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  1. Is there a full guestbook of fans of other clubs who naturally comment when their own club are mentioned, or is it just specifically for Leigh fans?
  2. Not from me having attended a game in Toronto. It would be an absolute tragedy for our game if such enthusiasm was thrown away, but sadly I expect that particular ship has long since sailed.
  3. An advance ticket is specifically for that particular service whereas standard returns cover all manner of services which makes it easier for companies not to run said service and effectively argue that you hadn't booked for that specific train (even if you had a seat reservation). Again, it's just from my experience but I've seen it happen dozens of times over the years when travelling by rail for football games.
  4. They aren't offering Advance tickets for the Sunday services (or at least they weren't earlier this morning) so I still wouldn't take it as guaranteed.
  5. Saints was 2,882 Wigan 1,410 (they actually brought more for the friendly - 1,692) Wire 1,419 And just to throw the cat amongst the pigeons, Hull brought 1,288 and Hull KR (cup) brought 1,290
  6. And now York are two divisions below Harrogate! I do know how he feels though after a season watching Bolton play Morecambe, Accrington and Fleetwood, teams that used to regularly lose against Leigh RMI (or, in Fleetwood's case, be several division below even RMI!)
  7. Happy to be corrected if I'm incorrect, but I believe the council own the physical bricks and mortar and the stadium management company is owned by Hull City
  8. It isn't necessarily the ground rental, but if memory serves me right it was a big selling point that the BBC would only have a single set up cost for broadcasting three games?
  9. Not a prayer that Wigan will be taking 10,000 or even 8,000 I expect. HKR might make up some of that shortfall to an extent though. The nature of ‘dressing’ the stadium means that none of the games will look particularly good on the telly unfortunately.
  10. She’s nipped to the shop for Bill, Baz and Tez. French fancies and Kronenbourg so at least they’re getting in to the spirit of things tbf.
  11. Tbf Saturday was never an option on Easter weekend, and I guess scheduling it elsewhere in the season would disrupt the ‘rivalry’ theme for this weekend. Whole production does seem very poor though. For all the talk of it being a Sky production, they’ve obviously just contracted the usual French production team. Which begs the question why it can’t happen for every game.
  12. The season ticket holders around me at BWFC are, at the very least, regular attendees at their preferred RL club, if not season ticket holders. Particularly worth noting that, when averaged match by match, it is significantly cheaper to buy a season ticket at Bolton these days than it is Leigh, and this is already quite noticeable in how many teenagers are travelling from Leigh for BWFC games bearing in mind the last decade has been at best largely disastrous.
  13. Particularly as Warrington actually has a semi pro football team* both in the same league as Workington and one in the division above too. *Sorry Eddie, it is semi pro at that level, whether we like it or not. In fact I dare say there are some (lots…) of Northern Premier League players on as much money as League One RL players, if not the odd Championship.
  14. I still find that to be a massive selling point of RL tbh (For what it’s worth, I know a lot of fellow season ticket holders at Bolton who support Leigh along with a few Warrington, Saints and Wigan and even the odd Swinton fan. It’s certainly been known for Leigh to have a lower crowd if there’s a fixture clash with Bolton as being a match going fan (for both clubs) is more of a done thing from that point of view rather than armchair fans of Utd/Liverpool/City)
  15. The irony being that it isn’t even a Bank Holiday weekend this year. Blame the Department for Transport as they’ve effectively been running the show on all fronts ever since Covid first broke out.
  16. I am a Leigh resident. I’m getting the train, albeit the issues have meant our planned two nights have instead become a (long) all dayer. It’s almost as if it’s possible to do these things without actually living next door to a main line station. Who knew?!
  17. But, by an large, those 23+ home fixtures are set in stone from up to 7 months beforehand so you have time to work around those rather than specifically the cup games being discussed that can be 10 days notice or less. There’s also less of a pressure, conceived or other, to commit every week and do every game when compared to RL.
  18. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s the buying process, but more a rugby/life balance if such a thing exists. Fans will get their calendar for a year and set aside a minimum of 13 weekends (more if they go to away games too), setting aside the full weekend to allow for the full weekend to cover for TV switches. There are only so many shift swaps, family favours and the like that people can get away with, and so only knowing a fortnight before (or less in most cases this season) when or where a game is going to take place is a big ask for so many people. Yes, I think there is a financial aspect too - £50+ generally for two adults and two kids just for tickets before you even get to fuel/food - but the unreliable scheduling certainly can’t be overlooked either.
  19. Completely agree with both points. *puts tin hat on* I'd apply the same logic to the forced drama of a Grand Final artificially taking a title race to the final day rather than letting it happen organically, but that's another topic for another time!
  20. Scoreline looks a little lopsided in the end but a really enjoyable game. In fact, alongside their win at Widnes, my two favourite games of the season have been Barrow games!
  21. The previous round set up is beyond bizarre. Complete non event.
  22. I think it’s something that has to happen organically to a certain extent rather than necessarily guaranteeing home ties, but bringing the SL clubs in earlier would increase the chances of those lesser seen match ups rather than SL teams facing each other umpteen times a season.
  23. So refreshing to see the buzz at Whitehaven and Barrow to be hosting SL teams. Just shows how mental it is to have the virtual Championship only round in the previous round. Also has the knock on effect of SL teams having to win so few games to get to the last two stages which in itself means there’s no chance to build any sort of ‘cup run’ momentum
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