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  1. It starts with properly investing in stewarding and stadium security. There is precious little of that going on.
  2. Look. You have to properly love British rugby league in order to gleefully support the destruction of one of its teams so that your bankrupt football club can get an extra 200k a year. It's beautiful in its way.
  3. It's further north than Gloucester (just), I believe.
  4. Forest v Sheffield United is 3-3 on aggregate. 12 minutes to go in second leg extra time. If this goes to penalties it won't finish much before 11pm. Magnificent.
  5. I tend not to make such confident statements on a website dedicated to people who get their jollies watching other people throw a ball around for 80 minutes at a time.
  6. I think history will put more on the credit than the debit side, acknowledging the colossal challenges he finally forced the game to face after decades of avoiding them. RIP
  7. "**** ground, no fans" is one of my favourite and most direct football chants. And it's been around for longer than I have.
  8. The moaners are still rightly pointing out that it cost all of the ECB's reserves to subsidise a tournament that even then couldn't deliver full grounds and failed to generate a penny profit, let alone the millions it was meant to do. Nobody has fallen into line and, I note with a smile, the ECB CEO has finally announced he's running away in failure.
  9. And Fisher too - for some reason I thought that had already been mentioned on here. Time to sellotape up Anderson and Broad and hope for the best.
  10. I read it. Thought I'd go and check. Closed window and went and checked. Forgot to come back to reply. We do place far too many demands on our players. It's problematic for a professional sport that has yet to properly move away from gate revenue and TV contracts that require significant numbers of games but doesn't have the player pool (unlike, say, RU and cricket) that means players can be rotated and rested.
  11. As long as the Championship remains the only division to have obscenely unbalanced funding these matches will continue to be the norm.
  12. I think we (as in on this board) did ask whether we'd have to do a summer migration and were told not to worry our pretty little heads about. £200,000 per year rent, is it?
  13. Am on holiday or else I might have given it a go. 70 minute drive though so it's not like it's right on the doorstep of anyone. You might want to check which bit of Kent you're in, it's not a small county.
  14. It's 210 miles from London to Llanelli. Doncaster is closer.
  15. Sam Kerr, by herself, earns more than the total salary cap for an NRLW team. Clearly the AFL are pouring money into a big old pit, but that complacency about soccer better not be standard amongst NRL people.
  16. "almost half of all sports participants in Parramatta are choosing soccer over AFL and rugby league" Yeah, great news.
  17. I'm including it because it did get to the point of having players 'signed' up to it but I do completely take your point.
  18. Rugby League has, through its history, had a recurring habit of going for the guillotine option whenever it finds it has some clubs that don't *quite* fit for reasons of not being strong enough, being too far away (etc). I don't think there is an easy or obvious solution to the imbalance in League One but I'd take an unbalanced league that keeps clubs alive over a 'solution' that effectively ends their existence.
  19. I read a really nice interview with some male professional academy players who were talking about how cool it was/is that there have been medal winning sides in women’s sports with partners and spouses playing alongside each other. The kids are alright. Mostly.
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