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  1. Well, that would be an icebreaker at a soiree in the Home Counties.
  2. Tonight, I'll be reviewing hand-pulled Tetleys Bitter and Jennings Cumberland. I generally review them a few times every week.
  3. Cardiff i has had at least 50 years to honour codebreakers who were outstanding rugby league players. For example, RL legend Jim Sullivan went north in 1921. Billy Boston and Johnny Freeman went in the 1950's. Clive Sullivan and Colin Dixon went in the 1960's. All are Cardiff boys and, as it is the capital of the country, Cardiff has a duty to celebrate all Welsh converts. Whilst the current proposal is to be celebrated, let's not forget that the city also has a large ethnic population and lies just across the Channel from Bristol. https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/politics/slave-owners-statue-set-removed-18653116
  4. Someone's willing to pay nearly £8000 for a nude portrait of Janet Steet Porter. https://www.walesonline.co.uk/lifestyle/tv/janet-street-porter-loose-women-18608138
  5. I hadn't realised (till I read in yesterday's Times) that the BBC has made John Inverdale redundant. Obviously, heartbroken sobs reverberate all round the TRL websphere.
  6. Spent yesterday evening in a proper pub. Setting off again now.
  7. Thirsk has the greatest town centre in Yorkshire.
  8. 2nd weekend in a row with having to sign in and sit at social distance. The landlady at one pub told me that the quiet music was louder than the limit and that sporting broadcasts must have the sound turned off on the telly. Load of cack. Like spending Saturday night courtesy of the Gestapo.
  9. My milkman delivers the milk in the early hours. Three bottles on a Friday, placed in a small bin (former plant-pot holder) by the back door. I caught the fox at 6am. The bottles were below the lip of the bin but it had got through the foil on one and dented the other two. There are two buckets full of rainwater on the patio so the fox wasn't thirsty. I reckon some stupid tree-hugger has been feeding the foxes with milk. Now I'll have to get plastic cack from the supermarket. It's not as if I haven't got anything else to complain about.
  10. Sodding fox has been at my three bottles of milk this morning. Had to chuk them down the drain. We need a few terriers on the street so the sooner this lockdown ends the better.
  11. I really like Jennings Cumberland. Ossett has never made a bad beer. I still like Tetleys and Black Sheep when they've been kept properly Never been a fan of Timothy Taylor's landlord. However, the Boltmaker had improved out of sight before the lockdown. Brains Bitter is great but it doesn't seem to travel. Mentioned this before; Erdinger is, for me, the only tasty alcohol-free lager.
  12. I'd have Hall on the bench even if he wasn't first-choice winger. He'd be a very effective second row replacement if necessary.
  13. Are all these countries playing off to decide who loses to Yorkshire in the final?
  14. The Fighting Cock has gone up for sale. A pity because the same people have had it for years. Presumably a victim of the lockdown, combined with Bradford City's games being cancelled. Not actually a favourite of mine but a few of my mates go in regularly and it's a Bradford institution.
  15. If so, a good job it never worked out. I have this vision of them fighting over the hairspray and moisturiser every morning. She later married a wrier from yhe Simpsons and has a son called Dashiell, so her literary tastes are spot-on.
  16. I went into Bradford on Sunday afternoon. Most of my regular hants stayed shut. Strict application of the rules in the two I went in. In one of them, the police had check-visited four times on the Saturday. My mate ducked out so sitting in isolation was not the greatest experience. Going to pubs in the city centre has become a civic duty to keep them going. We need a fortnight of red hot sunshine so the rules will fall into disuse.
  17. I used to work with a bona fide Native American from Kings Lynn. His parents came over to work on the gas field.
  18. I rememberhim being on the radio and being very censorious about modern day cricketers. This week, I read his obituary in the Times. As reported, he was never married but had three children by three different women.
  19. If you live in Bolton, living in Leigh is probably an aspiration.
  20. A town can only be classed as "lovely" by comparing it to places that aren't. I've never been to most of the south east so can't comment on anything beyond London. Fortunately, we have enough dumps in the North that can be useful refernce points. When people slag off Bradford, I naturally assume that they must be referring to the one in Manchester. Now that is a serious dump. I've worked there twice. A police van drives round all day just to show the locals that they are around and there was a 24-hour solicitors practice around the corner from the police station..
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