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  1. Really like Cas jersey proper cas colours... also Salford jerseys looks good way better then last year... reminds me of PSG RL. And sheffeild away reminds me of static on my tv screen...
  2. Remember watching a Wigan game at a friend's house. Just before kick off he showed me a picture of his new girlfriend topless... she had subway cookie sized nipples... to this day I still have no idea who Wigan where playing and who won... (mental blank)
  3. You'd think in this day an age the SL will sign a deal (even if it's for less) that all games/rounds will be telecast live
  4. Just change "South Africa" to "Leeds" and green to blue.... and you've got yourself a new badge
  5. Just noticed the old super league logo.... it's either a rehashed jersey from years ago... or they must have got "Debbie" from accounting to sign off on the kit.
  6. Just been on the Giants website and they're using the new badge. I have a feeling the new kit with old badge is a mix up. And may be changed.
  7. I'm assuming the green/blue giants kit pays homage to the raiders/giants partnership?
  8. Or behind the head add a big "H" for Huddersfeild and goal posts
  9. Always prefered this ASC badge over the current one(sorry couldn't find a bigger pic)
  10. looks like the new badge its starting to appear every where... but I have a feeling they'll modify it down the track and add the word "Huddersfeild"
  11. How many badges do Huddersfeild need... one for each day?
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