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  1. No worries, I can understand why you'd have thought that.
  2. The deduction has impacted on our percentage. We'd be at over 90% with one loss otherwise, and had we won on Sunday, we'd no longer be at 100% following this ruling. Edit: beaten to it by TPH.
  3. Agreed. Imagine how frustrating it would have been had we won on Sunday, only to have a win deducted from our total within 48 hours for this.
  4. Doesn't say much for the benefit of sponsorship when none of the supposed target audience seems to have a clue what they do.
  5. TO certainly looked far more resilient under pressure yesterday than in previous years. As to whether both teams have further improvement in them, time will tell. All being well, paths will cross again later in the year, and we'll find out.
  6. Didnt he play centre anyway, or was I particularly unobservent today? It was Welham who was moved to the wing to allow Hall to move to full back. Only other option to me would be Connor Jones in the circumstances, given he was playing their at times in SL last year.
  7. Has anyone suggested that they're surprised there weren't any/many away supporters? As you say, it's fairly obvious why.
  8. Exactly. I took a lad from work with me today, who is a general sport fan, but primarily football (Burnley season ticket holder) and Rugby Union (former player at Wharfedale). He's seen RL before but never been to a game. He loved it.
  9. As a serious answer, I was there and I'd suggest not many. Whilst I didn't really move around the ground as it had been requested supporters remained in one spot, every Toulouse score was met with stoney silence. Even when we've played teams with minimal away support before, I've never heard such little noise when the away team scored.
  10. Somewhere between zero and 4020. I don't think I've ever seen the official attendance broken down by team supported.
  11. As just posted on the main forum, best team won. Yes, the late reshuffle and individual errors didn't help, but we struggled to break them down which I suspect may well be the difference between full time training and next to no training together for us due to recent circumstances. On the plus side, I'd suggest we can definitely play better. Can Toulouse?
  12. I've seen somewhere on Facebook it was 4021. Good crowd, good game. Best team won, can't argue with the outcome. Losing a player in the warmup and having to reshuffle the back line didn't help, but ultimately too many individual errors killed us. I'd also suggest TO looked like a team that train full time, whereas we looked like a team that have only trained together once or twice in the last month. On the plus side for Fev, this was never going to be the season defining game, and I'd also suggest that we can play better than we did today. I suspect we'll be meeting again later in the season.
  13. This will hopefully help. No mention of any covid passport or any other proof of testing, etc. https://www.featherstonerovers.co.uk/news/what-to-expect-on-sunday-uc1k2
  14. Confirmed. https://www.featherstonerovers.co.uk/news/featherstone-welcome-gadwin-springer-Pe6WY Out of interest, which of our forwards are currently injured? I know we've had a very light squad for the last couple of weeks, however I was under the impression we were due most back following isolation.
  15. As it happens, my wife came down to London with me but didn't come to Wembley, instead going to a show. She was pinged yesterday to isolate from a contact over the weekend, I haven't been (yet, at least). Given we were together other than Saturday, we can only assume it was either from the tube or the theatre.
  16. Imagine the meltdown in the wider RL community if we got that cancelled due to Covid absences.
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