in the Championship and I am grateful to have seen some of them playing for us in years gone by. It does lend itself to clubs being treated as "feeder" clubs though, and for that reason I prefer loans to DR. The real challenge for Championship Clubs might be the reserve competition. If it proves itself to be a good testing ground for players then we might well see Championship players being picked off just to help develop good young players in SL reserve teams. Sorry to drift off the title subject somewhat!
  2. Isn't Bravo no 19?
  3. As in sporting fish net tights, PM?
  4. Not sure how Ainy turned up in this thread but I always thought that he was very aware defensively. It is interesting how perception of players varies.
  5. Cheers Roger, I'm looking forward to sunny Sunday afternoons at MP. Not too much to ask, surely? Happy New Year everyone.
  6. Just watched the highlights from the 2018 game. We looked keen enough to be honest, and of course we had a good pre season. Only those on the inside would know why it went pear shaped as the season progressed. I suspect that BSJ's analysis is sound and that we have a weaker squad but, hopefully, better or more motivational leadership from Lingard.
  7. What happens with the Roy Powell Trophy after a tied match?
  8. A much admired player. Very sad to hear that it is occurring at such a young age. I wish him well.
  9. Rotten timing Silverback. Good luck fella.
  10. Bi11

    Club Identity

    I have a lot of sympathy with what you are saying Coolie, but I don't see any harm in there being a nod to the kit worn in the NRC final and which was Batley's standard colours for many a year; as long as it is just for the one season and as long as the original colours are used the season after On the theme of club identity, I don't especially like the 'away' kit idea. I liked the idea that the home team would give way and wear their second kit if the team colours were too similar. I like to see visiting teams wearing their famous colours (although I can see some of the reasons that the away kit principal has become the norm).
  11. Ok, someone has to say it...…….it looks a Mickey Mouse event to me.
  12. According to Google, Yorkshire Beers are a drinks wholesaler based in Dewsbury.
  13. Off gawping at exotic sparrows again?
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