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  1. Funny enough with minutes to go their were people coming from the car park path.. You could see when the camera panned across
  2. Yep your right. I have not been surprised by ticket sales, although disappointed. We have always struggled to sell out... maybe if all things were perfect we may have added a few thousand more but I don't think it would have filled the stadiums. Unless we picked the smallest.
  3. Great game to watch...but so frustrating that the VR decided the result as it changed the approach Fiji had to take...
  4. Did we have similar for RLWC 12ish months before... if we did I missed it. The above is great for planning which games to attend rather than chugging through a website.
  5. Yep, have to agree and I guess one of the short coming of the game. Against a bigger and skillful team their is little opportunity to contest for the ball as the game has progressed over the many decades with rule changes, e.g. no contest at ptb, no contest at the scrum assuming we have many scrums, etc etc...
  6. What amused me was Amor saying the Lebanon tacklers have to do better. The aussies are so much bigger what does he think they can do better given the size difference...
  7. With regard to the non playing aspects i thought at the headingley nz v ireland all the things you mentioned were excellent with a good atmosphere all helped by the sound dj interjecting with upbeat music at various stages of the game... So at least headingley got it right which makes one wonder if some of the stadium owners didn't put the effort in with the rlwc organisers. To add Leeds even had the pitch redone with the WC games in mind... compere the pitch at saints cutting up to headingley pitch...
  8. I noticed when the Aussie player Campese (sorry about spelling)... That suggested things were growing. It is a key difference to league structures in our RL nations.
  9. Do they have a strong domestic league. I would assume this is a key difference.
  10. assuming you have contacted RLWC what have they said... otherwise we are all guessing
  11. Yep agree and bearing in mind if such Oceanic competition takes place gives England or France an opportunity to tour and play those teams as part of warm-up game's. Given a number of England players in NRL. Also an opportunity to invite one or two of those teams to tour here if they could make it financially attractive enough. As someone says we could play France each year all-be-it without the NRL players. Their is potential to have more regular competitive games for England however route it takes.
  12. what if the participant or player doesn't want to be known or referred to as player. On reflection I think participant may be best given how much some think the ref impacts games... he could then be chosen as... participant of the match Yep I know daft/tongue in cheek but nowadays its a minefield in social media world
  13. I was just trying to consider if all games being on TV was a factor given that on Thursdays we normally see lower numbers for SL televised games - although that could be because its a week day. Personally I still think its a pricing and stadium choice issue especially as lot of games in a limited geographical area.
  14. It's great we have the games on BBC, I enjoyed watching the game tonight cosy at home at no extra cost... Saved me making any effort to go through ticketing and travel. I would have gone to the stadium otherwise... It is a catch 22... No matter the price I would still have watched from home. Unless it was england. Of course I see benefits of BBC showing the games, but not sure about every single one.
  15. Not disagreeing I was and am just trying to understand decisions for what to me are high prices especially if taking a family to a number of games or at the other end of the price spectrum hospitality. Whilst the later games and especially the final can be viewed a premium sporting event the earlier rounds are far from premium sporting activities.
  16. They know their customer better than most hence their choice of ticket price to meet that consumer market. It would suggest RLWC didn't really understand their consumer market or thought they could bring in a different consumer market.
  17. Yep, maybe but it was more often with a number of tacklers and at least one not attempting to move... Plus whilst your accurate in why you would attempt a faster PTB in the case of Tonga they weren't particularly fast PTB attempts but just ponderously moving aside.
  18. A sort of... I'll take my ball away then... whilst they put their collective thumb to the nose and wave the fingers and make a nah nah type noise
  19. I find the ruck infringements stat interesting. At many PTB Tonga player was always having to step to one side or back to have space to PTB. Surely because a Welsh player was lying in the way - I would suggest it was a tactic they got away with and should have been penalised far more.
  20. I guess so but I would thought if they believed it may drive future subscriptions to watch a sport they show almost exclusively over other channels it would be in their interests to advertise aspects. I guess they know it don't drive subscriptions as only Premier league does.
  21. Could be, hope your right about the later rounds. Certainly for us here the cost of going to multiple games is a factor - especially thinking about heating bill. Although that sounds daft now i have written it as going may be cheaper than heating the house. Chuckle.... maybe a new promotional line...save yer heating
  22. Still buzzing on the no try... even it just touched the line the acrobatics of the player trying too keep it in was exceptional...
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