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  1. I am a Bulls fan who was watching. I couldn't sleep last night at the thought of the last two.
  2. I'm happy with what they've got. Reinforces the Lancastrian stereotype. I like Barry and Terry. And, before anyone jumps on me, Barry and Terry are much much better than Jonathan Davies. Rugby League is a working class game that anyone can play and enjoy watching. Like it or not' Barry and Tery are still the template that the game draws its players from. I think that RL fans who criticise Barry and Terry are like the people of my generation who collect the Donald McGill saucy seaside postcards. They themselves would never have been common enough in the 1960's to buy one and send it to someone in their social circle (TBH, I wouldn't have done so either). Nowadays they regard that card as a genuine historical artefact. So do I and I still love my mates who bought them at the time and who now have progressed far more than me in their careers and tastes.
  3. Actually, the council cries wolf over finances. A couple of years ago, it spent a fortune on repairs to a large city centre office block that it owned. Then, last year it knocked it down to create a new office park on the site. So far, no sign of a developer or the money for the council to build the replacement itself. The same council knocked down about a sizeable proportion of the commercial area to build a new shoppers paradise. We have ended up with a smaller-than-trumpeted shopping centre after having a quarry-sized hole in the ground for 10 years. God knows how much the city lost in business rates and the shopping scene has never recovered. The MP's for Shipley and Keighley/Ilkley are calling for those towns to be devolved from the Metropolitan Council
  4. The council is led by a bunch a bunch of Philistines. They have had one good idea in five years, buying the beautiful stone Marks and Spencer building to rehouse the city market. It has everything you could want for a market ... escalators, lifts, three large open floors and a large warehouse that is linked by a gantry from across the neighbouring street. Now, it has decided to knock it down and build an anytown glass-and-chrome shed to house the market. This was announced as a fait accompli. The Odsal estate includes the recently-closed Richard Dunn sports centre and both are 800 yards from a motorway junction. The council sees Odsal as a saleable asset rather than a treasured historic sportsfield.
  5. The embarrassing thing over the past two weeks is showing the games within hours of the beamed NRL games. The difference in intensity is so apparent. I played union for nearly thirty years and the tackling will never be as good as it is in league. That,s because the positions are so specialised. Five of the eight forwards never have to make running tackles, just knock down similar sized blokes who haven't got two yards of pace and a sidestep between them. I'd concede that the backs in top level union teams are likely to have tacklers just as good as ours in league, some better than ours because their game can leave defences more exposed in both numbers and space. However, they don't have to stand under 20 aerial bombs every game.
  6. I've been acknowledging that for the past forty-odd years.
  7. https://www.clogs.co.uk/ Yorkshire, of course. Lancastrian fashionistas regularly catch the horse-and-cart to Hebden Bridge.
  8. I have had a letter from the Office for National Statistics inviting me to be interviewed for a Covid Study: How do I take part? Call IQVIA on 0800 085 6807. If you are unable to use the telephone, you can email iqvia.covid19survey@nhs.net Register to take part and make a home appointment at your convenience. A study worker will arrive at your home to complete the study. he information you give us is protected by law and is treated as confidential. How long will it take? The first appointment will take 15 to 30 minutes per person. What happens next? If you are interested, we would like everyone in the household to repeat this study over either a month or 12 months - but you do not have to do this if you don't want to. If you are interested, this will involve: A visit once a week from a study worker to collect a nose and throat swab. This will happen for 4 weeks in a row, so 5 visits in total. A visit once a month after this for 12 months in a row to collect a nose and throat swab. As a thank you, anyone in your household who takes part will receive a voucher for each visit (f30 for the first visit, £25 for each further visit).
  9. She's qualified to play for Wales, so there's absolutely nothing wrong with those glasses. Alright.
  10. I suspect this is a Sky initiative to add character to the commentry teams. David Lloyd was dressed as a Victorian Mill Worker during the last two cricket tests. The rest of the commentary team all wore identikit stylish outfits finished off with blue loafers. [Apologies if the Victorian Mill Worker look still counts as high fashion in Lancashire.]
  11. I took a disposable mask to town on Saturday and the elastic came away from the mask. Without a mask, you can't go into a shop to buy a pack. The lady in the sewing shop in Wibsey is making washable ones for £3.50. Camouflage ones for me and my grandson; black and polka dot ones for my daughter and granddaughters. Two per person, that should do it.
  12. On Celebrity Gogglebox, is the lady with Johnny Vegas his wife?
  13. I love beetroot and simply red cabbage too.
  14. The A1 is much better than it used to be; at least in the bits I go on. At one time, it was frightening. You'd go round a bend doing 70mph in the outside lane of a dual carriageway ... then a suddenly a tractor and trailer would join from the right hand side.
  15. The B4246 between Abergavenny and Blaenavon is renowned in cycling cirles as "The Tumble". It's a long steep climb where, in a car, your ears 'pop' when you near the top. Along the way up: - Threre is a sharp switchback, known locally as the 'Fiddlers Elbow' that breaks the cadence of racing cyclists. - You will get a fantastic view of the patchwork fields below the Sugar Loaf mountain set on the opposite flank of the Usk valley. This photo shows the next mountain over, the Skirrid. Worth a trip in any case for the free entry down Big Pit coalmine in Blaenavon.
  16. My Q magazine one has also been deleted. Absolute disgrace. Obviously, I'm gutted. I can't remember any of my previous umpteen years of posts being deleted. Mind you, I'm suspicious of being a member of any club that would have the likes of me as a member.
  17. Rolling Stone ranked Green at number 58 in its 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time list in 2019 Eddie Van Halen, Pete Townshend, George Harrison, David Gilmour, Derek Trucks, Neil Young' Johnny Ramone, Scotty Moore, Ry Cooder, Prince, Curtis Mayfield, John Lee Hooker, Randy Rhoads, The Edge, Steve Cropper, Tom Morello, Mick Ronson, Mike Bloomfield, Mark Knopfler, Jerry Garcia, Stephen Stills, Johnny Marr, Clarence White, Joe Walsh, John Lennon Some decent guitarists there, but none of them can compare to Peter Green in his heyday, and certainly not be in the list above him. Bloody insult. Shows what Yankee hipsters know. Peter was a 1970's genius and casualty. There were so many of them.
  18. Wore one for the first time today. Arco sale. Felt, and no doubt looked, like a tw@
  19. There's now a Welsh school in Trevethin. The kids probably still won't pass many exams but they'll almost certainly end up speaking better Welsh than English. [Rival school fifty years ago]
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