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  1. I would have thought its down to the marketing in getting the product right for those that attend/watch... of course the promotion of the product is important but you have to have a product that suits those your trying to attract and hence attract...
  2. Basic marketing mix includes the 4 P's/5 P's... that is product is included in the P's. In the above comment Dunbar showed the improved performance of the club, that is the product improved matching what some spectators wanted... as the Americans would say its marketing 101... the very very basics. Anyway anyone that is a marketing professional would know wants being said in the opening post/twitter. The problem is most, maybe all clubs can not afford a fully professional marketing team.
  3. Something that Leeds are consistent with... McGuire being the prime example when being injured early on and Leeds nearly got relegated... They are consistent with no real contingency planning with the halves... could give other examples but I guess the most recent is both full back and Gale - got away with full back with Myler being a surprise hit. I guess they are consistent in believing in utility or identifying players that can play well in other positions as distinct from it being by chance... nope I don't believe that its more a money thing I guess...
  4. I get the explanation for why Midlands and why not the bears but I don't get the hurricanes... it just doesn't resonate with me any association with the Midlands or its heritage of the industry revolution which many would argue started in the Midlands... e.g. ironbridge gorge or other industry revolution sites in the midlands.
  5. A slightly different point... regards player welfare. Yes the overall sport and hence RFL have a part to play but so do individual clubs. Their the ones who pick players and hence how many games or if they are injured but still picked. In fact if I take that logic then also individual coaches. Surely the targets for taking action against is both RFL and the clubs that may well have contributed more to the problem.
  6. Whilst I think the salary cap needs adjusting and maybe abolishing I just can not see the logic that it will help the household name conundrum. When he himself was at his peak and maybe an household name the non RL sport arena was less competitive and hence more media interest in our sport. That is the major professional spectator sports in this country was RL, soccer and cricket. In the winter the media would be looking at two of those sports. Thus the sports media space was not so crowded and soccer was nowhere as high profile as it is today. So we have a significantly more high profile soccer world from both a league perspective and very much more international arena than ever existed back in his day. Plus others sports have grown and not least women's sport and the likes of cricket play far more international games of various sorts than ever, plus the significant growth of RU internationals as well as its own professional impact. In additional we have American sport that has more interest here than previously or in his time. Take the likes of what was a rather specialist F! even that has significantly grown. For me you can not ignore the far more competitive sporting arena and hence having to compete for media interest against a far different backdrop. Even just taking soccer on its own it in itself is light years ahead in its profile than it was back in his peak - gosh their seems to be internationals every month nowadays consuming media interest....
  7. now then, t lasses colour them up ere t match t clogs on sundays...
  8. now your bringing some sort of logic into it... something that often goes missing for some posters or we are sometimes not able to connect the dots....
  9. Thought Oledski did OK... the ball nearly always went the other side to Oledski so he didn't get many opportunities to run with the ball... when he did he made yards. McShane did seem to favour one side. Oledski plays more with his head/brain, has a nice pass and was always making the extra tackler when needed and to help slow down play. Too be honest I didn't realise Leeming was playing half, thought he was playing hooker to my eyes...
  10. Given France domestic season hasn't started and they have only done training games France haven't done so bad...
  11. yep, although we did get a few minutes of talk about player getting 25 caps and comparing it to her 25 caps but the commentator had 3 GBs to better her... not sure that was about the game - that went on for a surprising babble of time Never-the-less I get your point
  12. think its more a case of the French tiring... hence less pressure on the ball player and less forced errors, etc etc. I mean its going to be at least 50points difference... the gap between the teams as expected is large.
  13. do the two commentators ever take a pause for breath... talk more inane stuff than terry and Baz
  14. well they are showing the games... they don't have too and given the sort of commentary they get from many RL fans I would say to them not bother as all they will get is negative with any positive ignored....
  15. he was certainly a big hit when he first played at Leeds. He was in a relatively poor team and yet still made the dream teams for two years... I am guessing the pickers of the dream team know more and saw more of Hurrell then most on here. Saints will have more opportunity to use him. especially in the last 20 to 40. than Leeds could with a poorer team than was and still is developing. Yet to say again he was selected in the dream teams... I put more faith in Woolf knowledge and hence decision than anyone on here.
  16. Just on these numbers: 200K on average seems quite good. Would need to compare to other sports on Sky I guess. I know Premiership football gets millions peak for the big club games but for other games they average around 650K for say two middle ranking clubs. So a comparison to those lower ranking PL games 200k is not bad. As per PL league and the quite big difference depending on clubs playing is it similar for RL or is it quite consistent no matter whom is playing do you know. I ask as you seem to take a keen interest in viewing numbers.
  17. My best memory was him at Headingley for ages after the game still going around talking and getting pictures taken... he kept going when all the other players had done their bit and gone back into the changing rooms. You could see and hear the appreciation of the fans, especially the youngsters. Don't blame him or anyone ensuring he maximisers his income stream for later life after the professional sport has forgotten him as happens with all players... apart from the odd warm or whatever memory from fans. To be honest I can't grasp why any youngsters play our sport professionally for the often relative salary to get.
  18. well not sure if they would need to worry about tax... as the first 100,000 of testimonial income over a 12month period for a sporting professional is exempt.
  19. At long last our area TV mast has been fixed and we can get all our channels after months. Was able to watch Talking TV again, a real corny film called the Lady on the Pier... but was good to watch the old street scenes and Brighton Pier... with some of the old corny entertainment that use to always be on our Piers...
  20. Too be honest the type of experience is more common than we like to think, in my opinion. At all clubs but speaking at the womens SL final with people on our table the lady mentioned that she had gone to the Saints v Leeds men's play off semi. Her comment was she would not go again to saints because of the behaviour of some of the fans, shouting abusive comments towards them and specifically her elderly friend and daughter. Now I use to live in St Helens and as such a fan so its disappointing to hear. In the above instance it was at saints and I have experienced such as well their when visiting with my wife, whom a Leeds fan, plus I hasten to at other grounds, Hull FC my wife refuses to go anymore, Wigan she also has stories to tell from being verbally abused by drunken people - in those cases by other women. Other ground's too. as well as the club she supports Leeds with regard to hearing some commentary. Now my missus is no shrinking violet being from Toxteth Liverpool and not one I would tangle with but she is respectful of others and for her to be so persuaded says the sport does have a problem which we lock away, if we consider it to be a family sport. I always obviously make the point that they are a very small minority, but it happens at almost every away match we go... their is some drunks that can't stop themselves whilst others we can mingle and chat with. It gets harder to convince her it is a family game to take our grand children too.
  21. well what I'd do is do some research and identify business in the Toulouse area that could be useful to business around your club. Provide good business analysis to both sides of the channel and help to build those links - even if only from a learning and sharing exercise. Also approach government embassy and trade organisations to assist - they are surprising helpful and when I was working we used those organisations a lot even down to using embassy facilities.... you get the idea. Anyway wish RFL with good marketing organisation would be doing this stuff and offer as a service to the clubs... Anyway its what we did in our business.
  22. I agree with you regards the loop fixtures - for me a pain in the proverbial. Lets not forgot with the PL why so many clubs can go onto Europe competition. Its the strength and success of the PL that they gain so entry positions from Eufa (or whomever is the authority nowadays. PL was more like top 2 clubs, then top 3 to 4 and now a top 6 and slowly growing in whom can compete if not make the final step. Although soccer is a different world their are lessons. Not least they could have took different measures to force more competitive scenario's like salary cap, limiting monies to the big clubs, etc etc... I am of the opinion that if they did the PL would not be so successful worldwide. Anyway we are going off thread but to repeat if being top of a league structure means something abut the club being better than the other competition then 7 winners in 9 years tells us the competition is not as lop sided as some think. That's not to say we don't have issues.
  23. I guess depends what you mean main RL trophies... but lets not forget that 7 different clubs have won the leadership/top of the league shield. If we think that it shows competitiveness then that is an achievement. We of course as a sport don't help by down playing it as the hub cap... In the last 4 seasons only 2 clubs have won the Premier League... In the last 16 years only five clubs won PL and if we take away teams that only won once then only 3 clubs won majority of Premier League in those 16 years. It doesn't seem to be a problem in soccer... but we in RL seem to get obsessed and want to level down rather than look to other clubs to improve to match the best.
  24. Can't we just accept ref mistakes happen, but their mistakes are far less than those that commentators or fans suggest are mistake, that is the ref is right more often than fans. Gosh at Old Trafford behind the post with the Catalan flags had people screaming off side at times... now how on earth can you see from high up behind the sticks one wonders. Nowadays every game we have players raising arms constantly for decisions whether high shots or PTB issues, we have coaches moaning at end of games, we get owners bemoaning decisions... the game has descended into constantly moaning about refs. Refs are human, so their will be errors and inconsistencies... the whole sport is weakened by the constant moaning... I just wish ref's would go on strike for a couple of weeks as its going to be the only way things will change.
  25. Its an opinion, nowt wrong with it apart from the type of language I dislike... i may disagree with the person but why should my opinion only to be heard.
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