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  1. Should just use your own players shouldn't you. What will the York player who is having to make way think.
  2. They're certainly milking it. Good on them.
  3. It's worth noting the club do tend to tweet the winning number during the game. I appreciate that not everyone will have a smart phone to use to check whilst at the game, however it's another way to find out for those who do.
  4. The sound system does need looking at, which I'm sure the club will be doing. As with the floodlights, it's hardly a secret however everything can't be resolved instantaneously. I know that we've now potentially got the council funding to invest (I don't know what the rules are around what we can and can't spend it on) but personally I'd prefer to see a plan drawn up to maximise the benefit of it rather than just rushing out to spend straight away. The volume on POR terracing is also far quieter than it was previously, which I'd actually see as a benefit because it's not so loud that it's damaging everyone's hearing. Re Rovers TV, do you have the same issue when streaming any other videos, e.g. on YouTube? Your issues sound to me to be related to your computer and/or Internet connection, rather than being with Rovers TV. For the mom issue, could I suggest that rather than trying to get a presentation arranged, that we just keep it as a lighthearted online discussion. Trying to formalise it feels overkill to me at least, for what is supposed to just be a bit of fun.
  5. I'd agree with that. It's often commented that after a poor performance or scoring less than expected that "players couldn't be bothered". Personally, I'd suggest that's very rare. More likely is that some individuals have a bad day at work (don't we all) and that as a close knit team, it tends to reflect badly across everyone. London clearly have been working on defence, not attack. That was clearly reflected in both how they played, and the final score.
  6. Pretty much my thoughts. London defended well and offered little in attack. Our attack seemed essentially to be pass it sidewards back and forth across the pitch without actually offering much by the way of a cutting edge. There didn't seem to be much by the way of anyone running good lines to break the defence, or drawing a defender before passing. As I commented before the game, and win and no injuries would suffice. I'm not aware we picked up any new injuries, so job done, even it felt like hard work.
  7. Hopefully not. They really need some leadership off the field though, rather than the current headless chicken approach.
  8. Looking at the forecast earlier, I'd suggest a win, no injuries and not getting hypothermia would be a result.
  9. Yes, no intention of destroying it or sending back. We've actually got 3 of the 74 issued in total in the family.
  10. That's what happens when you put an accountant in front of a camera and ask them to keep doing the same thing whilst looking surprised, so they can film you from different angles.
  11. On nearly every national paper website now. Slow news day.
  12. Lets just say that there may be discussions with the RFL about changes to the salary cap.
  13. Waiting for banks to open in the morning. TGG? Changes are coming.
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