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  1. Championship figures from today: Barrow v Newcastle 1744 Dewsbury v Sheffield E 846 Halifax v Widnes 2046 London v Whitehaven 1411 Workington Town v Fev 1007 Can't see a figure for Batley v York.
  2. Halifax 8 Widnes 9 FT. First win for Widnes in a regular season game at Halifax since 2006 I think. Eribe Doro was outstanding for Widnes today.
  3. It might be that Lewis Hulme and Will Tilleke didn't learn to swim at school.
  4. Halifax 8 Widnes 9 with about 12 minutes to go. Widnes still have 2 unused subs.
  5. Eribe Doro scores under the post for Widnes off a Matty Smith kick. Took a bit of scoring. Clear forward pass in the build-up though. 0-6 after 23 minutes.
  6. I was tempted to post something about Widnes attacking the shallow end in the first half, but there are patches of mud between the puddles.
  7. 5248 isn't bad, given the apparent lack of much promotion of the game. Problem is they got thrashed by a team who most people expect to be in the bottom half of the table. Hard to attract a new audience when you lose every week.
  8. Cracking game. Not often you'll see one won as much against the run of play as that.
  9. It was well late, and from behind too. He easily had time to not do it. Widdop was again hit from behind and off the ball in Warrington's second try too. Leeds were fantastic, pretty unlucky to be only two points ahead.
  10. Yes, clear mistake by Briscoe - mis-read the attack, went for the wrong player, then missed the tackle when he tried to recover. Good attacking play to put him in that position though.
  11. Exactly. Can't argue it's just a mistimed tackle when you've going in a with a clenched fist.
  12. I assume people from West Yorkshire can understand him, but for the rest of us, it's on a par with Rab C Nesbitt at times. It's a shame because he's obviously interesting and funny and really could be a great RL media figure. Is there still such a thing as elocution lessons ?
  13. Yorkshire Evening Post says Castleford-Salford was a sell-out, 10 500 capacity attendance. https://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/reds-stun-tigers-to-ruin-radfords-debut-3565357
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