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  1. Bi11

    Club Identity

    I have a lot of sympathy with what you are saying Coolie, but I don't see any harm in there being a nod to the kit worn in the NRC final and which was Batley's standard colours for many a year; as long as it is just for the one season and as long as the original colours are used the season after On the theme of club identity, I don't especially like the 'away' kit idea. I liked the idea that the home team would give way and wear their second kit if the team colours were too similar. I like to see visiting teams wearing their famous colours (although I can see some of the reasons that the away kit principal has become the norm).
  2. Ok, someone has to say it...…….it looks a Mickey Mouse event to me.
  3. According to Google, Yorkshire Beers are a drinks wholesaler based in Dewsbury.
  4. Off gawping at exotic sparrows again?
  5. I notice that Matt Diskin is doing a 500 miles cycle ride this month to raise money for the Archie Bruce appeal. That seems to me to be a hell of a thing to do. It was time for a change, that's for sure, but perhaps we should lay off of the character assassination .
  6. I hope that we have received a fee
  7. It was the comment that Scot can't pass a ball and the comparison with ex half backs that caught my attention. When Scotty joins the line he certainly can't stride through in the way that Lingard could in his prime. However, I think that he links well and adds cohesion to the side. For me he almost plays like an extra half back. And whilst ex RU half backs have not always shone in their "normal" position they could generally pass a ball well enough. Not withstanding some interceptions last season I don't see a problem with his passing. However, I'd be the first to concede that I'm not always the most astute spectator these days (how could I be when game times clash with my afternoon nap?).
  8. Am I mistaken in thinking that Scotty was a half back when he moved to Rugby League from Ruby Union?
  9. Given that Linners is giving players the chance to change their minds, should Tomlinson and Ward be the only players on the list just now?
  10. Good luck to the bloke, I am sure that he did his best. Given our resources we need someone who can beat the odds and attract players to the club. Whether that person is out there and affordable is another matter.
  11. He's certainly well thought of at the Mount and even came to visit earlier in the season. Nevertheless, watching from the stand it looked a reckless act at the very least. I hope that the video proves me wrong (it often does!).
  12. Sat side on to the incident it looked at worst a deliberate attempt to cause the lad harm and at best a reckless attempt to bowl him over.. I accept that my interpretation may have been biased in the heat of the moment, but Day seemed to bring his ball carrying arm up at the last minute bringing his forearm into contact with Broadbent's chin. The momentum of his run plus the raising of the arm poleaxed the lad. If I saw the incident correctly then Day should be ashamed of himself.
  13. Because they showed enthusiasm where some others didn't :- Rettie Taira Galbraith
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