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  1. Bambie Thug said in a post to Instagram that they have raised "multiple complaints" to Eurovision organisers over "instances" they have experienced this week. Bambie claimed that the Eurovision Broadcasting Union (EBU) earlier confirmed to their delegation that Israeli broadcaster Kan had "broken the rules of conduct during the Eurovision semi-final 1". This might match with rumours from Friday of a group claiming to be from the Israeli media trying to provoke people backstage during the rehearsals.
  2. Kevin Keegan, God bless him, once came up with "He's using his strength and that is his strength, his strength."
  3. Johnstone, to quote David Coleman (probably), "opens his legs and shows us his class".
  4. I think they have talented players, but there were some very tentative strokes played. I hope they can make this a good close series.
  5. Leeds are still very much in this. Mind you, that's the same as Huddersfield were in the first half earlier today.
  6. It'll find its level, given time. Which will probably be pretty much was it was in the past - an occasional attempt to second-guess the opposition.
  7. Pakistan 110 all out. A mixture of loose shots in some cases and good bowling/fielding in others.
  8. Pakistan are chasing 164, so somebody evidently got their on with business while I was watching Huddersfield v Wigan. Pakistan are currently 66 for 3 on 7.4 overs.
  9. Women's T20: England v Pakistan is live on BBC2 right now. It looks like there are a few new faces in the England team, who should be keen to prove themselves.
  10. Tapuha gets his first try in First Grade. Big lad.
  11. Katoa opens the scoring for Melbourne, with at least three Cronulla tacklers hanging off him. Converted for 6:0.
  12. More filthy weather for the Dragons v the Rabble. This has not turned out to be the genius career-making transfer that Jack Wighton thought it would be. SGI 28:14 SOU
  13. No massive surprise, but the announcement has finally been made.
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