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  1. Backed Thursday nights efforts up with a fantastic 11 mile walk from Filey to Reighton (along beach)and back to cobble landing , quick walk through the towns 2 main shopping streets . Bracing best way to describe the weather conditions .....
  2. Hill work tonight ( road over an old railway track )don't have hills in Hull . Bottom to top and back is a quarter mile . 15 mins non stop . 2 mins rest . 10 mins non stop . 2 mins rest . 5 mins non stop . Collapse , Home , Bath , Tea , Bed ........
  3. Wreck of the steamer Rosa . North Landing Flamborough Head
  4. Gdansk Poland .Bit chilly maybe .
  5. Maybe the carnage and chaos caused by illegal drugs is taken into account when punishment is handed out .
  6. Last few lines are your problem , needs sorting
  7. Lad and mates going to Headingley for Sonny Bill Sunday . Sooner Wolfpack get a win the better , takes the pressure off .
  8. last week took dog out for a 3 mile walk each day bike to work 5 days 5 miles per day hill work thursday , only a couple of hills in East Hull , from bottom of hill to the top and back to the bottom = quarter of a mile . 15mins up and down 3min break 10 mins up and down 5 min break 5 mins up and down , finished . Parkrun with dog today just under 25 mins knees going ok , feet and ankles few issues
  9. was at my brothers a couple of hours inland from Herevy Bay two weeks ago . He asked the local cattle farm if they would graze a few cattle over the 10 acres surrounding the house . The difference between the grazed land and next doors which is semi derelict was amazing , no ground fuel , cleared right down to the highway . Next doors another story , covered in dead scrub .
  10. Travelled into Singapore heading to Darwin last week , you've got some serious shipping anchored offshore .
  11. Lad just got to Orange from Melbourne in an hire car . 8hours + drive . No problems with the fires . Two areas with smoke drifting across the highway .
  12. Cant press the like button as clearly you are in a battle for your health . Great you have support from family and friends .
  13. Agree 100% its a disgrace . It's not just the junctions , drove from Hull to Grimsby Sunday . Every part of the verge was covered in plastic ###### .
  14. Not watching full films on tv at the mo . BUT for some strange reason i'm watching 10/15min films on youtube. Mainly about knights/vikings/ww1/ww2 death,blood,destruction . Hope it passes soon .
  15. Clearing a few things out before I give cottage a mini refurb . Got quite a few old programmes , think my uncle could have collected them ?
  16. Last weekend - Parkrun Saturday Go Tri Sunday 2k run 5k bike 1k run 20 odd miles on bike going to work , bailed out 2 days due to heavy rain 3 mile dog walk everyday between shifts Parkrun today few beers tonight and Sunday teatime Never weigh myself , go by how tight my cloths are feeling
  17. wonderful wilderness . Hope a vegan option was available
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