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  1. Needs to wear a balaclava if he’s going to commit crimes
  2. The big positives for me The 6-Again rule seems to have dramatically cut down the amount of delaying tactics at the play-the-ball Salford & Sts in particular have shown an extremely high & inordinate level of skill Ian Watson proving once again that a quality coach can get average to good players to play great high level superbly skilled Rugby League Hull KR are trying their best to get away from the scripted attacking play we’ve seen all teams use over the last few years, it’s refreshing if not yet successful. The time that the ball is in play has increased by around 15% making the game better to watch and more value for money The refereeing has been very good throughout
  3. I don’t think anyone would argue that the NRL is a higher standard but they have huge advantages over SL. The biggest being colossal amounts of money, they attract the best athletes in Australian sport, they have the best training facilities and they have a climate more conducive to consistent high quality training month-on-month, year-on-year! Union outside backs would get torn to shreds by SL halfbacks who skip over defenders at speed and engage the line with options inside and out with lead runners and players sweeping from the back. League players read the almost invisible cues that defenders show when pressured and the decision making is more acute. They'd adapt eventually but we’re comparing their current standard with League standards
  4. People sneer at Union defensive qualities because defensively Union players are quite poor. Put a Premier Rugby player in a SL match played at the speed which the game is being played under the new rules and that player won’t last 15 minutes before needing to leave the field. During their 10 to 15 minute stint they’d be caught out of position, spun by the speed of the players cutting lines around them and if they actually managed to get their body in front of a ball carrier they’d have no chance of locking the ball up which would see it offloaded Union players can’t cope with the speed, the intensity or the running lines of League and believe me I have a foot in both camps.
  5. Last 2 plays! They went wide to Lyne when they should have gone direct at the posts thus setting up a quick pub on the last tackle
  6. Given that he’s carried his arm by his side all game that’s a miracle finish from Johnstone
  7. Wakefield have no idea with the ball in hand, they’re getting in each other’s way, no options around the ball carrier, one out drives and when Johnstone came off his wing and got tackled Trinity then went back toward his wing even though he was playing the ball. Terrible stuff
  8. If Jowitt comes back on he needs to go to the left wing, Johnstone’s a passenger and at best is a defensive liability at worst he could injure the arm further. Josh Wood back on to Hooker Kyle Wood to halfback
  9. Yes they did, wakefield didn’t I don’t think there’s any significance to eaither
  10. I would have put Josh Wood to 13 with Kyle Wood going to 9! Wakefield need to speed their game up. Save the big blokes for when the game slows down
  11. That French try apart, all the signs here are that Trinity are really struggling. Offside penalties, tired errors, delaying tactics in the tackle eg spinning the ball carrier around by grabbing/ pulling his ankle. The speed of the game and the temperature in the stadium taking its toll
  12. Very little movement or off the ball running happening around the Wakefield playmakers, it’s too easy defensively for Wigan. On the other side, Wigan are dominating the ruck and getting a very fast play the ball
  13. At a guess the trinity line up might be: Gigot Kaye Lyne Tupou Johnstone Jowitt Miller Arona Wood Kopczak Kirmond Tanginoa Westerman K Wood Batchelor Fifita Navarette
  14. Almost went to the Storm last year but a foot injury ended that. 6’6” and around 110kg at 19/20 years old, he’s come through a very good youth programme where his technical, physical and game sense has been very well developed. I can’t blame him for going but I do think it’s a year or two early for him! He’d be better off following Jake Wardle, Innes, Louis Senior, Macintosh, Connor etc.. into the Giants SL squad for a couple of years then make a decision! He’s a really good lad and I know he's ambitious and has a lot of support from his family so I wish him nothing but success
  15. I’m OKish with Golden Point but I don’t believe drop goals should count! What happens in GP isn’t really Rugby League as both teams no longer try to move the ball through the hands in an attempt to score a try. It becomes a drop goal fest with some games degenerating into farce as both teams snatch at a drop goal from silly situations. We’ve seen games where there’s been 8 or 10 attempts. Weve also seen games, important ones like the £1M game where the team kicking off in GP never had a chance to win the game because they never had possession. Despite defending well the receiving team has dropped a 45m goal and won the game. IMO GP should be settled by a try or a penalty, that would look much more like the game of Rugby League and we’d see less farcical ends to matches.
  16. Given that most of them are Aussies I’d be surprised if there aren’t 300 more effective whingers in the NRL!
  17. Yeah, but specifically which bit are you referring to? Outside those things already mentioned there is of course the Union World Cup but as stated before The Wallabies are on a massive slide so who wants to join a team that are potential whipping boys
  18. Really? Go back and look at some of the completely ridiculous VAR decisions we’ve seen this year. Goals disallowed even though 4 camera angles say goal but 1 shows a players fringe was blowing the wrong way in the wind and put him offside. Sport can go too far with technology to a point where it’s detrimental to the sport itself and that serves no one in the long term.
  19. Union can’t guarantee appearances at Olympics or Commonwealth Games at all so in an article where he’s espousing morals the blokes straight up telling lies himself! Super Rugby is also dying on its ######nal, with a number of clubs having severe financial troubles. The ARU is broke! The Wallabies are awful and can look forward to being regularly beaten by South Africa, New Zealand, England and a few 2nd tier National sides like Argentina, Ireland & Wales. Who wants to join a team that’s on a huge downward trend. The only good thing Union can offer is an excellent 7s circuit but even that’s going to be curtailed by Covid-19 for the foreseeable future. It’s a Rugby League derivative anyway so he might as well play the real thing.
  20. We’ve already lost the ability to prevent over officiating from ruining the game so it’s a no from me. over officiating has already taken much of the fluidity of the game away and with it some of the entertainment value we had 20+ years ago.
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