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  1. Got thr Christmas cracker in the shirt, wonder if there's anything else for the new years party? Only a few days after we have barrow so a few more signings wouldn't go a miss please to bed in thr barrow mud
  2. Wonder if there will be any Christmas crackers
  3. Not heard anything on the board front unfortunately but have heard some sellafield rumours about new signings which would keep us fans not in the know a little happier. In thorman we trust.
  4. Any news would be greatly received by us fans
  5. Very good. See what happens and what Christmas crackers are in store.
  6. Any names or hints on who the guys are Donald?
  7. I think 2 experienced props would have a better impact then sammut would next season.
  8. Oscar Thomas to don the full back cap? Gabe fell will be a miss. Thanks for the effort
  9. He was in the final few games 21 man squads wasn't he. Hope so though, never let anyone down. What happened to Jack Murphy?
  10. So sammut to barrow. I'd have loved him back but few big props and another half back full back type for Christmas and I'm happy
  11. The hooker from years ago?
  12. What happened to mick Jenkins?
  13. If he signed the other week why isn't he training with them yet?
  14. Anyone who can afford his wages. Love him at town but we know from past experience paying his bug Bucks.
  15. The past doesn't matter, it's all about 2022 and the derby is one I expect to be close as ever but we owe the haven. Saying that remember us having a great championship season getting into the playoffs and then getting caught with the second season curse let's hope it doesn't happen to the haven. Hope we all stay up though. All 3 clubs in this division is what we need on a regular basis. Any word on Jessie Joe Parker this season? Has he retired or looking for another club weather that be amateur or semi pro?
  16. Marwood has gone not need for town to state but I'm sure they will
  17. Resigning so it narrows it down for me. However good news utt
  18. Hoping some more signings are announced this weekend
  19. He didn't play last season, he was signed on incase of a player shortage
  20. I trust in the thorman philosophy, I really do, I just hope we have some big new forwards and an experienced half back to add to what we really have. Recruitment has looked good so far but the other 13 clubs look to have recruited strongly and are still doing so in all areas. Everyone seems to have recruited from the feeder nrl leagues too but never heard if we are even on the look out over there. Still a few ex super league talents not signed up and a certain ex half back who hopefully would fancy a crack at the championship without asking silly money.
  21. Unless sammut is realistic with his demands these days it won't be us as we are now a bit more financially stable then his previous class days up here. Barrow seem to have the whack and to be fair to whitehaven, there signings are smart also as last season showed.
  22. Heard one or 2 brow lads names. Excited to here your guys then, was thinking more local but nz or png?
  23. Who's tonights signing for haven Donald? A winger?
  24. Koucash was in Hungry caterpillar last week
  25. 28? Wow how many new signings is that?
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