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  1. Gaelic football teams being made of exclusively of Irish born players is, I am sure, the norm, but is not always the case. The O hAilpin brothers, who I think played both football and hurling to a high (ie inter-county) standard were variously born in Fiji and Australia, I think.
  2. I see that Benjamin Casty will be the referee for the men's international in Perpignan. Robert Hicks is the video ref.
  3. I see that the England -v- France internationals in Perpignan will see the refereeing responsibilities shared between the two nations. Benjamin Casty (Remi's brother) will take charge of the men's game, with Andrew Pilkington for the women's. Robert Hicks is the video ref for both. I am glad Casty went back to refereeing after that appalling assault he suffered at the hands of a young thug he had just sent off some years ago.
  4. I have no idea if Morgan Escare and his family seek a return home to France, but if they do, this could be a great possibility. I feel that he has not quite fulfilled his potential on this side of La Manche. I also sense that Sylvain Houles is one of those coaches who is both a particularly good team builder and a motivator of individuals; you don't always get both skills in the same person, but both could help reinvigorate Escare.
  5. Now you are just being silly, Scubby. We northern hemisphere types need to know our place - metaphorically as well as geographically - just as the southern hemisphere colonialists did back in the good old days! Slightly more seriously, it would be all well and good having a single set of rules, but, as we see week-in-week-out, many are simply not implemented, e.g. moving forward off the mark when tackled and not allowing the tackler to regain their position, to name but two. I dream of the day when there is one set of rules and they are implemented in full, in each game, without exception, modification, or 'interpretation'.
  6. Strictly speaking - as per the heading of this thread - I am not eligible to comment. I didn't watch NRL before and I don't intend to watch it now. There are a mix of reasons for this. There is a limit to how much time I can devote to watching TV sport, given other tasks and duties I imagine myself to have (or that Mrs WWD suggests I really do have!) There is also - shock, horror! - a limit to how much RL I want to watch; I do believe that you really can have too much of a good thing! In the context of the build up to the Championship Grand Final (as I wish the MPG had been called), I thought sentoffagain2 made a really good point in the relevant thread, which I would paraphrase as this: championship rugby is, or can be, more attractive to watch than SL because it is cleaner and tidier, especially around the ruck. I absolutely agree with that. I watch very little soccer these days, but when I do, it may well be a championship match; I just prefer it as a spectacle to the tippy-tappy, from-me-to-you-back-to-me nonsense of the Premier League, which, of course,. will also be served with a generous helping of cheating, as I think dishonest gamesmanship should be called. I also know that I enjoy watching Basingstoke Bison play ice hockey, even though I know that they are not at the top level of the Britsih game. I think that demonstrates the point that, in any sport, if a certain level of skill and competence is demonstrated by a team and, individually, its players, then it can be an enjoyable spectacle, even if you know it's not the best on offer. Lastly, I have no Australian connections, so nothing to draw me towards one team or another in the NRL.
  7. I agree, Lowdesert. I suspect that Dunbar is probably in a sizable majority. When I go to, for example, an ice hockey match, if a defending player ices the puck (ie shoots it the length of the ice without anybody else having a chance to touch it), the officials call it as 'icing'; they don't invite the offending player to have another go at passing out to a team mate. So why cannot a player moving off the mark, for instance, simply be penalised? They would soon stop doing it! Refereeing at our world cup next year could be, well, interesting, with refs from the southern hemisphere and France (I think Remi Casty's brother was on the list)
  8. I wholly agree, Scubby. They offer an opportunity for a bit of variety and would offer even more if premature breaking away from them was adequately policed. You could have added that French RL has also retained them. The medical reasoning for scrapping them always struck me as odd. A poster on this forum at the time said that we should not question medical experts unless qualified to do so. That was true of their medical expertise, but I would have questioned their knowledge of rugby league scrums. I suspect they equated them to those in the dark code, where they can last for minutes at a time, which is nonsense.
  9. From the bits of championship and division 1 play (and indeed French Elite 1 as well) during 2021, I would agree with you. What I particularly liked about French Elite 1 was scrums (yes, I do miss them and the variety they offer to the thoughtful coaches and players) and honest PTBs with the foot the means of backward propulsion of the ball.
  10. None. But don't take my post to heart, SOA2. As David Shepherd and the Daddy have correctly spotted, it was a parody. What I have seen plenty of this season - and in previous ones - is posters on these fora who claim that their team was robbed because they, perhaps naively, displayed angelic virtues compared to the utter disregard for the laws and spirit of the game shown by their ne'er-do-well opponents; and to make matters worse, the ref inexplicably didn't see it that way!
  11. I think a lot will depend on how the game is reffed. Fev will try and slow down the play the ball, loads of wrestling with 3rd man on top until the defensive line is set. If the officials clamp down on it and let the game flow, Toulouse will win. If not probably the Rovers.
  12. There are only three things I claim to be good at making, food and drink wise...well, four if you include toast. The three are bread, cider and boiled eggs. However, Mrs WWD is brilliant in the kitchen. She confirms Futtocks' suggestions, so I am glad they worked for you. She also suggests that (i) a slightly higher oven temperature might mean the crust hardens (to the extent you want it to) a bit more quickly, and hence doesn't collapse into the fish and sauce mix; and (ii) you should let the fish and sauce mix cool down a bit more before layering the mashed potato crust on top of it.
  13. Isn't eating the sweetmeats of an endangered species illegal? Just asking!
  14. Futtocks kindly provided a translation on this occasion, DM, but to help you for future reference, if you find yourself on Les Dracs' website French language pages, which is where Audois' link took you, go to near the top right corner and where it says 'FR', drop down and click on 'EN' and it is all in English. I presume no other SL club has a bilingual website. Some years ago, incidentally, AS Carcassonne's website used to be in both French and what I think was Occitan, but that no longer seems to be the case.
  15. Thanks for such a thoughtful and perceptive post, Wellsy. The comparison with Hull 15 years ago had not occurred to me, but sounds persuasive and your account of what happened then - and subsequently - is very interesting.
  16. weather forecast for Toulouse suggests that it is overcast (so no sun-in-eyes challenge for those fielding high kicks), but probably dry and in the mid-twenties. Sounds ideal for a good running game.
  17. Yes. Dragons Catalans › News › 2021 › Sept. › Hull KR squad named (catalansdragons.com) Likewise Les Dracs have Sam Tomkins in the named 21, but whether he gets on the filed is, I suppose, another matter. Dragons Catalans › News › 2021 › Sept. › The squad for the Semi-Final (catalansdragons.com)
  18. The Scottish Cup final takes place this Saturday in Oban. BBC Alba will have live coverage from 2pm, with commentary, as far as I know, in English, not Gaelic. The throw-up (start of the game) is at 2.10pm. The two teams are Lovat and Kinlochshiel. The former come from a village west of Inverness, the latter from near Kyle of Lochalsh. Looking back through the finals scores, since the first one in 1896, as far as I can see, this will be Kinlochshiel's first ever final. Lovat lost in 1925, then won, after a drawn first final, in 1953. They then had to wait until 2015 for their next appearance, when they won in Oban (a game I was at). Since then, they have lost in the final twice, in 2017 and 2018. After that Oban game in 2015, my friend and I were travelling back on an evening train to Glasgow. We fell into conversation with a bemused and disappointed supporter of Kyles Athletic, the Tighnabruaich-based club who had just lost to Lovat, 1-2. "Typical Lovat", he said, "You play them off the park and then realise they have just beaten you by the odd goal!"
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