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  1. Absolutely, it's a nice to see teams you don't normally see paired up playing one another. Hopefully it'll give the so-called lower league sides a good boost as well in terms of players being willing to play for them, experience etc.
  2. Bit late to this one but just seen it - great thread! 5/7/21 Leigh East 0-20 Wigan St Pats Really warm, played on astroturf, must have been difficult for the players (not a dig at East, just saying). First half mainly played in the East half, and they did well to keep Pats out for long periods. Second half was a bit more even but Pats were that bit more clinical and capitalised on the smaller share of possession they seemed to have.
  3. Yeah I think this is it really - I'd personally like it to be longer, show more of the highlights etc. Have to admit I don't really watch it as you don't (IMO) get much extra than the few mins highlights available on YouTube anyway. That for me might be a difference maker.
  4. A really tough one for both sides - I'd be really interested to see what both teams are made of, especially after Cats' win against Saints.
  5. Not sure if anyone's reading this wanting to go, but I've just managed to get a couple of tickets for the East Stand over the phone - they seem to have a few left (not sure how many though).
  6. It seems to be working on the app but not on the website for me - if anyone hasn't tried it already, maybe download the app and log in there, that worked for me!
  7. I think it's nice when teams do that tbh. Not sure it'd work for a Hull derby though...
  8. No it's not as far as I'm aware, I agree though it could have been a potentially interesting TV game!
  9. Best post of the thread IMO. Brilliant feeling when you go to a club where people are welcoming.
  10. Best post of the thread IMO. Brilliant feeling when you go to a club where people are welcoming.
  11. Yeah I would agree with that to be honest - do I think cocaine use is healthy? No I don't, but if you're relating it to whether or not a substance is performance enhancing then I'd argue that it isn't. However, if you're talking about a compound or supplement that contains small traces of cocaine that stimulates the body (I'm no biologist so not trying to explain how), then maybe the point is that's possible and that's where the issue is rather than with recreational drugs.
  12. Top effort by all involved, and a shout out to the Sky team actually because working for free is still working regardless of the event or cause - hopefully the day goes well and is a great spectacle.
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