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  1. Just out of interest, how are they going to recalculate? From the photos that exist?
  2. Sorry, I misread that, I thought you were saying the kit looked optimistic. It was late. A fine kit.
  3. Great choices but, just out of interest, why optimism for Fulham?
  4. A very special kit for me was from the first Hornets game I saw - all white, with the red and blue hoops across the chest (other, more knowledgeable Hornets fans will have to tell you the order of the hoops). Other than that I like basic, traditional designs - Australia, the 'proper' GB and NZ. However, my all time favourite is the PNG kit from the 1987 British tour (as shown on the Rothmans Yearbook 1988-89, which I have in my grubby paw at this moment). Traditional, bright colours and very dignified.
  5. Yes, they've played down the chocolate too often IMO.
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