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  1. Sorry to hear the news. Thoughts with friends & family.
  2. Could have been a real bit of publicity, a crowd draw and a big talent at that level for a couple of years. No idea where the fail falls between the club and the individual, but had he linked up with NW Crusaders, I wonder if he'd have managed something near a season with the benefit of far more publicity for the club and wider game.
  3. Is Gavin Henson due back for a second appearance?
  4. Yeah, I picked that up from the tweet. Looks a decent idea (and pie).
  5. Something for Broncos fans to look forward to, or far too expensive for RL?
  6. Going to be a risk for at least a while yet I'd suspect. I know more people who've caught it over the last month than the remainder of the last two years combined, including myself. Fortunately none with critical symptoms. Fingers crossed we don't get an outbreak across the club, or wider game.
  7. Kind of an opposite to intended thread post. Just watching a programme on 80s music. A quick Google tells me Annie Lennox is 67, as is Neil Tennant. My dad last year died at 74. Crickey, I'm getting old.
  8. £4-500 per year energy bills. Fantasy time for me: ours is around 10 times that, and that's before the recent price increases. That's one of the two reasons I'd like to be able to generate my own electric, subject to being able to find a way around the listed building consent issues.
  9. I believe Robin Knight was one of the multitude of departures to Bradford City some time ago. I can't comment on Martin Vickers, but that's probably why you've not had any response from the latter of the two.
  10. Probably worth noting if you can't get in at the ground, parking within a few hundred yds of there is generally unproblematic.
  11. Yes, we replaced the oil boiler with a new one. We actually already have an lpg tank as well as on oil one, as we have an lpg aga. The aga specialists don't work on boilers however, and I could only find one lpg certified plumber in about a 25 mile radius, whereas there a numerous with the ticket to work on oil. The plumber that did the work that we've used previously told us he gave up his lpg certification because the cost and effort of it wasn't worthwhile given there are only a limited number of potential customers. I can see that being a valid point.
  12. I'd like to see more flexibility in planning laws for those who live in more rural locations. We're not on the mains gas network, so that's not a heating option. I live in listed building, so solar panels and air source heat pumps are likely to be an issue from a planning perspective. Air or ground source pumps are unlikely to be effective in the property anyway without significant and hugely expensive work to make it more airtight, given the age and nature of the building, and even if that was done, there may well be listed building consent issues. I'd love to reduce the carbon footprint of the house, but our options are very limited. When requiring a new boiler last year, we eventually came down to oil, lpg or biomass. Trying to find anyone around here that will/can work on lpg is very difficult, which ruled that out. We don't have free space to run a biomass system, which ruled that out (and again, may have led to lbc issues anyway). Guess what we now have! I'm sure technology will offer more options in a few years time, but unless there is flexibility in allowing listed buildings to be modernised to continue to allow them to be habitable I'm not sure that such properties will be so viable in the future.
  13. Exactly. The "grow our own" system needs to balance with the big names signing approach, appreciating both where we want to get to and how the game has moved on from everyone having a team full of locals. If I'm honest, the cynic in me thinks we're destined to be 2nd best in the championship, because there is always going to be someone else who is full time, and far more resourced than we are. No conspiracy about how the rfl don't want us though. The optimist in me thinks this is actually a better opportunity than last year, as our biggest rivals on paper (Leigh) are far more likely to implode than Toulouse were last year.
  14. I'd agree we're likely to see one or two further signings, and as with previous seasons I can foresee additions on long term loan as the season progresses to cover gaps or injuries, much as previous years. What stands out to me in the January signings however is the use of Gaz Gale as an example. Clearly he's turned out to be a very good player for us, however at the time he was coming to us from the amateur game. I'd love to see more players follow his footsteps, however if we were to announce the signing of someone from an amateur club now to boost the squad, I wonder how excited fans would be compared to when we announced the other three examples used.
  15. I can't remember all the details, and tbh I'm not sure anything was formally announced. A bit here in the local keighley rag about why the cougars were told they were rejected though. I'd suspect similar circumstances for most if not all the other applicants declined reserve teams at the time. https://www.keighleynews.co.uk/sport/17837045.muir-gutted-cougars-miss-rfls-reserves-league/
  16. Bradford, London and Newcastle. No other club in the championship has since the reserves were reintroduced at SL level, at which point several other clubs (Fax, Fev, Keighley to name three) were all told they didn't meet the requirements for inclusion in the new competition.
  17. He wasn't told they are £10, that's the advertised price. There hasn't been anything published as yet about how to claim a ticket for one of the friendlies if you're a season ticket holder.
  18. It's a bank holiday today (27th), so I'd imagine the staff will be taking a well earned break. Here's a link to all pre season friendlies across all clubs, where confirmed to date. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/list-pre-season-friendlies-2022/
  19. https://dataworks.calderdale.gov.uk/wards-datasets/ I live in the Calder ward, making the Shay my nearest ground. HTH.
  20. Key question if we're comparing notes with Halifax, is what is it like now? I've not been to the Shay for a few years, despite being a Calderdale resident, but in the years I have been since my first visit in 2008, I've had no issues. That's not to say others haven't however.
  21. Good that you did report it. Whilst no action may have been taken in that particular instance, further complaints may be. If nothing is ever said, it's a certainty no action will be taken.
  22. Fev aren't the only ones,and it's not outsiders. It's those that won't learn that what they view as "banter" isn't seen the same as everyone else thinks. Doesn't matter what they or anyone else thinks, we keep getting picked up for it and as we're in the spotlight from previous misdemeanours, and we don't help ourselves by keeping doing the same thing. Like it or not, whether some fans view it as just banter or not, something needs to change or we'll keep having the same outcome. At some point, supporters other than me are going to think "enough is enough" and stop paying into squad builder, or buying season tickets that cover games we won't attend in order to pay fines, and that will hit the club. Keep doing this, and we really are just shooting ourselves in the foot. Sqeaky clean is the way forward, like it or not.
  23. Have you complained to anyone about it, other than on here?
  24. Moving forward, I'd suggest a new rule for safety car situations. Just implement the pit lane speed limiters, no pitstops allowed until racing recommences. Everyone holds station, job done.
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