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  1. Nice to note that they waited for their biggest game of the season before moving back
  2. After a gutsy first 40 from Oldham, York are making their man advantage count. Now 28-6 to York with 12 mins to go.
  3. Here it is....if I'm doing this right
  4. Think that was the HT score. FT was 42-14 to the Knights. Footage of a great try by Rhiannon Marshall on Twitter.
  5. Worst time for a power cut ever! We're suddenly looking comfortable when I get the stream working again
  6. Sam Scott having a big game today.
  7. Considering the disallowed Widnes try, it's a good job for us that the ref has even made a couple up!
  8. Much better start to the 2nd half but need to sustain this.
  9. Exactly. Yet when we do get field position we stick to the one man drive.
  10. Disappointing first 40. Need to find some composure as we keep trying to force the play in our own half...and then have a lack of expansion when we get field position. It's a big pitch and we're not making use of it when appropriate.
  11. Without John Lewis being there you'd think they'd be glad the car park was being used
  12. Thinking on, I'd quite like to see Stock at FB. The way he's been breaking the defensive line over the last few games, he'd be unstoppable!
  13. Absolutely agree. I don't think we get the best of Marsh at FB but gets far more opportunities to threaten when he is closer to our attacking line. On top of that, I'd love to see KD having some space to run from full back. Is PW fit yet? As I'd have him taking the other wing position.
  14. Note - now I've had a look myself, that does look a pretty well populated stand
  15. A team performance. How Fordy will want it to be. FWIW - my pick was Washbrook. Thought he mixed it up well from the play the ball, was a tower in defence and was very obviously marshaling our play in that second half. Did a lot of the jobs that Tim Spears has been doing unseen for us for the last few seasons.
  16. 5 drives and a 1 pointer now please
  17. Was just going to say that we need a big set. Then we let it bounce and then knock on.
  18. Rams kicking game has been faultless
  19. Get in!! Great to see us use the ball early in the tackle count.
  20. A proper game of rugby this. Rams using the pitch to their advantage and making York come the long way after every handover. York looking threatening but making errors. Won't be much in this come the hooter.
  21. Genuinely anyone's game. Rams probably playing the more sensible rugby and keeping York on the back foot. York taking the wrong option and making errors but still looking creative. A proper game of rugby.
  22. Not a great deal you can get for a fiver nowadays. And I'm looking forward to doubling my value by watching it all again when it pops up on-demand on the Our League site.
  23. As I said on the York page, we've discovered over the past couple of seasons both winning and losing are a habit. And right now, despite a plethora of ex-superleage players, we can't buy a win for love nor money.
  24. Over the last couple of seasons we've discovered that both winning and losing are a habit. Swinton next, and whilst they will be no push overs, we have the perfect opportunity to put things right. Hope we can hold on to Keyes for while. Thought he looked a lot better second half when he took upon himself to try things as opposed to the first half instructions of keeping it (too) safe.
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