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  1. We have them listed everywhere in Australia for when we forget. It’s a real pain when the players or fans turn up to the stadium on the wrong day.
  2. Matt Orford in Canberra .... I’m now annoyed I’ve remembered it.
  3. while league tag isn't widely known in canberra, both Oz Tag and Touch are very well known. Both Oz Tag and Touch generally operate outside of a RL club structure. People form their own teams and then join the most appropriate competition. clubs do have league tag teams though ... the first game at this link is women's league tag. It has commentary, on screen graphics etc.
  4. Good stuff... you made me think about Australian music from 30 to 40 years ago and I'm now listening to Bachelors From Prague on Spotify...
  5. Total Recall (the one with Arnie) I think it’s improved with age.
  6. https://savvysupporter.com.au/canberra-raiders-2021-nrl-fishing-shirt.html https://www.hookedonline.com.au/accessories/clothing/fishing-shirts-polos/ This style of shirt is quite popular for fishing as they keep you cool while at the same time providing sun protection.
  7. After two weeks quarantine i got back to work and there was chocolate lined up across the top of my monitor.. it's the little things.
  8. Crocodile Black bear Elk jelly fish bison deer duck pigeon Emu Python Cobra meat cobra blood in whisky Fruit bat Some type of jungle frog Water buffalo Horse Sheep brains Baby eels heart (I think it was beef heart) goat Kangaroo Wallaby durian (the only non-animal on the list ... i've eaten it many times) I'm certain i've missed a few things. I'm the sort of person to blame for covid!
  9. A few days a go a colleague nearly broke down while telling me that it was me treating him as a human being that saved him from the horrible thoughts that were moving in as a result of his terrible supervisor. I had no idea I had that sort of impact. Be nice to people folks... you might be helping them more than you realise.
  10. Nice and warm here in Australia which is exactly as xmas should be. Snow or cold weather for xmas is just too weird for this Australian. I've been for a walk around part of a local lake and listened to the cicadas while keeping an eye out for snakes. I've also eaten a heap of prawns and am about to start up the BBQ so I can cook meat and drink beer outdoors,
  11. Same to you and everyone else on here. As we were sitting around having lunch i realised i was wearing a Raiders collared top, my partner had a replica jersey on and another family member was wearing a very nice Raiders fishing shirt. Bleed green! lol
  12. Has anyone received their jersey yet?
  13. Good luck getting Canberra to release a sizeable chunk of their squad to fly to England and back mid season.
  14. I live near there. It’s well maintained public cross country running track right next to a road bike circuit and a significant mountain biking range. All free to access and open to the public. https://stromloforestpark.com.au/ They actually do have a lot of eastern brown snakes in that area. It’s the second-most venomous land snake on earth. I nearly stepped on one a few months ago while fishing just over the border in NSW and I’ve jogged by one like Sia did in this funny video. I wasn’t paying attention and saw it as I passed by. I’ve seen quite a few in Canberra actually. They are everywhere.
  15. Boxing isn’t banned because people enjoy it. You’ll note, however, that hardly any parent encourages their kids to take up boxing. We don’t want this to happen to rugby league.
  16. This is just a start. Over time scientific knowledge will increase and legal strategies will be honed. We’ll have to make changes that increases the distance it takes for a player to stop after impact and also possibly take steps that increase the likelihood of tackling from the side instead of front on tackles. We’ll be down to 11 players, restrictions on gang tackles and others changes before we know it. Plus any other changes the experts think we need. We’ll have no changes .... and then suddenly, the changes will be radical and they’ll be made very quickly. I don’t mind this as it will still be action packed and I’ll still get to feel I’m part of the community on match day.
  17. In Australia, the most common cause of death from a “football” (soccer, rugby union, rugby league and Australian Rules) injury over 146 years is brain damage. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-12-22/football-deaths-in-australia-over-the-past-146-years/13004516
  18. The “male, pale and stale” mantra has been around for at least a decade ... well it was around ten years ago when I first heard someone describe the ARU that way. I’ve heard it other times since.
  19. Oz Tag and Touch Football combined have one of the biggest pool of athletes in Australia. No doubt a few of these have had some experience with a semi contact or full contact sport at some point too.... or they’re eager to learn.
  20. I’ve never cared where they are from. I’m an Australian and if there was an English ref for every Oz v Eng match I wouldn’t care at all.
  21. There’s no organised campaign from Raiders fans that I’m aware of. I suspect we all realise it will cost a lot of money that we don’t have at the moment. The territory only has around 430,000 people and had to buy a 1000 plus houses and has built a light rail that will soon be expanding. Covid has also hit the coffers. The ACT is however starting to develop land not far from where the new stadium will be located and there seems to be cross party support with regards to the location of the proposed new stadium. The current stadium is away from pubs, restaurants and shops and even has kangaroos jumping through the crowds on some of the paths to the ground. The proposed new location is in the centre of the city so it will bring a crowd of 7k to 20k many times a year to all the pubs, clubs and restaurants in there when either the Brumbies or Raiders play. It’s the politics around paying for it that has become tricky.
  22. We were heading in the direction of building a fully covered stadium similar to the multipurpose Forsyth Barr Stadium in New Zealand. It was going to be in Civic which is the main centre of Canberra. Unfortunately the scale and threat of loose asbestos blown into roof and wall cavities in the ACT in the 60s and 70s resulted in the government purchasing over 1000 homes to demolish them and conduct full site cleaning. The money was spent on this instead and future stadium plans are now on the back burner.
  23. I really miss the days in Australia when the soccer World Cup was on and only soccer fans knew about it..
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