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  1. Anyone else getting this? Every time I try to open the app on my iPad, I get this picture….that’s all.
  2. https://www.broncos.com.au/news/2021/09/04/r25-highlights-broncos-v-knights/ Oates is his wing partner I thought. Herbie voted McDonalds man of the Match.
  3. Decent finish to the season for Herbie Farnworth and the Broncos. Herbie has taken over the kicking duties these past few weeks with a pretty good success rate. 5 from 6 conversion attempts today
  4. Looks like he's off... https://www.therugbypaper.co.uk/latest-news/338596/exclusive-mike-ford-out-kevin-sinfield-in-at-leicester-tigers/
  5. I don’t think that many of Farnworth’s supporters on here would claim that he is outplaying or dominating the likes of Mitchell. What he is doing is playing against these players week in week out and as you say has been solid. Which, I think, is a lot more than his SL centre counterparts are doing. I wonder how the likes of Reece Lynne et al would get on. It’s them I am comparing him to. I’ve not seen many of the centres in SL, who have been selected, dominate their opposite numbers. And I can’t see any of them outplaying their Aussie oppos.
  6. He wasn't dropped for his playing performance. Perhaps Wane is challenging him to get a better broadband provider.
  7. Or not being able to access the internet to access such meetings. Perhaps Wane thinks that the internet is infallible and it’s the individual’s fault that technology doesn’t always work.
  8. He’s too stubborn to admit he’s wrong.
  9. If you want to see utility, check out Herbie Farnworth. Played in five positions this season, fullback, left and right centre and both wing positions. Also kicks goals. But apparently Wane selects Reece Lynne ahead of him. Muppet.
  10. And Wane is being a complete prat in ostrasizing Farnworth. Obviously Lynne is a better prospect than Farnworth. Not.
  11. Hopefully we'll see the best of Herbie in his preferred position.
  12. You think wrong. He’s playing in Australia because that is the best Rugby League competition in the world and he had the ambition and drive to test himself there. He’s a Lancashire lad through and through. All his family are still here near Burnley. He will, I’m sure, return to the UK once his Rugby League career in Australia is concluded. I believe that the issue with Wane has been blown out of all proportion. Hopefully it will be sorted out.
  13. Herbie is an out and out fullback. Played his England rep age grades there. The intention was to replace Boyd at fullback, being introduced on the wing. But circumstances, due to his versatility, saw him being played at centre. His form in that position meant that he couldn’t be dropped. He would smash it at fullback and I believe that’s where he will end up............if Broncos can replace him at centre.
  14. Herbie Farnworth still being “average”.... https://www.broncos.com.au/news/2021/05/12/farnworth-be-strong-week-in-week-out/?fbclid=IwAR2i7xmS1LR8tTfWmfqW1_3t24QKCNF-CAxa-ZjfkYGn4HBnZE_K0wVgMBI
  15. So stats against weak teams don’t count...?? Of all the statistical data that is available on Herbie Farnworth, I have yet to come across anything poor. So no, I’m not being selective. You’ve obviously got a downer on the lad Toppy. It’s a shame that you can’t acknowledge the fact that a young British athlete is more than holding his own in the toughest Rugby competition on the planet. Never mind. I’m still hoping he’s got a Welsh granny......
  16. Also.... https://www.nrl.com/news/2021/03/30/metre-eating-farnworth-a-vb-hard-earned-standout/ Not too bad for an average NRL centre.
  17. Yeah...... but what does he offer that other English centres don’t?? ...........
  18. True. But Saint Toppy alluded to plenty of rookie errors in his overall game. The stats don’t back that up. I agree with him that he hasn’t been helped by his teammates. He’s had a variety of defensive partners this season. That doesn’t help. I’d genuinely be interested to know what centres England have at their disposal that are spot on with their defensive reads.
  19. Statistically Herbie Farnworth is recorded as making 1 error per game. In 6 games he has made 88 tackles, 11 missed tackles a tackle efficiency rate of 85.5 %. That doesn't really match your appraisal of him. As far as experience goes, in my opinion he is more experienced of playing against top quality centres week in week out than the vast majority of SL centres.
  20. That may well apply to some Broncos players. But you couldn’t be more wrong about Herbie presuming this.
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