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  1. It’s a Steve Ganson “non clampdown “ clampdown that he will claim is a success
  2. No. The definition & link were provided earlier. The ref was spot on with his decision
  3. And whilst Kendal has got a couple of things wrong he was correct with the penalty try and red card calls
  4. Direct contact to the head. No justification. Has to be red. Now over to the Disciplinary. Will they support player welfare?
  5. It’s a SLE decision not RFL or Sky Also there are a lot more cameras at TV games than non TV ones so if you are taking about a level playing field......
  6. I know that Huddersfield isn’t what it used to be but if you compare it with other towns in Kirklees then it has done very well
  7. It's not mine and the new North Stand was required by the Rhinos and Hetherington did negotiate with the council. Other than that you are spot on
  8. And the Rhinos needed a new North Stand so were, quite correctly, required to work with the council
  9. The video that is available and the minutes to the hearing cast doubts on your source Barlow completely lost it & not for the reasons you stste Again you are either with or against the fight against drugs in sport
  10. Out of competition testing is a must and by definition must be at an address and under the "whereabouts" regulations are at specified times. The only "bully boy" was Barlow. The tester was trying to do his job. Barlow lost it - yet again As I said either you support the attempts to eradicate drugs from the sport or you don't.
  11. What a strange post. Either you are trying to stop drugs being used in the sport or you aren't You also clearly didn't see the same video of the test that I saw or the same one that others did
  12. In which case, and I actually agree with you, then the claims that "X" don't bring any away fans from owners should cease
  13. The real question us why do clubs arrange home games that clash with the live ones on Sky? It must impact on their attendances especially the away support!
  14. In general the RFL games are probably priced correctly albeit with too many "offers" at times which devalues what should be and is a premium product On the other hand a lot of clubs it feel over charge for league games with prices having steadily increased over the last few games. I'm not saying all entry should be £10 but £25+ for a league game makes it very expensive especially for a family
  15. If that is the case then the RFL would have refunded Hemel from Bradford's central distribution
  16. Did you notice the irony in Hudgell saying Chalmers was unprofessional when Hudgell was just the same & not for the first time People in glasshouses etc
  17. It's just a complete and utter mess the majority of which could and should have been avoided. I have a lot of sympathy for fans like you who must be at the end of their tether with the consistent poor running of what is, at the end of the day, your club
  18. So if you are hazarding a guess then are you not one of the so called "keyboard warriors"
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