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  1. From memory, the BBC would show a match per round from both the Regal Trophy and the Challenge Cup - possibly only the later stages of both though. Not always in full, so you might get highlights of the first half before the second half was shown live (and then you might get cut away from the rugby so the football results could be read out). Plus most GB home internationals. I don't remember them ever showing actual league games - although they did show the Premiership Final (in much the same way as they covered the Regal Trophy). Regional ITV very occasionally showed league rugby. But I don't think they did at all after about 1989.
  2. Channel 5 and the Premiership already had a deal to show live games. Cricket was meant to be on the BBC this year but The Hundred was cancelled. The soccer that has been on FTA are games that are not covered by any pre-existing broadcast deal.
  3. Why are you and @Number 16 having conversations with imaginary children?
  4. A side note on women's cricket. Yesterday's live stream between NW Thunder (Cheshire, Cumbria and A N Other Minor County) and Northern Diamonds (Yorkshire, some others to clean boots etc) drew 72,000 views as the Diamonds recorded yet another win. And I wasn't even one of them (although I was following the scorecard elsewhere). There's an audience. There are people who want to play. The ECB are right to continue supporting the development of the women's game just as they are every other aspect of cricket development.
  5. I suspect you're right. Which tells you all you need to know about what state rugby league will be in.
  6. Agree. But whilst we still have decent Challenge Cup coverage I won’t complain about a lack of SL live games on terrestrial right now. Especially with so many schedule changes. Is the Super League Show back?
  7. Does Freesat still exist? Is it on that? There are a fair number of people with a Sky package that excludes sports.
  8. It was the case when it launched - as I have a sports sub, I don’t know if it’s true now but that was always the point of the channel as being something of a shop window to Sky subscribers who didn’t have sports.
  9. Any time we're on Mix that is true, I believe.
  10. They do. Internationals take precedence but all England players have a county contract and all the major domestic tournaments feature world class players from every other cricket playing country.
  11. You missed out self-pitying. And biased. What a character, eh? Much better than being accurate and honest.
  12. I'm about 20 years out of date but I did some work on this as part of my undergrad dissertation - specifically comparing Welsh and Irish. My view remains unchanged. In about 20 years Welsh will be spoken to a high degree of fluency by at least half of the population of Wales and be utterly dead as a community language. EDIT My opinion was not popular with the Welsh department who only gave me a 2:1. But then I was an annoying POS.
  13. Home team goes second and for good reason. Fuxake. Chiefs, Eagles, Patriots, Vikings, Jaguars, Lions, Panthers, Bills, Ravens, Falcons, Chargers, Saints, 49ers, Cowboys, Steelers, Titans
  14. A recent thing about Scots that is both funny and absolutely terrible https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/wxqy8x/most-of-scottish-wikipedia-written-by-american-in-mangled-english EDIT And a mea-culpa, I have used Scots Wikipedia as a tool to show that modern Scots does not really exist. I am now having to revise that opinion based on finding out that it was Scots Wikipedia and not the Scots language that was the issue.
  15. The only cricket on BBC on Sunday is a highlights programme that starts at ten to midnight.
  16. I can’t let the outrage of 1906 lie
  17. Sky need to save money wherever possible as is becoming increasingly obvious. The online streaming has been good from a lot of counties, including Middlesex at Lords so I have no worries about the quality of coverage. It's a shame but not devastating that it won't be on Sky. More people have the internet than a Sky Sports subscription.
  18. Deleted. Apologies for any inference.
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