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  1. You can't go all "butchers dog" on us now Coolie lad. End of the day, we want our teams to win and do well, but for someone to go on to another teams site just to attempt to wind up their fans is quite sad, bantz yes, but you just need to know when to give it a rest. Looks like we'll be playing at that bus stop in Batley next season, whilst you'll get to visit the capital of God's own County, which is a rare win for you Coolie lad
  2. I see the "Richard Cranium" that is Coolie is still trying to get bites, keep on fishing Coolie lad, keep on fishing
  3. Never have a better chance to win a final at Wembley, too many experienced players went missing. Congratulations to a depleted Featherstone side who wanted the win way more than some of our players. Massive relegation match next week
  4. Could all just be "mind games"?
  5. Not at the moment, thought he was Batley fan anyhow?
  6. Nah, we've got that Coolie lad to come here to do his gloating/fishing to look forward too
  7. Look at you trying to all blazie about us going to Wembley, you'd give your high teeth, if you had any, to have a day out there, regardless of the score. Keep fishing Coolie lad, keep on fishing.
  8. You can tell we're having a bad season when you have two wind up merchant's from Dewsbury/Batley? coming on here gloating and looking for bites.
  9. Don't look like scoring a try. It's the same old, same old
  10. Seems the players aren't playing for the coach. Too many errors, penalties and missed tackles, with no signs of improvement despite promises on a weekly basis from Mr Ford.
  11. Nice bit of bait there lad, but you're going to have to try better
  12. Were you not at Swinton many, many moons ago? Now that pitch was very moist
  13. Game of two halves, but plenty of grit and character on show to grind out a hard fought win. Still not playing with a settled side and remember a season is marathon and not a sprint, it's all about the play offs
  14. A good work friend of mine went to Scarborough Catering College with Mr Martin
  15. Had three dogs, all three were rescue dogs. We currently have Frida, a staffie cross, from the RSPCA and Diego, a Podenco, all the way from Spain. Any future dogs will also be rescue dogs
  16. Despite having "100's" of Super League appearances in the team, we are playing a very naive game. Too many errors, penalties and wrong choices.
  17. Bearing in mind he's returning from an injury, start him on the bench and bring him on against tiring defences where is offload game could be crucial
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