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  1. It's a possibility, after all winning the Challenge Cup wasn't including in the 'box ticking' list
  2. It isn't going to be one of us mere mortals. I'm not even that convinced that it will be Widnes. Super League aint all it's cracked up to be anyroad.
  3. We were really, really sheeite last year so there's your answer
  4. And I meant we'll be there for 6am!
  5. It's not being cancelled, just downsized. For what it's worth, we've got a minibus full as well independantly from LISA and I'd expect a few to travel by car straight from work etc. Been a bit disappointed with our away support in recent weeks, but it seems to cost a fortune to travel away these days.
  6. Could get Baddiel and Skinner to whip a few up out of a ball and custard.
  7. God no, not after what he was like when we played your lot in the NRC last year!
  8. You call that early doors, Robin?! We're hoping to be in Fev for 6!
  9. Any idea what time the Blue Lagoon opens on Thursday night, folks?
  10. Fev 34 Leigh 14 We're far too disjointed in attack and I think I've got more pace than our backs. You best try and find where you've been hiding that trophy cabinet of yours for all these years.
  11. Always seems to be the Yorkie clubs that complain so you could be on to summat Current list is Halifax, Batley and Keighley (our past three home games), though the most entertaining one is Batley considering all 20 of them had the seated South Stand behind the sticks to themselves, so god knows how they heard owt! Don't think you've anything to worry about there, we started and finished well at Barrow on Saturday...shame about the hour in between!
  12. I reckon they should get a letter in the League Express and we can have our own private competition...on this evidence, they might have to make Thursday's game a 9pm kick off because of the 'bad language' reputation of both clubs!
  13. Think the numerous mudbaths earlier in the season (against ourselves and the TV game against 'Fax spring to mind) have pretty much consigned it for the rest of the year - a pitch is never going to recover after the battering it's just had, especially with the football season as well.
  14. The rumour mill suggests otherwise (indeed, said rumours indicate that the publicised injury wasn't the actual one that he suffered)
  15. That wasn't just the dual contract system though as he was on loan at Cas as well - if you include Wigan reserves then he's played for four different sides this year!
  16. What you have to bear in mind is that 'Haven can't afford such players anyroad, hence why they cancelled McNally's dual contract if memory serves me right. I thought we'd taken a good tactic with the likes of Emmitt and Mitchell who, at the start of the season, seemed they would only be recalled in the most desperate of situations, but instead they've stepped up to Super League level and now we're missing them hugely, as would any side who suddenly finds some of their best players playing at the top level week-in, week out!
  17. Fully deserved win for Batley - we didn't have a single half back on the field yesterday and it showed. Would hope for summat completely different on Thursday, but the Dogs will certainly have their tails up (excuse the pun) after such a performance. Still can't believe this tosh about our non-relegation is still coming up - not only was it proven that Gateshead had effectively cheated their way to safety by going an infinite number of times over the salary cap, but they requested to be relegated anyway! I bet Batley's chairman will be pleased they were playing Leyth and not Gateshead anyroad as there can't have been many more than 5-600 home fans, which is a huge shame as the Mount is one of my favourite trips of the year. And as this is the Fev board and not the Leigh-Batley board, Rovers have got the title sewn up now, I reckon. Think we were the only ones who could have posed a serious threat to top spot, but we're now finding to our cost our lack of strength in depth in certain positions.
  18. Personally, I'm not interested in the whole "ticking a box" thing and just praying that I can see a Leyth captain get their hands on some silverware again. Will certainly be a crackin' game on the box though and the Smogs certainly won't have it their own way at Keighley.
  19. Aye, and the rest! By my reckoning; Batley (obviously), Catalans (not quite as obvious), Leigh, Wiggin, Leeds, Halifax, Swinton, Huddersfield (bloody loads of 'em in fact), Wakefield, Castleford, Bradford, Hull FC, Hull KR and Fev...said to my mate before the game that it felt like a Grand Final with so many different shirts behind the bar before the game.
  20. I wouldn't say that they're particularly serious suggestions, although we do have the finances and, vitally, enough space on the salary cap to sign a top quality player if needs be - even more so if the 100Hundred idea comes off.
  21. Orange TV don't screen the Toulouse games any more so you won't be able to watch it online, but you can get French commentary on the 'net somewhere apparently - best advice is to just listen to the crowds reaction to have an idea as to what's going on!
  22. Definitely not me! Think we have our fair share of moaners and bampots at Leyth, saw two women at the end of the game having a right barney to each other about Hicks, but he was just as bad for either side. I'm just happy that he isn't anything to do with our game at Whitehaven, as bar our game against the Smogs last week he has either been reffing or running the line in the past 6 RL games I've seen in the flesh!
  23. Not a good thing for the rest of the sides in this league, Webster has been bobbins all season and now Widnes will have a huge chunk of the salary cap available for a replacement.
  24. Aye, you did to be fair. You got a great view of Hardman's game saver anyroad! Would have been completely undeserved had we scored from that kick and gone on to win it, by the way.
  25. Typo fixed Only kidding, very impressive support from Fev tonight, our lot were far too nervous to make too much of a racket I reckon. Shame really as the crowd have really got behind the lads when they've needed it during this season.
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