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  1. It seems to be working on the app but not on the website for me - if anyone hasn't tried it already, maybe download the app and log in there, that worked for me!
  2. I think it's nice when teams do that tbh. Not sure it'd work for a Hull derby though...
  3. No it's not as far as I'm aware, I agree though it could have been a potentially interesting TV game!
  4. Best post of the thread IMO. Brilliant feeling when you go to a club where people are welcoming.
  5. Best post of the thread IMO. Brilliant feeling when you go to a club where people are welcoming.
  6. Yeah I would agree with that to be honest - do I think cocaine use is healthy? No I don't, but if you're relating it to whether or not a substance is performance enhancing then I'd argue that it isn't. However, if you're talking about a compound or supplement that contains small traces of cocaine that stimulates the body (I'm no biologist so not trying to explain how), then maybe the point is that's possible and that's where the issue is rather than with recreational drugs.
  7. Top effort by all involved, and a shout out to the Sky team actually because working for free is still working regardless of the event or cause - hopefully the day goes well and is a great spectacle.
  8. Great effort, huge potential at the club with the size of the ground - if they can fill that or get close to it, that could make for a great spectacle.
  9. For me i like to try to get to games if i can - when i was younger i'd go home and away, have the shirts etc, season tickets etc. I think pricing sometimes can come into it, as well as other priorities but if I can afford it and can get to the games i do like to. I don't tend to buy the merchandise though - maybe a scarf but it's been a while since i had a new shirt.
  10. I remember Wigan had a pre-season game over the Christmas period scheduled at St Helens a few years ago although that was called off due to icy conditions around the ground (at Knowsley Road), and if I remember correctly hasn't been scheduled similarly since.
  11. To be fair though, while that may be true, I'm sure a lot of people who are talented in their roles aren't that fussed about the industry they work in, doesn't mean they don't do a good job. I work in the postal industry but i don't collect stamps ?
  12. Really sad news and hope he's one of these cases that turns out to be much much better than the prognosis - praying for him, his family and friends.
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