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  1. https://www.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/how-rugby-league-survived-the-spanish-flu-a-hundred-years-ago-20200318-p54b70.html The above link might be of interest although the article is about RL in Australia.
  2. I accept that Grumpy. Our next job is working out how we can both self isolate and look after the grandchildren now that the schools are closing.
  3. The 2.3% figure that I quoted is the figure that the Chinese have come up with. No doubt it will depend on various factors including the quality of available health care for those hit badly by the virus and indeed the accuracy of the figures thrown up by the testing procedure. I don't know what the Korean figures are but they seem to be carrying out the most thorough testing for this coronavirus. Incidentally, I don't take flu lightly. It killed my mother aged 40 back in the 1960s. As LTS says, and I mentioned elsewhere, the Spanish flu was said to have taken the lives of fit young people which fortunately this coronavirus doesn't appear to do.
  4. Phil is right to suggest that this virus is not as lethal as Spanish Flu but it seems to be very infectious with a death rate of about 2.3%, rising steeply with the patient's age. It can also leave permanent damage to the lungs of survivors. Flu, of course, does sometimes kill thousands over the winter but this has to potential to kill millions if not handled correctly. Hindsight will no doubt tell us a lot more; but without it's benefit we have to take the best advice that's available. I would rather avoid this virus thank you.
  5. Those that tweet "its only flu" clearly have never heard of the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918/1919. From what I gather coronavirus is not a flu but related to the common cold. Pretty lethal to the old and vulnerable but unlike the Spanish flu it seems to spare young adults.
  6. Catalan Dragons have been made to play their home game against the Rhinos behind locked doors. To me this is the road to financial ruin. Should the RL have helped the Dragons by adopting a more flexible approach, with the possibility of lengthening the season if necessary? If they don't take this approach then a lot of games will be played behind closed doors in the UK when the pandemic takes hold.
  7. As you know, if you come to The Mount on a summer's afternoon to watch a game you will see people socialising and having a good time. That is what it is all about. Neither club needs to justify it's existence.
  8. Many years ago my wife and I were burgled whilst holidaying in Spain. Our passports were amongst the things that were stolen. The Spanish police simply gave us a photocopied document that we could fly home with. I don't know whether Craig' problems are because the French are less well organised, or that procedures have tightened since then or simply a result of Brexit.
  9. Thank you Roger, I had a few squad numbers different to your latest list. Oddly enough Ineson was one that I had got right. With so many new players I don't recognise them all yet and your list is very useful.
  10. Some of the player numbers seem to move around. Do you know if your list of 7/3/20 is officially correct Roger?
  11. It was suggested in the match day programme that it might be off due to a waterlogged pitch, PM. That's why people have been looking for more info. Can anyone remember any matches at MP called off for a waterlogged pitch in the past?
  12. The thing is PM, an optimist like you is often disappointed whereas a pessimist like me is often pleasantly surprised!
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