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  1. Not a clue, just based on a tweet from Dave Woods!
  2. "And even if people want to believe it was intentional, do they think I'd be that stupid to do it so blatantly with 20 cameras pointing at me?" After this statement, then yes, I do think he would be that stupid...
  3. Whispers that there's going to be announcement of significant investment in the tournament tomorrow.
  4. Whilst I sound like a broken record...our highest international crowds are in London consistently. Why do we play so few international matches there?
  5. I was pleasantly surprised by Hull last week. They played with a resilience that I didn't associate with Hull! They were quite clinical and stifled Warrington. It will take a huge effort to back up and do it again. Wigan aren't infallible, but they will be big favourites. Hull raised it to a season best performance last week (maybe apart from game 1 against Leeds). It is a big ask to do the same again in consecutive weeks.
  6. McIlorum is a big loss for Catalans, I'm not convinced Joel Tomkins is though! If Catalans start like they did against Leeds and can keep their discipline, then they have got a massive chance here. Saints haven't played for 3 weeks and will be undercooked. Walmsley back is a massive help. For Saints, we need to dominate territory. I do not want to think about what will happen if a determined Israel Folau comes up against Jack Welsby in the centre. Play to our best, Saints will win. If we don't, Catalans will.
  7. I don't like to bash referees. They have a really hard job and will inevitably miss things and make mistakes. As a fan, it is always frustrating when it goes against your team, but I can cop it. What I find harder to accept are when instances like this are not missed, but deliberately ignored, as the video referee did on Friday night. I can accept the Tomkins incident, with its unusual nature may have require closer inspection (as unpleasant as that might be), but the McIlorum incident was simply bottled. I cannot see how either player will avoid a big and deserved ban.
  8. Thought I'd give this a bump after last week's play off results. With Catalans and Hull FC winning, we have two sides who have never won the Super League in this year's semi-finals. In the Challenge Cup semi-finals, both favourites lost. It would be a long shot for that to happen again. But it's been a really strange year and you do wonder if there is one more strange twist left? I thought Hull FC and Catalans (especially in the first half) showed themselves to be capable last week, but I'm not sure whether they can back up for two or three weeks in a row to claim the title. (p.s. with slight apologies for shameless plug, a young writer who is trying to get as much writing experience as possible has written a guest piece for my blog on the subject, if anyone is interested in reading https://thetryline.blogspot.com/2020/11/why-super-league-needs-new-winner.html )
  9. This sport does not take head injuries seriously. We've seen it consistently. Let's put aside this club-centric nonsense. You could pick out examples from most clubs where forceful shots to the head go without on field punishment. I would find it very hard to justify why you can strike a player with a stiff arm in the head and stay on the field. Especially to new fans. McIlorum's incident tonight is just one example. We do little to dissuade reckless tackles. It's not about McIlorum. It's about what sport we want to be. Tough? Yes. Combative? Yes. One that shrugs at reckless attacks to the head? Absolutely not.
  10. Wigan are building a very talented squad for 2021. They will no doubt be the team to beat.
  11. Not a Salford fan, but still gutted for them that he has left. It can't have been helped by Watson reaffirming his commitment just a few weeks ago. Equally, it's a tough career being a coach. One bad run at a club and you might never get another gig. If Watson can move on whilst his stock his high and pocket a pay rise, who can blame him? A big move for Huddersfield if confirmed. They lost a lot of games narrowly this year and Watson could be the man to turn those narrow defeats to wins.
  12. Odd how many people take newspaper gossip as gospel. St Helens have outright denied refusing to, or threatening to refuse to travel. Neither Super League nor the RFL have alleged we refuse or threatened to refuse to travel. Baffling that this is a story...
  13. I think we often look at the wider picture too much. The biggest problem we have is falling participation levels. Less participants = less interest. This sport is tough to play. There is little appeal to many in being flatten by a bigger player and been left at risk of injury and severe pain. Touch rugby or limited contact rugby is a way to keep fit, but without the brutal contact. It is something we have neglected and a way to get people who otherwise wouldn't, playing the sport. Increase participation and awareness and people may want to watch the sport too.
  14. Don't get this whole 'there's nothing riding on it, so the match is pointless' rhetroic. There are teams in the Premier League that are in mid table with no prospect of being relegated or mounting a challenge for Europe at the half-way point of the season, maybe even before then. Do their fans switch off? Do their fans not bother going to matches (when they could)? No. I don't like the idea of artificially ensuring that everyone having something to play for. That's how you end up with bottom half teams in the play-offs. It drives down standards and makes the league worse. On to the game, let's hope the teams entertain since there is little to lose!
  15. Well...Saints have denied that we 'cancelled' or refused to travel, so it must be another club!
  16. I'm not sure why Sky are deducting money from next season since we have provided them with more fixtures for TV than we would in a normal season. In answer to the Salford question, not a clue, there seems little point in that match going ahead!
  17. My first thought was "oh god". That was with my Saints fan hat on. That's because he is a great player. And it's great news for Super League to retain its best players, especially in the face of NRL interest.
  18. Opened this thread in the hope that Wigan had dropped the awful 'Warriors' moniker.
  19. There was this incident, which suggests it is against the laws to strategically miss a kick
  20. Tough game. Did ok in the first half, but absolutely bullied in the second. In the early 2010's, this happened repeatedly. Wigan played very aggressively and we went into our shell. Nathan Brown changed that but that was a return to pre-2014 times. With Walmsley in, that would have been different, but demonstrates a worrying reliance on him. Under Woolf, our defence is far better, but we are more limited in attack. If we are bettered in the forwards, we lack the clinical edge and attacking potency to overcome that. Plenty to work on. Warrington and now Wigan have shown they know how to beat us. What will define our season is if we can learn from those mistakes.
  21. https://inews.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/rugby-league-tv-deal-sky-sports-rights-champions-league-one-rfl-741881 It doesn't sound like they are going too well. With the current circumstances, probably not a surprise that they are looking to reduce...
  22. https://www.saintsrlfc.com/2020/10/29/open-letter-to-the-sports-minister-nigel-huddleston-mp/ An eye opening letter from Saints here. £1M in non matchday losses (and that's before busy Christmas and New Year period), redundancies and not including a loss of matchday income and zero season ticket sales for 2021 either now or in the foreseeable. This will be a far from unique situation amongst rugby league clubs. Unless fans unexpectedly return to stadiums in 2021, I'm reaching the point that I can't see how the see how the sport can survive in it's current form without a huge bailout.
  23. https://www.totalrl.com/super-league-consider-radical-season-change/ An interesting proposal. I thought it was a mad idea at first, but thinking about it more, maybe it makes sense. A less congested schedule, more meaningful games. But anything more than 6 teams in the play offs is too many. This year is about getting through rather than integrity anyway...
  24. Jordan Tansey played for Huddersfield?! Not sure there is a club that he hasn't played for!
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