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  1. I think your comments sound very fair, WCL. I think Trinity did very well in the circumstances.
  2. Another Yaha try in the closing seconds, after great play by Davies. Maloney goals. FT 40-20 Sounds as though Trinity ran out of a bit of steam in the last ten minutes, conceding two tries and see another by Les Dracs chalked off for a forward pass.
  3. Yaha's try coming from a 'jewel' of a pass from Drinkwater. Maloney has goaled from the touchline. 34-20
  4. Arthur Mourgue is on and sounds to be getting lively! He has already forced two goal-line drop-outs.
  5. It will be interesting to see what detrimental impact there is for Les Dracs resulting from Ben Garcia's injury. He has really played a captain's knock this season so far; he seems to have thrived on that extra responsibility. Maloney, Joel Tomkins, McIlorum and Le Cam return to the home squad, which still looks strong on paper and the coach must think so too, as he takes the chance to rest McMeeken. Injury keeps Romano and Baitieri out of the squad. I see it has been announced that this is Jason Baitieri's last season with the sang-et-or; what a great servant to the club he has b
  6. I thought that the Catalans -v- Castleford game was to be on Sky TV and thus assumed its replacement would be too. Disappointed to discover that isn't the case. As to the game itself, Les Dracs by about ten.
  7. Arthur Mourgue and Regan Grace, to see how they fare when playing for weaker national teams as opposed to strong, club sides. Remi Casty, for purely sentimental reasons.
  8. You mean...Jmu28 isn't your real name?
  9. Quite a lot is being said in this thread about Leeds having players missing. That's true and the likes of Oledski would possibly have helped. However, to set the record straight, Les Dracs had five matchday-17 regulars missing - Bousquet, Baitieri, J Tomkins, Maloney and McIlorum.
  10. And from a National Trust email today; from this Monday, there is apparently no need to 'pre-book' to visit English properties. Surely 'booking', in that sense of the word, can only be done in advance!
  11. Come on, MM, we have left the EU - "...a ton of these", surely; or was it changed from what you wrote by that predictive text thingy?
  12. Thanks for the tip, HawkMan. I may try that when I am next baking bread. At present I heat (note, not 'pre-heat') the oven to about 210 degrees C, before I put the bread in. The baking time is variable, as the loaves are of different sizes. So, in any case, it is always my practice to keep checking how they are doing from about the twenty minutes mark onwards.
  13. As a Tesco Clubcard holder, I have just received one of their regular emails. Amongst other things, it invites me to buy 'pre-marinated' BBQ meat. Why 'pre- marinated'? What's wrong with 'marinated'? More generally, why is there an apparently increased obsession with the prefix 'pre', which, being a simple country lad with a Latin 'O' level, I always understood to mean 'before', as in 'prehistoric' meaning 'before history' in the sense of documented eras? Recently, we learnt that Prince Philip's death was, at least in part, due to a 'pre-existing' condition. And i cannot recall
  14. I am interested to see that three of the ten players given bans made the SL'Team of the Week'!
  15. I stick by my forecast before Friday's game at Headingley, namely that both matches will be home wins...oh, hang on...
  16. Are you sure about this, LW? Try this link: Football Games, Results, Scores, Transfers, News | Sky Sports Good points, Kev, but you need to understand that it can cause confusion. I once heard Garry Richardson, in Hull, on BBC Radio 4, ask the Hull KR chairman if he was tempted to buy 'the football club'. I was a bit confused until I realised he meant the soccer club, Hull City. Not a big deal, I agree, and I don't get 'wound up' by it as Leeds Wire erroneously suggests, just a bit disappointed, as I said.
  17. Many Gaelic games clubs take their names from either saints (Irish or otherwise) or people, factions or movements in Irish nationalism. For instance, when my local city, Salisbury, had a hurling team, they were Salisbury Eire Og, while either Gloucester or Cheltenham (I forget which) had a club called St Patrick's. However, across in Ireland, the club which has always intrigued me, in terms of its name, is Longford Slashers. I have just checked and am delighted to discover that they still exist! Here is the link: Home | Longford Slashers GAA Club
  18. Lingard asks what would we do if offered a 50% pay cut. As a direct result of the consequences of the pandemic, I was offered not just a 50% pay cut but a sensational 100% one. In other words, i was made redundant. I am one of the lucky ones in such circumstances. I did my job for the pleasure of it. The pay for my part-time post very modestly augmented my works and state pensions. However, i feel sorry for those who lost their jobs and have families to support, mortgages or rents to pay and so on. Decades ago, when I dabbled in the dark side as a player at modest third or fourt
  19. I am disappointed by how the word 'football' has been hijacked in recent years, in this country, to mean 'soccer'. That is reflected in the title of this thread and in many comments above, though hats off to those like Padge who use 'soccer'. I watched some football on the TV this afternoon. It was Wigan -v- Huddersfield. Later, I may watch some more football I recorded yesterday; it was Tipperary -v- Kerry, in, if I recall correctly, the Munster Senior Football Championship. By definition, rugby league fans watch football, as do most GAA fans, followers of the AFL, America's NFL
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