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  1. buy London Bronco its own stadium (with a strip club out the front), also use the stadium as a England RL training ground.
  2. https://twitter.com/OldhamStAnnes/status/1520474770780958723?cxt=HHwWhsC9pfHv55kqAAAA
  3. I think this may have some legs. Especially when China is starting to rear it's head in the Pacific. NRL could be the NATO of the Pacific Region
  4. Hasn't the owner of London Broncos spent that money
  5. Image if West Wales Raiders had that kind of money
  6. Dose anyone remember the jersey Canada played in, in around 1997-8 I remember seeing it on Open Rugby (I've always liked that one)
  7. One of my favourite jersey was the 1998 CC Sheffeild kit with the word "Eagles on the front" good times.
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