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  1. Hi Colin. You've clicked on the wrong forum here. But the best option is to give the club a call. Sure someone will help out and tell you how to get Rovers TV. Chris
  2. I'm sure I read/heard somewhere that Featherstone paid £60k a year to Leeds?
  3. Can we dual reg Leeds supporters? Cos I'd like you to come join us next season. I'll even buy you a drink.
  4. What do Bradford Bulls actually bring to the game?
  5. They could, but it's only specific clubs, folk like to put the boot in on.
  6. Not wrong, Featherstone add little value to the game - especially now they are dual regin' with Leeds.
  7. This is why Featherstone bring nothing to Rugby League.
  8. Well, Fev must bring something to the game then if the club can sign a player of that stature. Who'd have thought it? Well done Fev
  9. I heard it was Fev Fans on a end of season jolly.
  10. I think it's all about Barcelona Blues, Madrid Mavericks, Seville Stars, Paris Pirates, Amsterdam Aces and Berlin Bears.
  11. Yep, I thought when Ferguson came on he made a difference to that. Funnily enough I thought he was one of the better Featherstone players, yet he probably wouldn't have played if Cooper hadn't renewed his passport. Toulouse were class all over.
  12. Feel really disappointed with the game today, even in the opening moments Toulouse were on top. The first half we had polar opposite performances, Toulouse looking incredibly strong and showing there dominance - whilst Featherstone probably could have broken wind and they would have followed through. Second half and the first 20 minutes was what I was expecting from the contest, but in all fairness the game was probably done in the first half. Featherstone were just left with far too much to do and even when they had chances the ball didn't bounce kindly in there favour. Probably due to the fact Toulouse were really good! Toulouse most certainly deserve promotion into Super League and I hope they continue playing the way they do. Spectacular rugby. Well done Toulouse.
  13. I understand that there's now a shortage of popcorn in the world, thanks to this topic. Well done.
  14. Why can't we celebrate what each teams brings to the game?
  15. Jamaica Vs Scotland at Featherstone, then. See you all there.
  16. What a player, and a fine role model too. Highly respected player.
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