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  1. Great news, good to hear about new clubs being formed especially somewhere like Newcastle!
  2. One of my favourite things about this season has been Bradford and Halifax getting so far in the Challenge Cup - also seeing the youngsters at Wigan emerge in what was a tough season, especially at first.
  3. Yeah i agree here, not a fan of the nicknames - I'm against it as far as my club Wigan is concerned, I don't mind the odd "reds" or "blues" tag, but Salford for instance changing their name I'm just not a fan of at all.
  4. +1 in terms of not really having seen much genuine thuggery in the amateur game (as a spectator, not player). It seems very community focussed if anything.
  5. Done - hope the dissertation goes well (and that the overall course has!)
  6. A petition to change the name of the london olympic park: http://chng.it/V6PTt7MP
  7. Yeah you could argue they finished in the bottom half and you could say they're not worthy, but I'd disagree with that. Knockout or not, they qualified for the eight (which to be fair is all you need to do, it's like going through in a cup competition in extra time), and then they've been doing the business as needed. Fair play to them I say.
  8. Not sure if it's been answered previously but is that the lowest ever SL scoreline? I can't remember one as low as that.
  9. Maybe not up to the "standards" of other grounds but I don't mind at all if they a) just keep the current ground maintained, or b) upgrade the ground piece by piece. I prefer this kind of ground to the "standard new ground" anyway in all honesty - and that's coming from a Wiganer with no affiliation at all to Wakey.
  10. To be fair i believe that's a similar idea to how the NFL operate. If one team gets the ball from the kick off and score a field goal, then the other team get a possession to try to score themselves. I like that concept to be honest but i do feel like changing it now would be seen as just another change and be less engaged to spectators.
  11. Such a close league this season... Most exciting ever for a regular season in the SL era? I can't remember one as close at both ends (play offs and relegation), but I do seem to remember a game that was between two teams for who made it into the play offs (might have been either Wakefield or Cas or both but can't remember!).
  12. Hopefully the club make attempts to market the club (perhaps even more so now), especially to youngsters in the area. Get some free tickets handed out. On the flip side, it's good news for Dewsbury i think - a little bit of free publicity out of this for the duration of Bradford's stay.
  13. I'm not sure someone's past record is that indicative of a culture at a club to be honest. I'd imagine there's a similar number of players at each club with previous disciplinary incidents, just some more publicised than others. Rugby league is just a cross section of society in this sense (and generally). And then also let's not forget everyone on earth has done something wrong at some point, so I don't really agree with the "we shouldn't be signing x due to past record" principle.
  14. Wigan really strengthening over the past few weeks, Lenagan, Rads, Lam etc definitely not sitting on their hands. I'm excited at the thought of these new players gelling with the current squad, could be a real quality side.
  15. What a game for Halifax, big opportunity to pull off one of the upsets of the cup. Regardless of whether or not they do hopefully every player enjoys the day, they've done well to get to this point.
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