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  1. Fantastic result now bring on Leigh
  2. I'm reading this with a heavy heart as I have a soft spot for Town and really wanted you to stay up this season. Just a thought but I wonder if your BOD have approached the Barrow BOD for advice/help/assistance putting together a plan to turn things around at DP and utilise the facilities all year round? Since Steve Neal took over as Chairman and put together a forward thinking BOD, the off field side of BRLFC has gone from strength to strength which helps generate the finances to put a more competitive squad on the pitch !!
  3. morty


    A post on an unofficial St Helens FB page saying Tee is off to them to replace Grace .... didnt mention when?
  4. Theres a real buzz around the club .... excellent season whatever happens going forward. Highest praise for all involved with the club and teams
  5. 1st half Haven dragged us into an ugly one man rugby show...2nd half we totally blew them away and our forwards easily overan theirs. As for some of their so called "supporters" they were vile and an embarressment to their club
  6. well what a shambles of a display in the 2nd half !! Fax were superb for the full 80 and we played decent stuff for around 10 mins the rest of the time its was silly mistake after silly mistake. Hate to think what our completion rate was in that 2nd half? Never mind dust ourselves off and prepare for York away
  7. We will have to be on top form to win this as Fax are a quality side...if we play for the full 80 mins like we did in the 2nd half against Leigh we can win this
  8. So the ref was instrumental in Town losing 58-0 hmmm
  9. https://www.seriousaboutrl.com/catalans-dragons-forward-mathieu-cozza-makes-surprise-switch-54214/
  10. A draw would have been a fair result today our guys played out of their skins
  11. Barrow rested Forster, Wood and Morrow and had Stack on the bench with debutant Connor Saunders as replacement hooker .. he got Barrows mom and looks a good prospect. To be honest all the Barrow side were mom today. Leigh were bigger stronger and faster but our lads had more grit and determination and were efinitely up for it. Great game
  12. morty

    Sam Eseh

    As if they don't already have a raft of quality forwards ...
  13. Tough game expected as always at Dewsbury .... Sammut should be back but we still dont have any fit (or banned) centres and its hurting us. We need to respect the ball more and stop the silly errors as per the 2nd half against Workington. Any ball we had was given straight back through basic errors! The only positive from that 2nd half was the defence held up pretty well given they were camped inside our 20 for long periods.
  14. No mate its not just you.....Brett had a good game on sunday ... you will always get know it all's on here Personally I thought Fozzy was MoM ....Worky just couldnt handle him when on the field
  15. We were appalling in the 2nd half didn't respect the ball at all and the completion rate must've been rock bottom...we made Worky look like a really good side in that 2nd half ... Crestas half time talk must've been along the lines of we've won so just go thro the motions
  16. but we didn't draw Sheffield so that's immaterial bud .... Leigh and Fev are so far removed in this league as not to matter to us mere mortals fighting for the other places
  17. Hopefully Cresta will rest a few of the players carrying injuries ready for the Worky game which is much more important to what we are aiming at
  18. this weeks semi is a game we don't need to be honest .. much more important games to come and we don't want any more injuries and could've done with a week off for the Worky game
  19. think Fozzie has been carrying an injury for a few weeks
  20. Not just Sammut, Jake Carter is also getting better and better in the halves and taking on more plays down the left side
  21. great game to be at ... York goal line defence was superb in the 2nd half. You were the better side especially the 1st half but we hung on in there right till the end. I think you will end up 3rd
  22. Excellent 2200 crowd tonight Also Wheelers best game in a Barrow shirt tonight for me
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