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  1. That's down to the RFL and an app technician to sort out! When I've watched games before on the our league app via my internet browser on the firestick it's works okay if the feed works...
  2. One game is selected for live in the Queensland cup 1pm on the Sunday and the rest are available on demand as catch up...
  3. You still would get one live game on the Sunday or something but shown either 1pm or 6.30pm like they were gonna be in 2020 clubs could show it in their bars if owned of course etc... wouldn't clash with games and demand catch up by 8pm on a game day it's not rocket science...
  4. So Saints vs Leigh is been shown at £5 for the match... championship games will be shown live on there with Challenge cup games would it be better for them to go down the NRL watch route of £10/12 a month with extra content along with on demand of the other games as a catch up service also during the season? Also show old games of the NFP / Championship/NRC and Championship one games the clubs/ RFL own the rights if not shown on sky...
  5. He rejoined Leigh the same day... 2007 we played 3 times at Knowsley road...
  6. I don't knows who's got the worst record in the capital batley or Leeds United York isn't as big as missing out a fev or fax crowd... I thought the Toulouse away in august was also a strange one - I know we have to move on from the death of Archie but playing just after his anniversary will be a tough one for the everyone... Hopefully we get back to watching the team and seeing how we get along
  7. February 16th- 21st 1988: Huddersfield 20-26 L (H) League 1989: Doncaster 6-15 L (H) League 1990: No game 1991: Salford 14-36 L (A) Challenge cup Round 1 1992: Bramley 4-6 L (H) League 1993: Halifax 20-50 L (A) Challenge cup round 3 1994: Whitehaven 26-16 W (A) League 1995: Rochdale Hornets 22-18 W (A) League 1996: No game 1997: Whitehaven 10-40 L (A) Silk cut Plate 1998: No game 1999: Hull KR 6-8 L (A) NFP 2000: Swinton Lions 32-16 W (A) NFP 2001: Barrow Raiders 10-18 L (H) NFP 2002: Sheffield Eagles 12-34 L (H) NFP 2003: Keighley Cougars 30-12 W (A) ATG 2004: Doncaster Dragons 46-26 W (H) ATG
  8. No Bulls at home so no cash there hopefully fans allowed in for fev, Fax and H/W derbies as Dewsbury don't play them either
  9. Not that afternoon we sure didn't... I remember a try in the last 10 minutes just making sure we clinched a place in the hat for the next round
  10. beverley away we got out jail here
  11. They will keep the same kit design but new stuff etc
  12. Steve Molloy another one at the tail end of his career he joined Oldham - lasted another 18 months as player/ coach
  13. Keith cotton Batley also played another Cup tie at Knowsley road in 2009...
  14. Dane Morgan imagine if he'd of stayed another season I think we'd of finished higher in the league we missed a prop at the start of the 2006 season... Shad - shame he went travelling via the house of pain Michael Wainwright another one who could who went on to bigger and better things via castleford
  15. Ian Bragger I wonder if Steve Smith & Ben Beevers wished they'd of joined a few months earlier
  16. Batley: Lingard Sibson Spurr Maun Flynn Toohey Eaton Molyneux Cass rourke Harrison Rice Horsley : Royston Hill Bramald Richardson
  17. Correct - Ince Rose Bridge rented robin Park - but invited all supporters and Players back to their clubhouse Neil Jukes coached them Danny Maun scored the hat trick
  18. This weeks questions The Ince Rose Bridge game was played at which ground? Which Batley centre scored 3 tries in the same game?
  19. W/C 8th-15th February 1988: No game 1989: Hunslet 9-28 L (H) League 1990: Hunslet 16-22 L (A) 1991: No game 1992: Doncaster 10-20 L (A) League 1993: No game 1994: London Crusaders 29-18 W (H) League 1995: Beverley 32-22 W (A) * Boulevard* Challenge cup Round 4 1996: No game 1997: Paris St Germain 4-38 L (H) Challenge Cup Round 4 1998: No game 1999: Wakefield Trinity Wildcats 2-12 L (A) Challenge cup Round 4 2000: No game 2001: London Broncos 6-44 L (A) *Crawley Town* Challenge cup round 4 2002: London Broncos 6-26 L (H) Challenge Cup round 4 2003: Wath Brow Hornets 16-8 (A) *Whitehaven* Challenge cup round 4 2004: Ince Rose Bridge 42-8 (A)
  20. Andy Hindricks - centre Michael Booth who made the 13 shirt his own
  21. Which Australian centre scored a hat trick in the 40-0 win over Trafford Borough? also which Aussie was ever present in the squad
  22. February 1st-7th 1988: Wakefield Trinity 0-16 L (A) League 1989: Workington Town 5-6 L (A) League 1990: Trafford 12-16 L (A) League 1991: Bramley 40-16 W (H) League 1992: Trafford 40-0 W (H) 1993: No game 1994: Rochdale Hornets 12-24 L (A) League 1995: London Broncos 10-22 L (H) League 1996: Bradford Bulls 18-60 Challenge Cup Round 4 L (A) 1997: No game 1998: No game 1999: Oldham 30-0 W (H) NFP 2000: York Wasps 10-8 W (A) 2001: No game 2002: Doncaster Dragons 10-46 L (A) NFP 2003: No Game 2004: York city Knights 24-22 W (A) ATG Gary Thornton's First game as Batley Coach
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