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  1. My biggest problem has been that I only want to see the robots from the Sky opening credits and yet I can't work out which club they play for
  2. Desolation Sound is in Canada when, surely, it should be in [insert insulting area of England chosen to meet your personal prejudice].
  3. I've yet to see any allegations from anyone that racist abuse towards their own players has happened at any other county. It may have done but until the allegations are made it wouldn't be right for anyone to say it has happened. In the example above, if nobody else from anywhere else had reported the theft of washing then I'm afraid all the evidence would say that it has only happened in Leeds, no matter how unlikely that seems. In the meantime, I hope Yorkshire aren't planning a "but everyone else is really racist too" defence with added, "and have you spoken to this brown lad anyway, he's proper annoying".
  4. Very obviously, Aberdeen should be in Wales. And Aberystwyth should be called Aberrheidol. There's a fair number of historic Dutch-language place names in the northeast of France that all look like they've got to stuck the wrong side of the border.
  5. He's specifically referring to his experience of being taunted racially by home supporters and has played for Yorkshire and other counties. He does not allege it happened at other counties. How else would you frame someone's allegations of being taunted by home fans of one county but not by home fans of other counties?
  6. You're right. You never see rugby league on the BBC.
  7. If it needs to be done in order to guarantee a successful tournament then I won't complain but I would prefer a decision be made before people start buying tickets.
  8. No. I am not bored of the Lib Dems. How dare you.
  9. Look, with their track record of forensic accuracy when it comes to describing broadcasting rights and packages, I think we can trust League Express on this one.
  10. Yorkshire always have an excuse ready. Bored of it now.
  11. No one is going to buy Championship rights otherwise, and we don't have a confirmed international programme to sell.
  12. As I said, whilst performatively watching Chelsea v Brighton yesterday, I would like just one season where Yorkshire aren't entirely inept at T20. Just one. Before I die.
  13. In order to save rugby league it is necessary to destroy rugby league.
  14. Apologies if this channel has been linked before but I can't find it via a search. Free to view - and non geoblocked - Sport en France is showing some "Rugby a XIII" replays. For example, at 9.40pm BST tomorrow, there is last year's Championship final. https://www.sportenfrance.com/grille-des-programmes/?date=20200916 I presume others will know if it also covers games live - but I can't see an easy search on the site to find out.
  15. Bless. The Championship will end up on the BBC Red Button as part of the same deal that sees the BBC retain Challenge Cup and international rights.
  16. Do you have any idea how and why the sport of rugby league was formed?
  17. Then ask them where it was fought and see if we get 16 correct answers.
  18. Yes. There’s a reason why football participation is higher than rugby by a factor of a few tens of thousands globally.
  19. I think they did the same for all the countries at the last World Cup. Looked bobbins then too. The tournament stuff on the other hand doesn't look bad at all.
  20. Assuming that there is no payment to central funding from the Super League rights.
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