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  1. The old Hanseatic bit of King's Lynn is lovely. The crowd at Kings Lynn banger or stock car racing track on a Saturday night also looks like something from history. The North Norfolk coast is generally pretty nice - I like how each place has its own character - Burnham is Chelsea on sea, Wells has a great beach & seals, Cromer has a pier that's actually worth a visit, Sheringham has the best steam trains. Alnmouth & the whole Northumberland coast is fantastic; amazing how little visited Northumberland is. Not really a town though - you can walk from one end to the other in a couple of minutes. Stamford often wins those "Best town in England" type awards. South east of England isn't coming out too well in this thread, is it?
  2. I was looking at doing the Southern Upland Way - 214 miles coast to coast. There's a race which takes place over 4 days. I'd probably do it in a leisurely 10. I was looking at those towns to see if my wife might be persuaded to help out a bit at the start so I didn't have to carry all my stuff for the full distance. Now tempted to do a bit of a holiday in that area anyway. I've always whizzed through the south of Scotland on my way to the Highlands & Islands.
  3. I guess being usually played in January, and being on BBC TV, probably affected the crowd somewhat. http://www.rugbyleagueproject.org/competitions/regal-trophy/finals.html I don't think the Premiership games were televised, but maybe I misremember. There's a clear step change in attendance once we moved to the Premiership double header at Old Trafford. http://www.rugbyleagueproject.org/competitions/premiership-trophy/finals.html
  4. I've been planning some long distance runs, and yesterday was actually looking at places to stay in those two towns (probably not going to be this year though). What makes them "really nice" towns?
  5. I guess your average Swede will struggle a bit with the pronunciation of the 'dd' sound in Rhondda?
  6. McDonalds in Haverhill (Suffolk) closed down a few years ago. The town has pretty much doubled in size since then (30 000+ people) and KFC, Subway, Greggs, Dominoes and numerous other similar chains have opened up places. I s'pose the franchise owner just didn't do a very good job.
  7. Albert Rosenfeld. There was a thread on here about it some years back.
  8. Thirty years ago, we would occasionally go to the Tricorn in Palacefields. Don't think I ever went there without seeing a punch-up or chairs or pint glasses being chucked. Since then, though, the worst estates (e.g. Southgate) have gone, the new estates wouldn't look out of place on the edge of most towns in the country, and Spike Island (on the Widnes bank), Wigg Island (on the Runcorn bank) and all along the Mersey estuary have been done up beautifully. I think dull and soul-less is definitely a step-up from dangerous and depressing.
  9. Two bridges now - and the new one is pretty spectacular looking IMO. Most of Runcorn is pretty grim but Halton Castle has some pretty good views as far as North Wales and the Pennines, Norton Priory is well worth a visit and there's some quite attractive older areas of the town. Both Widnes & Runcorn are massively nicer than they were. Some beautiful walks from both places. Have we had Stevenage or Harlow yet? Hemel isn't exactly a place I'd choose to move to either.
  10. Google says that he's sold it on and now owns a gym in Harrogate (I guess a reasonable number of current and ex- RL players own gyms these days.)
  11. Saints under Murphy had some terrible signings from RU back then. Mike Carrington on the wing at about the same time was a passenger in pretty much every game he played.
  12. Stuart Evans (former Saints & Wales RU prop) runs an embroidery business in Auckland. Adrian Hadley (ex Salford & Widnes) is deputy CEO of a large hospice charity in Wales.
  13. John Cootes was famously the first Roman Catholic priest to be selected for the Kangaroos.
  14. Mal Meninga was in the Police too, of course (and Wayne Bennett was a police constable). Glenn Lazarus became a senator after his RL career.
  15. And Leeds & Hull winger Wilf Rosenberg was known as the Flying Dentist (for obvious reasons), as well as being one of two rugby league players in the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.
  16. He still gets involved in stuff at Widnes - he was doing the clubs "Lunch with Legends" fundraiser and presenting shirts to academy players making their first team debut. George Peponis (1978 Kangaroo tourist, 1980 Grand Final winner) was a practising GP.
  17. As a kid, I was always amused that Leigh's star man in their 1981/82 first division win, John Woods, was a rat-catcher. Ian Lucas, the Wigan prop/antique dealer was another unusual one. Jon Wells runs a B&B in Harrogate.
  18. I think that's a pretty good statement by the Barrow chairman. Everyone would like to get the game restarted, but I guess we need clarity on the cost of testing and on when crowds will be allowed (and under what conditions). No concrete facts on the latter are likely to be forthcoming - that's obviously holding up things like county cricket being able to make any decisions too.
  19. More people have been up Everest than have run a mile in under four minutes on the track. I'm always amazed at how fast fell runners can go down steep slopes (to be fair, I'm also impressed at how quick they go up them too.)
  20. We've been drawing up a list of places to possibly move to (no point staying in expensive, crowded Cambridge if I don't need to work, other than friends). It's funny how much that list overlaps with suggestions in this thread.
  21. I don't think so. I don't see any real problem with continuing into the winter though, or with cutting this season down to a smaller number of games e.g. play each other team once rather than twice. I have some sympathy with Harry's position here. Those clubs being funded by benefactors want to get the season on. The clubs that depend on people turning up to watch understandably can't afford to play until spectators are allowed in. I don't have any strong objection to those clubs whose owners can afford it having their own competition this year, leaving the other clubs alive to fight another day. The wartime emergency leagues or the shortened 1995 transition to summer season give us a precedent. I guess if SL says no promotion/ relegation, do those clubs still want to go ahead? How many clubs do you need for a credible competition - I would think 4 is probably too few?
  22. The average SL player is also a "big fish in a small pond" in some RL towns - girls after him in nightclubs/ idiots looking for fights. They don't get that in London (or probably in Leeds either.)
  23. I think that's the main thing that distinguishes the Northern "worst towns" from those in the south east. Pretty much all of the Northern ones have beautiful countryside on their doorsteps. Although I suppose even Luton has Dunstable downs
  24. They are - but very different. Dartmouth being full of sailors (mostly the yacht type rather than Royal Navy) and Totnes being the kind of place where people who find Glastonbury a bit mainstream move to and where the post office window has about ten different people advertising didgeridoo lessons.
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