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  1. The season for most clubs ended about eight weeks ago. If it was going to happen, it would have happened.
  2. Yes, I get that, thanks. But the games that were played have been entirely scrubbed from the official record as if they never happened.
  3. Yup. I can think of precisely zero of the hundreds of football clubs who had their seasons voided who have refunded ticket purchases and season tickets. Cricket is slightly different because, as of right now, there doesn't look like being any county cricket played.
  4. Yes, I think Hearts have been thoroughly screwed by this. I am very biased though as one of my most joyful experiences was watching Hearts beat Hibs 1-0 in a particularly fraught Edinburgh derby and I always enjoyed my visits to Tyncastle back in the dim and distant. I've no problem with deciding titles but pushing through relegation just doesn't sit right. The issue with Leeds, if it becomes an issue, will be that the Football League and Premier League are distinct entities. They don't have to agree to anything. That said, the money Leeds in the Premier League will bring instead of - sorry @Niels - Bournemouth may make them find a way of coming to an arrangement. I can't see them going ahead with an irregular number of clubs.
  5. Their white shirt this season is remarkably plain. It looks like they do a bonkers/non-mad combination each seasaon? I think Nottingham Outlaws basically had that 2015/16 shirt.
  6. Just when I thought I couldn't love German culture more, I go to the Werder Bremen site (English version), click on the shop and the *first thing* they are marketing is bespoke Werder Bremen coffee. But, yes, I've also got my eye on the Berlin derby.
  7. My nephew supports Wolfsburg. He went over there to see a game a couple of years ago. Not sure why, I think he liked the name wolf and didn't want to support Bayern. That's some shirt.
  8. The autonomous kingdom of Haestingas will be entering separately. We'll have no truck with being lumped with any Saxons and refuse to recognise the defeat of our tribe by Offa of Mercia in 771. (Why yes, I have just been on Wikipedia, why do you ask?)
  9. Meanwhile, 'my' Kiwoom Heroes are 7-5 and fifth, and 'my' Chinatrust Brothers are 12-13 and second. I shall have to check on what the play-offs actually are in Korea at some point, and also have a look to see if the Japanese League is planning on a return.
  10. The trade off in baseball, far more than in, say hockey and basketball (NFL is different again) is that you get paid less than minimum wage for years in the minors because when you get to the major leagues you then get paid significant money. The owners are all billionaires. They can afford to keep their side of that bargain.
  11. I mean, we could keep repeating this until it finally sinks in but, honestly, I thought everyone had got this point by now.
  12. I think what they've said is that the bottom two will definitely be relegated and they would like to do the play-off but if any part of the season gets cut then it will be the play-off that goes. I *think* that's what they said anyway. God, but Werder were pants last night.
  13. Yes, we agree. The ONS covid death figures are as robust as for any other cause of death in this country. And I wasn’t replying to you but to the post you were quoted in linking to a letter saying the figures were a nonsense because doctors are too keen to assign to covid.
  14. We got ours direct from the manufacturer as none of the online “general” sites had stock. Meant we paid the RRP rather than any discount but it did also mean we got them.
  15. Premier League returning to training from Tuesday albeit contact free and socially distanced. A belief that the start date of 12th June may have to be pushed back (apparently).
  16. I think it's absolutely fine to be down about highly personal things. That's not selfish.
  17. My sources for the fact that nobody is adding covid-19 to death certificates to artificially inflate the numbers of covid-19 deaths is reality. It's not happening. I'll be sure and tell Mrs Ginger, whose father died in a care home three weeks ago, that she has clearly forgotten a doctor sneaking in and putting covid-19 on the death certificate. (No doctor did do this by the way because it's not happening. He died from being very ill.)
  18. A nice mix of grades for me. The only downside is that having the back of my head photo'd (we don't have a mirror that could do the job) means I can no longer I hide from the fact that that really is a bald spot. This virus is ruining everything.
  19. Oh, if it was rubbish, I'd say so on here (although not to her obviously). But she has done a good job.
  20. Spivs did well in the Blitz. Mrs Ginger did my hair yesterday. It's not bad at all.
  21. Yeah, there’s a lot of nonsense about covid being added to death certificates for giggles. Like most things old people share on social media: it’s not true.
  22. Hastings AC and Hastings Runners used the weekend for a 3 mile run challenge - solo or socially distant only and 3 miles chosen so no-one would be tempted to go mental trying to get a 5k PB. I did mine in 24:04 which I was pleased with, not having even attempted to run 'fast' for 10 weeks. And then I saw everyone else's times. The sods. Still, 7/7 in age category and 50/65 overall ... I mean, burning away from a 70 year old woman by 10 seconds that has to be applauded. Right?! Anyway, did actually feel good to do. Made me realise how much I'm missing parkrun, as I, like pretty much everyone else it seems, did a run that took in most of that course. Oh, and 81kg.
  23. It definitely seems like green shoots. Our rates of infection don't seem to be going down as fast as might be expected but (I would imagine) that could be linked to the number of tests being higher than before. Social distancing plus facemasks plus track n trace with a decent low level of infection where the latter works ... and we can all start to move back towards something that looks vaguely normal.
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