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  1. True - but at the same time, I think Matty Marsh had a stinker at full-back and I reckon York will want to spend the week practising defending that, because I reckon Eamonn O'Carroll will have his kickers watching the video with great interest.
  2. Attendance 2069, pretty decent considering the weather. 500+ from Leigh I'd guess.
  3. Yet another try off a kick by Mellor, this time a chip over the defender which he regathered himself. York 4 Leigh 40 FT. Absolute thrashing in the second half.
  4. Nice run from Aekins (I think) gets a try for Leigh in the corner 4-22 with about 20 minutes to go.
  5. Nice kick from Joe Mellor puts Reynolds through for a Leigh try. York temporarily down to 12 after a late, high tackle on Mellor. 4-18.
  6. It is a pretty strong wind, nothing like Friday though. Rain has eased off temporarily too. Two penalties for tip tackles and one for a high tackle giving Leigh the half-time lead.
  7. York 4 Leigh 2 after 25 minutes. Couple of repeat sets for York, Chamberlain dropped the ball on a grubber kick and the York player got to it first for the try. Conversion missed.
  8. It was the football team's FA Cup song in 1972.
  9. York 0 Leigh 2 after 15. Very wet indeed, not a day for passing the ball.
  10. Absolutely torrential at York, still quite a breeze too.
  11. You sure? Jouffret was on the pitch in the first half yesterday I thought. (Although it did get tricky recognising people in the mud).
  12. Championship figures from today: Barrow v Newcastle 1744 Dewsbury v Sheffield E 846 Halifax v Widnes 2046 London v Whitehaven 1411 Workington Town v Fev 1007 Can't see a figure for Batley v York.
  13. Halifax 8 Widnes 9 FT. First win for Widnes in a regular season game at Halifax since 2006 I think. Eribe Doro was outstanding for Widnes today.
  14. It might be that Lewis Hulme and Will Tilleke didn't learn to swim at school.
  15. Halifax 8 Widnes 9 with about 12 minutes to go. Widnes still have 2 unused subs.
  16. Eribe Doro scores under the post for Widnes off a Matty Smith kick. Took a bit of scoring. Clear forward pass in the build-up though. 0-6 after 23 minutes.
  17. I was tempted to post something about Widnes attacking the shallow end in the first half, but there are patches of mud between the puddles.
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